Cormick Grimshaw [Pipeline]

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Cormick Grimshaw [Pipeline]

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CASE NUMBER: 616 - 86 - Cormick Grimshaw
...I should have written it down >< Eyes by me.
Basic Suspect Information
SUSPECT NAME: Cormick 'Jack' Grimshaw
AGE: 17
AFFILIATION: X-Men! Hell yes!
  • Blue-on-black eyes that glow when power is in use
  • Tron-blue lines that are only visible on hands/arms and around eyes when power is in use
  • Digital Conversion - able to transfer organic or inorganic material over any technological medium to be recovered on the other side.
OCCUPATION: Professional Gamer/Unpaid model
LAST KNOWN LOCATION: Whitechapel, London

Detailed Suspect Appearance
ETHNICITY: White English
BUILD: Kinda skinny, but fairly fit.
EYE COLOUR: Neon blue on black
HAIR STYLE: Long and fairly unkempt
PREFERRED DRESS: Depends on his mood. Happy to slob in just baggy jeans or dress fully goth, sometimes even wears tracksuits. Tends to be all-round scruffy, though he can smarten up. If he has to.
Personality Profile
  • Warcrafter.
  • Gamer of all the kinds.
  • Cake-maker of epic proportions.
  • Complete geek in all the ways.
  • Skater. As in, he can actually skateboard, not just pose.

TEMPERMENT: Mick's pretty laid back. The only time any form of anything vaguely neurotic comes to the surface is where his gaming and his food comes up - he has a severe phobia of food contamination (which, given his folks, comes as no surprise) and he will flip a little should either be disturbed. However, besides that, he's a relaxed, genuinely nice guy who gets on with most people. He's not a fan of idiots and he considers drug-using a very bad thing...though it doesn't stop him being addicted to caffeine, sugar and cigarettes.

Suspect History Information
MOTHER'S NAME: Marion Grimshaw
OCCUPATION: Lead Programmer
FATHER'S NAME: Jesse Grimshaw
OCCUPATION: Lead Game Designer
SUSPECT HISTORY: Mack's lived in Whitechapel overlooking the River Thames his entire life. His house isn't huge, but it's adequate. His parents are...well...they were born in the wrong period. If you walk into their house, you are suddenly transported back to the sixties - bead curtains, tie-dye, Jimi Hendrix the lot. Both Jesse and Marion refuse to call themselves 'stoners', using terms such as 'free-thinking' and 'self-aware'. So how the hell they had a son as down-to-earth and straight-laced as Mick is a mystery to anyone - he lived in a teenager's paradise, where his parents would actively try in encourage him to smoke and engage in 'free love'.

Mack, however, was having none of this.

Born with odd eyes and at school in a time when mutants were slowly but surely being acknowledged, his parents waited eagerly for his puberty to hit, plying their growing lad with various substances in a crude way to make him manifest something awesome. This ended when halfway through a lesson Mick experienced a high - his mother had slipped LSD into his morning coffee. Unwilling to drop his parents in it, he allowed himself to be booked into the psychologist but made it very clear that if that happened again, parents or not he'd tell the police.

...So when he did manifest something more interesting than a pair of blue-on-black eyes, he didn't tell his parents. God only knew what they'd use his ability to transport things through technology for...

He literally lives in his parent's basement in a technological nest. He does have his own room, and sometimes he even uses it, but the basement is soundproofed and can be locked. Apart from the odd case of being drugged and the weird parents, he's had a pretty good upbringing, only developing slight paranoia and a habit of only eating food he's prepared himself and being very protective of it. Although not precisely well off, he's managed to aquire several toys for himself, up to and including a tricked-out blue Mitsibushi Lancer which is currently stashed in a friend's garage after texting it there.

He hasn't dared drive it yet.

Mick is half-deaf, though this isn't immediately obvious. He can lip-read when it's really bad, and has a hearing aid which helps. The aid is near-invisible, hidden by his hair, only a transparent tube visible. In addition to this, he has a form of epilepsy that was triggered by his mutation when he hit puberty. While minor and not damaging or serious enough for medication, it's inconvienient and occasionally causes jamais vu. He knows the triggers and signs, though, so if he says it's time for him to lie down, there's usually a good reason for it.

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