Ichiki Hisako (Armor)

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Ichiki Hisako (Armor)

Post by Chaos » Sun Nov 18, 2012 1:43 pm


CASE NUMBER: 1710 - 12

Chiaki Kuriyama

Basic Suspect Information[/font]
SUSPECT NAME: Hisako Ichiki
AGE: 17
DATE OF BIRTH: 01/01/1997
GENDER: Female
ABILITY: Psionic Telekinesis

  • Possesses a form of psionic telekinesis, creating telekinetic barriers that radiate photons: this allows her to manifest instances of 'solid light' in a varying array shapes, sizes and molecular density.

    OCCUPATION: High School Student


Detailed Suspect Appearance
ETHNICITY: Eastern Asian (Japanese)
ESTIMATED WEIGHT: 135lbs (est.)
BUILD: Skinny, Athletic
HAIR STYLE: Long, fine and usually well brushed.
PREFERRED DRESS: Usually dark colours, tends to favour skirts (per school uniform).

Personality Profile[/font]
  • Lonesome nature: favours time away from people save for her Grandmother.
  • Articulate and extremely study-oriented: fluent in English, Latin and Japanese (written and spoken.)
  • Well versed in Kenjutsu and Iaijutsu swordplay, most notably the Muso Jikiden Enshin-ryu, Ono Ha Itto-ryu, Yagyu Shinkage-ryu katana styles.

TEMPERMENT: Due to her traumatic past, Hisako has developed a cold demeanour towards most people she meets, distancing herself emotionally from those around her. She has a high respect for tradition, honour and hierarchies in society, but tends to hide her personal emotions and feelings from the light of day.

Suspect History Information[/font]
AGE: 31
OCCUPATION: Secretary at HAMMER Industrial, Japan HQ
OCCUPATION: Biochemist


Ichiki Hisako grew up in the house of her ancestors: the Ichiki family house being a large, traditional Japanese mansion located in Kyoto. When she was very young, her father – a long term sufferer of a serious anxiety disorder, in part bought on by his X-Gene manifestation - committed suicide in the family home after Hisako saw his 'true' form and ran away in fear. His body was found by the child Hisako the following day.

Her mother, Motoko Rei, and her grandmother, Ichiki O'ren, remained living in the family house. They both raised Hisako into the academic prodigy she is today. O'ren took on most of the motherly duties, as Rei seemed to distance herself from her daughter in the years after Gin's death. Because of her traumatic past, Hisako was always emotionally reserved, and with her studies, she always seemed to have something to prove something - as if trying to live up to some impossible goal. Ever determined to be the best at what she was good at, Hisako rose to the top of her class in Mathematics, Language studies (including English and Latin), and Philosophy. She excelled at Chess, which she practiced at with her grandmother, and also joined (and shortly thereafter captained) her school's Katanagiri and Martial Arts team.

Her powers manifested after her step-father, a man her mother re-married with (when Hisako was twelve) named Kurosaki Taku, attempted to sexually assault her in her home. Her mother, overcome with anger and upset at the scene, blamed her daughter for attempting to take another man from her – she had previously believed that it was Hisako who was to blame for Ichiki Gin's death. Rei attacked her daughter with a bottle of wine, surprised when Hisako's mutation triggered and formed a protective shield around her.

Shortly thereafter, Hisako was rescued from her home by the X-Men. Taking with her the family sword, the 'Samidare' ('Summer Rain'), as her grandmother believed it was her birthright to do so. At current, she is a student at Xavier's Institute for Gifted and Talented Youngsters.

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Re: Ichiki Hisako (Armor)

Post by Chaos » Sun Nov 18, 2012 2:20 pm

Addendum: 1710 – 12 – 1 Power Breakdown: Ichiki Hisako

Psionic Telekinesis:

- Ichiki Hisako presents the ability to create telekinentic barriers that radiate photons, ranging a wide variety of shapes and sizes. In colloquial terms, Hisako can literally spawn instances of 'Hard Light'. Conceivably, with practice, she could not only create basic shapes, such as oblongs and domes, but also more intricate shapes, such as blades, steps, and even full suits of armor. The opacity of these fields varies from a glowing yellow-orange to a bright scarlet, depending on the focus she puts into them – the colours seem directly linked to the field's strength: their molecular make-up varying from being as fragile as fiberglass to as hard as corrugated steel, depending on how focussed Hisako can stay.

- It appears that the ability does not require Hisako to use her hands to guide the fields as they manifest. Moreso, this may be a subconscious action to help her maintain focus on a particular field.

- At present, it appears that Hisako's forcefields are more molecularly dense if they are compacted into smaller shapes: a wide dome around her, or a large group, seems to be easily penetrable by higher-yield projectiles, however, a smaller shield seems to require less focus, and as such is more molecularly stable, since the energy is focussed into one place.


- Her range for these fields seems to be localized: the further from her she manifests them, the weaker they become. She could, for example, create herself a 'light spear' and then, using her power, project it like a javelin into a target. However, the further from her the spear travelled, the weaker the molecular density of the field. She also would have to maintain focus on the field more and more to keep it together as it left her side, leaving her vulnerable. In short, her fields can be used as short to mid-range projectiles, however, this ability is nowhere as efficient as their use as melee based weapons and shields.

- Like most mutants with psionic ability, Hisako uses a part of her brain not utilized by many Humans. Like them, overuse of her power, or particularly intense useage, causes over-working of this part of the brain and can lead to anything from minor damage (such as nose-bleeds etcetera.) or severe brain haemorrhaging and trauma.

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Re: Ichiki Hisako (Armor)

Post by Chaos » Sun Nov 18, 2012 2:32 pm

Addendum: 1710 - 12 - 2 Known Subject Activity: Ichiki Hisako


> PROLOGUE: 'Ichiki Hisako'

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> Instance 003: 'First Name Basis'

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