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James 'Peanut' Killer

Posted: Tue May 08, 2012 10:22 pm
by puppygirl
Name: James Killer

Other Names: Jimmy, Jim, Jimmeh

Alias: Officially; Distract Unofficially; Peanut

Date of Birth: 17th of June, 1998

Height: 5'3"

Nationality: UK

Status: Unregistered mutant

Affiliation: X-Men

Mutant Abilities: Jim had the power to prevent others from focusing their concentration. The conduit for this power is his incessant talking. If the target of this has powers that rely on concentration, Jim could effectively block them from using this power as long as he was conscious.

Relatives: Nana April (Carer)

Appearance: Jim's only psysical abnormality is the fact that since he was born he has never grown any hair on his body except for a pair of large, bushy eyebrows, As they seem to be the only body hair Jim is able to grow he is quite proud of them.

He is usually seen wearing the classic combination of jeans, t-shirts and dirty sneakers, with either a baseball cap or bandana in the summer, or a beanie hat in the winter, as he is a little bashful of his baldness.

History: For his whole life he has only ever known his carer, an elderly woman he refers to as Nana April, he's unsure as to what happened to his biological parents and he can't really say he cares much either way, he had a happy but somewhat sheltered upbringing, going to school, making friends, getting into the occasional fight. He's always been somewhat of a chatterbox but recently he's discovered that when he really gets going people have a tendency to 'zone out' on him, he'll be doing a presentation in class and once he's finished he realises that those who at the start had been paying attention, as well as the teacher will have been unable to focus on him, doodling in thier notebooks or staring out of the window and will be unable to recall what exacty he'd been talking about.

Jim figures he must have a really boring voice or something, since the goof-offs who weren't paying any attention in the first place don't seem to have any problems, but that hasn't shut him up yet.

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Re: James 'Peanut' Killer

Posted: Fri Aug 10, 2012 3:25 pm
by puppygirl
Jimmy was recruited into the X-Men shortly after their first encounter with Pestilence, a small group lead by Selene consisting of the more junior members of the school flew out to his village to offer him a place at Xavier's. At this point Jimmy was unaware of the fact that he was a mutant or of his distracting power. It was only after a very confusing conversation that his ability was worked out and after a discussion with his guardian he decided to accept the X-Men's offer, so that he might learn to actually be able to hold a conversation without putting people into a trance.

The useful aspect of his hypnotic voice was put to good use almost straight away, when the X-Men visited Vito's after a lead went dead they attracted the ire of some drunk patrons with anti-mutant sentiments. After having an ashtray thrown at his head things quickly escalated into a full-blown bar fight. Before to much damage could be done Jimmy (with the long-suffering Vito's help) was able to use his power to put everyone into a trance and evacuated his fellow students before the humans snapped out of it.

The next morning Jimmy began settled into student life, he ended up cooking breakfast for Jack and the two boys bonded over their shared interests in booze, sex and bacon. He also got his first taste of patrol duty with Sooraya, unfortunately thanks to his uncontrollable power the patrol (and any possible future wooing of the lady in question) ended rather badly.

His first training session as an X-Man had mixed results, a career coward when confronted with holographic Horsemen his first instinct was to flee, and naturally he ended up fleeing into Famine, where panic took over and he babbled him into submission. While effective this wasn't really professional and so Lorna took it upon herself to give Jimmy some one-on-one combat lessons.

Jimmy kept up with these personal training sessions, though he still found the best tactic was to run and hide behind someone bigger than him when trouble started, and he still panicked under pressure as Mick suffering an epileptic seizure in front of him demonstrated. 

Training also didn't do much for his interpersonal skills either, as his running commentary on the Famine news broadcasts nearly got him into serious trouble with some of the other students, luckily for him the return of an old friend distracted everyone giving him a well deserved punch in the face.

It was all hands on deck when War launched her 28 Day's Later-quse psychic attack, and Jimmy and Jack were partnered up on patrol, though their definition of patrol was somewhat different to what their professors had in mind. Running dangerously low on booze they ended up in the only bar left in New York that was running a drag-show, and when the raging hordes of mind controlled citizens broke down the door the dynamic duo saved the day with the aid of Freddie and the karaoke machine, in true X-Man style.

While chilling with a cold on in the garden, Jimmy was part of the group that greeted Ankka's cousin Lukas and his friend Fabian to the school for a 'visit', and when it turned out they were agents of Apocalypse he would later claim that he never liked them to begin with. After all, if you can't trust a vagina what can you trust? He was also present when Illyana and Pietro made their special announcement, but like most seventeen year old boys, he honestly didn't give much of a toss, babies are disgusting after all.

Luckily for him, as far as he was concerned, he managed to miss all that crazy End of Days stuff with the raiding of Poccy's base, as he and his buddy Jack had more important things on their minds before heading home for the summer

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