Jolen 'Grimm'

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Jolen 'Grimm'

Post by PsychoKez056 » Tue May 15, 2012 4:57 pm

Name : Jolen (last name unknown) Grimm (mutant)

Gender: Male

Age: 23ish (he's unsure)

Location: Black forest, Germany


Height 6ft 4" Medium build and muscley.

Brown hair mixed with vine like vegetation, wavy and reaching waist length. All body hair (chest, underarms and pubic) is white and soft like plant stem fur. Stern features and fully white eyes with normally a very penisive or cross look to them, thin lipped with strong jawline, with three plant thorns protruding from his chin like piercings. He also has the thorns one his knuckles, elbows and along the back of his heels and spine making shoes alittle awkward.

Tattoos: None

Scars: Jagged line over left hand, stab like mark on right shoulder, a deep tear next to his right nipple and long tear scar on right thigh. All from falling out of the tree he was manifesting in. Since manifesting no other injuries have lead to scarring.

Has always like trees ever since he was little and at age 13 he was in a tree, wanting the branches to move so he could build a tree house. After much staring and grumbling and trying to find ways to make it work, the branches moved for him. An intial panic caused him to fall and hit several branches on the way down. Since then he has been experimenting with his control over plant life.

Secondary powers have slowly manifested during his time living in forests by himself as a way of surviving and being able to catch food and defend himself from wild animals. Thanks to being constantly on the move he's keep himself in top psychical condition and with the added mutation eventually found out he could lift about 1ton when he rolled an abandoned car over trying to get at his dropped knife.

Powers :

Primary- Botanopathy, can manipulate plants telepathically contolling roots vines branches etc and using his plant powers can ressurect himself from fatal wounds using tiny pieces of himself and re growing. Up to 60% of his body can be missing, injured or destroyed and he can still regenerate.

He can change his entire body into vegetation, and with this grow and use vines from his *Human* form to use for practical and fighting purposes. With the transformation if he is connected to the ground and in decent sunlight he can also create a small amount of energy like a plant, though he can't survive on this alone.

(Undiscovered) Using his ability to transform himself into vegetation, he can shrink small enough to travel through connected root systems and grow himself back to normal size as a form of transport. For example through a forest or field.

Increased Speed (about 50 mph max running speed),reflexes and endurance.

Super strength (can lift about 1 ton with practice).

(Undiscovered) Increased lifespan of 150 years.


Introverted and non social, he hides away from humans on purpose due to his mutated appearance and the publics opinion on mutants. Jolen is very much a lone wolf and likes to rely only on himself for everything. He's never developed a sense of humour and isn't into fun as he prefers a serious practical approach to life and survival, aside from when he's scaring teenagers out of his forest.

Due to his lifestyle he has had very little contact with humans since he started his life out in the wild, and is rather awkward with the amount of psychical contact between people. Obviously he is unused to social interactions and gauging responses leaving him distrustful of others, however he has been quite happy to find solace in the company of the plants themselves now he can talk to them.


His father was German and mother was English so he grew up learning both languages, though his german is better then his english.

Schooled by parents at home during his child hood, he never made many friends being far to isolated out in the woods. Shortly after manifesting his powers during a tree house building incident, a forest fire caused by an illegal set of campers out in the woods claimed both his home and his parents lives.

Since then he avoided being found and brought back into normal society, an act fueled by his more obvious mutations he couldn't control. Instead he decided to start living in the forests, stealing what he could from campers and hikers after scaring them off and living off the land. This meant for afew years of his life he was always near starvation and malnurished, but now after 10 long years of living in the Black forest of germany he's found many ways to survive the winters and eat well all year round.

Sources : ... _abilities

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