David Poole (It'sa me! Deadpool!)

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David Poole (It'sa me! Deadpool!)

Post by SimonTemplar » Sun Nov 18, 2012 3:21 am

Hey, it's me! Some jerkbag's been following us around with a typewriter or something. We should see how well he types with broken thumbs. Or... after he types it. Maybe if he makes us look good I'll break only one thumb.

Name : David Poole
Age: 18
Birthdate: October 3rd
Height : 6'2"
Weight : 190 lbs
Eyes : Brown
Hair : Brown
Nationality: Canadian(The cripple forgot to mention where I'm from. And since he's currently bitching and moaning, saying "Oh you broke my thumbs. Why would you do that, blah blah blah, you get Senor Deadpoolo to make the change!)

Relatives :
Father - Thomas "Mickey" Poole
Mother - Hailey Poole

Powers :
Regenerative healing factor
Superhuman strength, stamina, agility, and reflexes
Resistance to foreign poisons and toxins
Thus far he's found no limit to his regenerative abilities. Severed digits, limbs and even major organs have proved to be replaceable, however he does not come out of it scar-less. He also found, through a rather painful event, limbs need to be held to the wound to be reattached.

Description :
David is an average looking guy with short brown hair and a predilection for long-sleeves and turtlenecks to cover up his scars due to the fact that they don't fade as much as is found on normal people.

History :
David has had an extremely accelerated healing ability for as long as he can remember, prompting him to be a little careless with his personal health and safety. His parents always found this odd, but just considered their son unusually blessed when cuts would take mere minutes to heal up. He lived an active life, being on the school wrestling team, taking Jeet Kune Do classes from a young age and involving himself in various highly irresponsible activities where he collected a myriad of small scars, however nothing truly significant.

David discovered just how effective his ability to heal wounds is, following a major accident while racing his motorbike against some of his classmates. Attempting to run a red light to win the race, he was swiped by a motorist who was unable to break in time, sending David careening into a row parked cars, severing his left arm and breaking his neck with an audible snap. Before the ambulance could arrive, his neck straightened itself and he awoke screaming in pain, noting his lack of a left arm. In a panic, he grabbed the severed limb and jammed it against the stump and to the shock and horror of himself and the witnesses, it slowly began to reattach itself.

David attempted continuing at his former school, but found himself fast growing tired of the questions, and even more disturbed by the stares. He went through a brief period wherein he was deeply withdrawn and could be found talking to himself, alone in his room. He soon broke out of this phase, however his parents noted there was something not quite right with him. He would occasionally seem to stare off into the distance, as though carrying on a conversation in his head. After several failed attempts at getting him to see a psychiatrist, David left home and was eventually contacted by Xavier University.

What the hell, man. You didn't make me look good at all!Woo! There go his thumbs!I love the sound of broken thumbs in the morning.

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