Kevin Ford [Wither]

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Kevin Ford [Wither]

Post by JSherlock » Mon Dec 26, 2011 11:03 pm

CASE NUMBER: 603 - 25 - Det. Rachael Nilsson

Dominic Monaghan

Missing Person Report
AGE: 17
DATE OF BIRTH: 20/06/1997
ABILITY: Unknown Mutant Powers
  • Powers (unknown to the police): A psionic field permeating his flesh that decays, and eventually disintegrates all forms of organic matter by touch – a power which is involuntary. His touch breaks down the binding forces between organic molecules, causing organic materials to wither and reduce to a pile of dust within a matter of seconds' exposure to his skin.
OCCUPATION: Student at Druid Hills High School
LAST KNOWN LOCATION: 911 Oakdale Road Northeast, GA 30306

Detailed Suspect Appearance
ETHNICITY: Caucasian
HAIR COLOUR: Brown. May have been dyed.
HAIR STYLE: Longish, with bangs, may have had a hair cut.
BUILD: Medium.

(His build is on the thinner side since he's been living on the streets. He's built up more muscle, but he tends to hide that fact under layers of loose clothing. He holds himself in, so he doesn't accidentally touch anything. He tries to blend into the background.)

PREFERRED DRESS: Last seen wearing Jeans, black tennis shoes, a grey hoodie with a black Nike logo on the front.

(He prefers to wear all black, to show he is death incarnate, and prefers synthetic fabrics that are loose to allow more airflow and breathability. Everything is long - long leg lengths, and long sleeves, no matter the temperature. He wears gloves all the time. He never goes barefoot. [Now go look at the picture I used. But it's got his personality all over it. ;)]

Personality Profile
  • #1 - Enjoys creating sculptural art.
  • #2 - Is a quiet person, and prefers to watch the world from behind a sketch pad.
  • #3 - A studious student, not much of a social life.

TEMPERMENT: Generally a quiet boy, with no inclination to get into trouble. He prefers a small group of friends. He doesn't say too much, unless it's about his own art. He can summon up a good speech and dialogue when he wants, however. He prefers to stand back and watch the crowd, then join in once there's a general consensus - a go with the flow type guy. If he doesn't want to do something, he'll just leave. He doesn't really care what others think about him he's here to finish school and find a way to control his mutation so he can touch people again, or cure himself.

Suspect History Information
MOTHER'S NAME: JoBeth Ford (Nee Gabriels)
AGE: 26 D.O.D.
OCCUPATION: Teacher, Deceased.
FATHER'S NAME: Michael Ford
AGE: 42, Missing, presumed dead.
OCCUPATION: IT Manager for Macintosh repair store #456

SUSPECT HISTORY: Raised solely by his father after his mother died giving birth to him, he had a relatively normal childhood. He had a talent for building all sort of little figurines out of play dough. A bit spoiled, he adored his father since that was his only family. He had plenty of friends, and got good grades, trying to prove to his dad hat he could work just as hard. He didn't really have a girlfriend, but had a crush on the girl who sat three seats up in math class.

Puberty came right on schedule and proceeded as normal. Except that one day, after coming home, all his clothes sort of rotted away into dust, as did the house plants. In a panic, he called his dad who came home in a rush. Unfortunately, his father suffered the consequences and died. Kevin went a little mad - trashed the house. He stayed locked up in his house for a few days, before sort of coming out of his shock. He put the remains of his dad in a jar and buried it in the backyard. He found some clothes that didn't disintegrate, and took off, taking what money he could. He lived on the streets until he found Howie, the owner of the junkyard. He moved into an old bus there, and survives day to day, creating pieces of art from the junk, a portion of the money he makes on the sale of them, he shares with Howie.
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