Janet Van Dyne {Wasp}

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Janet Van Dyne {Wasp}

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Janet Van Dyne
Name: Janet Van Dyne
Alias: Pixie, Wasp
Age: 18
Height: 135 lbs
Hair: Dark brown, cut short
Eyes: Blue


Size Manipulation: Has the ability to shrink to the size of several centimeters or grow to several hundred feet. However anything smaller or larger than that or her maximum or minimum sizes tend to put strain on her body so she refrains from going too small or too big. At miniature size her strength increases as her body mass decreases, she becomes more agile and her endurance also increases. The same goes for her giant size but to different degrees and for different reasons. However she prefers not to use her giant ability as she likes the diminutive wasp size far more.

Flight: She has the ability to fly but only when in miniature form . When in that form she sprouts translucent insect-like wings that aid in flight and raise her speed to up to 40 mph.

Wasp's sting: No she does not have a stinger hanging from her ass. Instead she is able to manipulate her body's natural bio-electric energy and release it from her hands in powerful bursts that feel similar to the sting of an angry wasp.

Vernon Van Dyne, Scientist, Deceased

Eliza Van Dyne, Nurse, 50 yrs


Vernon Van Dyne met Eliza Liddel after a particularly nasty divorce from his wife. He was Thirty and getting well into his career and his marriage to Prudence was suffering due to his long hours working and their lack of common interest. They sadly parted and Vernon tried to throw himself into his work ending up badly burned after an experiment gone wrong. The nurse who took care of him was Eliza. He always looked forward to her coming in each day to take care of him. He made her laugh, and she got him to smile. Once he was able to leave the hospital he asked her out and it was all uphill from there. They married within a year, Vernon was wary because he'd just gotten divorced but Eliza was amazing and he didn't want to have to ever say goodbye to her.

Eliza wanted children badly, and Vernon was wanting them now too. They tried for a child and were so excited to find they were expecting. Vernon took time off of work to be there for her. Things were smooth until her third month when she miscarried, Eliza and Vernon were disappointed but vowed to keep trying. After nothing for several months Eliza saw a doctor and found that her egg count was very low and that it would be very hard for her to get pregnant again. They put her on fertility treatments until one day 3 years into their marriage they found out they were going to have a baby. They knew it would be hard but they did all they could to ensure a safe and full term pregnancy.

Janet Van Dyne was born two months premature at around 5 pounds 3 ounces, the Van Dyne's feared that their child would not survive. But Janet pulled through and they took her home once they were able. Janet never wanted for anything as a young girl, her parents loved her and she was spoiled by them. Despite their spoiling she turned out to be a good kid who worked for the things she truly wanted out of life and was admired by her parents for her sweetness and drive. But there was always something a bit off about Janet.

For one, she was rather short and compact as she grew up. Not abnormally so, but strange because her parents were both tall and her mother was curvy. Also unlike most little girls she didn't jump at the sight of an insect. In fact she welcomed them, and would make them little houses and talk to them when she was lonely. Her mother was worried because she had a hard time making friends, she would spend her time in the garden or in her room either talking to the insects or drawing. Eliza was pleased when Janet showed an interest in something besides bugs when she started sketching clothes in a notebook.

Eliza started letting her pick out outfits she would wear, and draw things for her to sew when she wasn't busy with work, it was something that helped her find common ground with her peers. Janet became a more normal child, however she would still keep strange things like wasps, or yellowjackets for pets in a jar in her bedroom. On the evening of her ninth birthday both of her parents were working and she was sketching a dress she wanted her mother to make when she had the time. She felt betrayed almost that her parents hadn't taken off for her birthday, maybe they forgot. She eyed the wasp she'd caught the day before and smiled softly. It was rather tame. When she had urged it to calm down after she caught it, it had almost instantly.

"Hey, Wake up... It's my birthday. And you're going to be my birthday friend." she smiled. The wasp got up instantly flying towards the glass. Janet grinned widely. "You're my only friend today... If I was as small as you we could play and I wouldn't have to worry about being lonely." she touched the glass and sighed before she felt sort of tingly. This tingly feeling had happened before, in dreams where she imagined she was Twenty feet tall, or Two inches tall. Where she flew, and she stopped the people who teased her at school. Dreams where she was invincible.

Janet didn't realize her eyes were closed and when they were open again, the jar was towering above her and she was staring into the eyes of her wasp friend.. He was bigger than her, but he was not threatening at all. Janet however was panicked, she didn't know how this had happened and wondered how she could change back. She thought about changing back and she was growing now back to normal size sitting on her desk. Her eyes went wide, so those dreams were coming true then? There was no way her parents could know about this. They would think she was a freak, send her away to some sort of asylum. She couldn't have that.

After her first discovery she tested her power when she was alone, not wanting to raise suspicion from her parents. Realizing she had more powers than just changing her height. She could grow wings when she was small and fly about her room with ease. It was truly spectacular, not only that but she would sprout little antennae, enabling her to summon insects at will, this however was very hard and slightly catastrophic. It led to her having to go back to normal size and her parents had to exterminate their home, several times. Janet decided not to use this power unless necessary.

Her parents.Janet tried to act normal for them, got along with girls at school even joined a few clubs and such to make them proud. She enjoyed making friends, but always felt like she was lying to them about who she really was. Keeping the things she knew about herself at bay to please her parents, so they wouldn't be afraid of her. More secrets were tacked on when in her teenage years she began to realize men bothered her. Most of them were oblivious of everything placed right under their noses. Not all men made her upset, she had a boyfriend or two and several guy friends that treated her with respect. But when they were boyfriends she found she wasn't really invested in the relationship. There were arrogant jerkish boys as well who thought her only to be a simple girl and too stupid or frail to do anything.

Those men pissed her off, and she found herself getting into a lot of fights in High School. Janet wasn't about to take their shit though, and usually with a bit of help from her powers she would beat them. This was around the time she found out she had the power to sting. It was around age sixteen, and she had lopped her hair into a pixie cut because she liked the style better, this was also when her dislike for most men became a liking for women. Janet developed a crush on a girl in her photography class and asked her to meet after class behind the bleachers. The girl had shown an interest in her as well and Janet was excited. For the first time she felt something bigger than what she'd felt with boyfriends. It felt real.

The girl waited for her, and Janet confessed her feelings happy that they were returned and she and the girl shared a kiss, and were caught by a guy who obviously had his head stuck up his ass. The girl was more emotional than Janet and was offended by the comments he was making. Janet told him to lay off and when he wouldn't and was starting to really verbally attack the girl, she advanced on him. Her emotions were high and he said he wouldn't hit a girl, but maybe make an exception for Janet Van Dyke. Anger welled up inside of her and she punched him square in the jaw, she swore her hands glowed and suddenly he was on the ground and his jaw was swelling not just from the punch, but it looked like it had been stung by a bee almost....or a wasp.

The principal hauled her into his office calling her parents. He even told them what she'd been doing behind the bleachers. Vernon, who's health was declining gave a resigned nod at the news that his daughter was not only violent, but a lesbian. Pain punched her gut at the thought of disappointing him. She tried to talk it over with him but he pretended it didn't exist, he died before they really got to discuss it. Eliza was devastated that Vernon was gone, and that her one and only child was so different. It hurt, but she knew her mother would come around.

Eliza regarded it as real, but let it sort of go, not talking to much about it. Janet knew that if she ever found out about her powers...she would send her out. If she couldn't even accept her daughter's different sexual orientation, Mutant powers would send her over the edge. So Janet left it alone, when she graduated from High School she moved out of her mother's house in Jersey and found a shitty apartment in New York. Now she was eighteen and on her own, and has heard snippets of strange things in the News about the X-Men and other strange happenings that catch her eye. She knows there are people like her, but she keeps her powers hidden not wanting to bring too much attention to herself though she is sure someone knows. But with the targeting of mutants, the gruesome murders, she is sure to keep her apartment door securely locked and her mouth shut. Suspicion would not help her right now, and she wants to survive.

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Lesbian Mutant Master Race Reporting! :spidey

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