Alison Blaire, Dazzler

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Alison Blaire, Dazzler

Post by Ferguson » Sat Apr 27, 2013 11:33 pm

Freya Mavor

Who are you?

Name: Alison Johanna Blaire
Codename: Dazzler
Nicknames: Ali
Age: 18
Birthdate: August 12th, 1998

What do you look like?

Height: 5'8
Weight: 115
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair: Blonde, kept long and in loose curls
Distinguishing Marks: Nothing of any great note, a few minor scars from childhood, a good amount of freckles, and perhaps her obsession with jewelery.

General Appearance: Okay, I do have a slight obsession with clothes and the like; I'll admit it. So I pay attention to fashion, I like to keep current and I have, on occasion, been known to wear completely impractical and uncomfortable things for the sake of looking good and I imagine most anyone would be lying if they say they haven't at least once. I love jewelery. I'll admit that I have a problem and yeah, I imagine there will be plenty of jokes about me liking sparkly things with my powers if I were in a place with people I'm more okay talking about it with. Twilight jokes please? I'm happy I grew out of that phase but I was totally a tween twi-hard and I'm ashamed to admit it.

But anyway, back to appearance. I don't go anywhere without fixing myself up. Make up is necessary, fixing my hair is necessary, and I plan what I'm wearing usually the night before and I've all ready admitted to having a thing for accessories. My clothes are usually still casual but it's casual that's got a lot of thought in it. Some people probably just would say I'm just using that word wrong though. I usually keep my hair pushed back though still down as I don't like anything in my face really. I used to be self-conscious that I had huge teeth or something but I've decided I like my big smile. It sort of fits my personality I think so what else can I ask of it?

In spite of how much I spend putting myself together I probably look frazzled a lot of the time when people see me. More often than not I'm rushing around (I'm almost always in a hurry even though I'm rarely late) and my mind is in a billion places. Sometimes I think I must be ADHD with how flighty I come off but it's really that I just have so many things that are in my mind to do that I'm in a rush to do as much as I can cram into one day. I'm not the type to leave something until tomorrow if I all ready know what I'm doing and it comes out a lot in how I must appear to other people, especially when I start to talk with my hands which I do a lot.

How do you act?

Now that's an odd question to answer but considering what I was just talking about in how I appear I probably act...slightly manic. I like to think I'm enthusiastic. That puts a better spin on things and doesn't sound like I need to be diagnosed with something. I'm just a pretty cheerful person and I like to think that helps me get along with a lot of different personality types. I may come on a little strong when dealing with quieter people but I can adjust myself if it occurs to me to do so. Sometimes I might not be the quickest to take social cues but I like to think that I'm pretty good about understanding what people are like and how to best communicate with them. I'm a people-pleaser which I suppose could be a bad thing at some times but I like to think that it just means I do my best to make sure the people around me are happy. Not only do I like to keep the people around me happy but their feelings have a pretty strong impact on my mood as well; I don't do well around upset people unless I'm trying to do something about it. If I can't it just makes me anxious and I don't like not being able to help.


I would like to think that I am really upbeat. I've got a lot of energy to me and I don't tend to let things bother me much and I am absolutely incapable of keeping a grudge even when maybe it would be smarter for me to do so. I believe that everyone has something to be liked so I don't let a few bad interactions get in the way of counting people as friends. What can I say? I like harmony and I'm just not good at fighting so I do my best not to even try. Like I said earlier, I've got a lot of energy and that comes out in a lot of ways. For instance, I like to keep people laughing and having fun. I think I'm funny enough and I hope other people agree as well. At the very least I'm a good friend to have around to keep people having fun. Helping people is a big thing for me as well so I like to listen to what other people have to say when they're talking about problems they're having or just anything and just do whatever I can to help them be it just listening, helping them figure out what to do, give them something to help them along or really anything they need.


I am a little bit aimless at times. I mean, I enjoy what I'm doing right now but I don't really know where I'm going or if what I'm doing will get me anywhere but I just sort of let things happen right now. I mean, I'm only 18, is this really the time to start worrying? Of course, that's not really what the adults in my life seem to think but I figure I've got plenty of time to still figure things out plus I'll have scholarships to help lessen the cost of college so they can't say I'm wasting their money being indecisive...but I know it's still sort of a bad quality of mine. I guess when it comes to staying practical I can't really find anything I feel too ambitious about. People don't like a person who always goes 'I don't know' when asked something, after all, but I can't help it a lot of times. I guess I'm just not overly assertive. I'm used to being around people who have a very black and white way of looking at the world and, while I recognize that quality in myself at times, I've been trying to avoid it as it sort of makes me feel a bit sick to my stomach listening to it at times. I have a problem with disagreeing with people or at least admitting that I do. Instead I usually just nod and go along unless it's something really bad in which I usually just look for a chance to exit the discussion. But yeah, that's a lot of what I don't really like about myself there.


Music, singing, and dancing: I figure that's pretty obvious once you talk to me for five minutes plus it goes pretty well with my power as well.
Fashion: I'm a big girly girl who likes shiny things, I'm like a magpie!
Sports: Most people wouldn't assume this if they just met me and saw what a girly girl I was from my last like up there but I am way competitive both in music and in sports. I'm basically on all of the teams I can manage in school right now, softball, basketball, track, field hockey, soccer. I even went out for golf once but I was horrible. Most sports I'm really good at though and I love to play.
Sad movies: I don't know why I like movies that depress me but any time you watch a movie with me and you let me pick? Prepare for a sobfest. The same goes for any story really so if I'm reading and you hear a sniffle you know what's going on now.
Candy: Usually I'm a bit of a health food nut but I have a terrible, terrible sweet tooth. I avoid temptation a lot but if you offer me sweets you're my new favourite person for at least an hour and I'm pretty likely to just keep mooching candy off of you. I was a nightmare around Halloween time, rest assured.


Debate: I may be competitive when it's a game but I just lose all ability when it comes to things like this plus I'm just used to dealing with opinions I don't really feel like I can voice. I don't mind listening to others do it when they're just having fun but putting me on the spot in one just makes my anxiety spike.
Assumptions: Just because I was raised a certain way or something doesn't mean I'm going to be every bad stereotype that is out there. I'm not going to hate you, say no, or silently judge you just because I'm some sort of Christian Schoolgril (and for that point, I also hate Catholic Schoolgirl jokes, it's not a good pick up line, guys. Really, how do you think that would work? That whole thing is another assumption I don't like) But yeah, I don't like to make them about other people and I don't like them made about me.
Driving: I admit it, I'm a horrible, horrible driver. I think actually it's just having bossy passengers that bothers me but still, I'm pretty lousy and I don't like it.
Math: I'm not the best academic but what I'm really terrible at would be math which is sort of sad considering people go on about how math relates to music. Why then do I barely squeak by, I ask you? Why?
My accent: Do you know how much grief I get when I go back to Amityville after I started getting a more Tennessee accent? It's terrible and I hate how people say I sound like a hick and all that.


What are your powers? I do this wibbly-wobby thing with sound yeah? I can convert sound, the waves, vibrations and such, into light. Basically it all comes down the making one kind of wave into another and I work with sound and light, get the atoms vibrating and let there be light! I can pull any kind of sound and even store it a bit but I'm not all that good at that; usually I just sort of leak if I try and that's not a good thing at all. I don't really want it to be noticed. But, like I said, I can work with anything but I definitely prefer music; something with a beat works much better for me.

So once the sound's made into light I can pretty much put it anywhere along me. If I don't think about it white light'll just go any which way but if I really concentrate I can make it go specific places and be different colours by just changing the frequency and intensity of the wave to what I want it. I've got to purge it all out or, like I said, I'll just sort of leak light. But yeah, I can make shapes and stuff and make quick burst of light that'll really kick your sight out for a while or throw off your equilibrium. I can make lasers too that can slice through loads of things; not everything but it's still pretty neat, I just have to get things moving fast enough. I can make that same bit into blasts or a shield as well too but it loses power when I spread it out I'm really trying to get good enough to do multiple colours so I maybe can get some sort of hologram thing one of these days but I'm pretty sucky at it.

But yeah, that's my power and I like it well enough. I don't really know what I think about being a mutant though, it's sort of starting to get to be a dirty word when you hear it in conversation. My dad knows and he's good with it but I've not really said anything to my mom or step-dad. I'm definitely not going to be saying anything to my grandma because that'd be a terrible conversation. I manifested at school and the people who witnessed (luckily not a lot) were okay about it at least. Nobody's spread it around or if they have it's not gotten back to me or gotten me in any trouble. I don't go to the most open school so I'm a bit worried about that but my friends wouldn't do that to me.


Family: Bella Jennings – Grandmother
Carter Blaire – Father
Katherine Brown – Mother
Nicholas Brown – Step-Father

Hometown: Amityville, Long Island, New York. My dad still lives there in this house right here and I go out to see him in the summers and sometimes for Christmas. I love it there. Most of the time, though, I live with my mom and step-dad in Nashville here.

Okay, let me just get it out there that my family is way, way religious. It's sort of weird because I don't think that when people meet me that is what they think my background is and they're really surprised when they meet my mom and my step-dad. I don't mean like normal religious people though that aren't pushy about it or anything; I mean they're the kind of people that will say things like Westboro Baptists have the right idea about 'the gays' and 'them Muslims' or 'those Mutants'. It really makes me uncomfortable because I just don't think that's what any religion is really about, you know? That's just something I don't want people to really know unless they have to for some reason. I'm afraid people will assume I'm like that, too.

Mom didn't used to be like that either, not until her and dad split up and she went back to living with Grandma Bella. I love Grandma Bella but she sort of makes it hard to because I can see where Mom gets this stuff. She tried real hard to escape from it with my dad but when things didn't work out like she thought she just sort of fell back into the life, I think. It sort of makes me afraid that's going to happen to me when I'm that age. She married my step-dad about two years after we moved in with Grandma Bella; she set them up actually and I like him well enough, I just don't like all of that business.

But anyway, I'm jumping ahead of myself, aren't I? I should probably start at the beginning. So I was born in Amityvilly, Long Island. Yeah, it's that Amityville and my dad still lives in that house too so that's where I am over summer vacation so give me as much crap about being The Amityville Horror as you like. I still like it better than where I moved with Mom. Well, that's not completely true. There are a lot of things I like about Nashville; I think I just didn't like staying with grandma because of all the things I've all ready mentioned on that. The city itself I love. I mean, there's so much to do down here. I mean, people think Nashville and they just think the hokey kind of country music (for the record, I like a lot of country music as well as other kinds so you can just deal) but there's everything down here and I love it!

So I was born August 12th, lived with my Mom and Dad in Amityville until they divorced when I was nine. Life was pretty okay from what I knew but Mom was getting herself into trouble with a lot of things. They had married young, she wanted to get away from Grandma and she just sort of went overboard with all of the things she could do now that she wasn't there any more. Dad wasn't really much of a partier or anything but Mom got into that way too much and she ended up going to court a few times for things I don't really know about since she won't tell me things like that but from what Dad has said some of it was bad enough to show up in court a few times. But anyway, that was a big mess and they ended up divorcing over that and the problems the whole situation caused for both of them and Grandma took me in. I was always a bit confused as to why Mom ended up with custody but I think Dad just didn't want things to end up ugly and make her life even harder than she had all ready made it so as long as I was well taken care of they just worked out an agreement. That's pretty good, really, I would have hated to listen to them fight over things for the rest of my life and they get along well enough now if you don't mention what happened before.

So life at Grandma's house was admittedly a bit of a drag. There are a lot of rules at her house and the place is basically kept like a museum. I'm pretty sure for the first six or seven months I was afraid to touch or move anything and after that I was still afraid but I just dealt with it better. It's not a comfortable place and even as young as I was I could see how Grandma just sort of likes to micromanage people's lives. She's the kind of person who has to know where people are all the time and has to approve of what you're doing as well. I was enrolled in Donelson Christian Academy and from the name and the location you'd make some pretty easy assumptions but actually I quite liked it. Some of their policies I might not agree with but it never really was a big problem and I got on with the staff and students pretty well also.

Remember how I said Grandma micromanages? Well she micromanaged my mother all the way into a second marriage. I like Nick, my step-dad, well enough but at the same time he's sort of, I don't know...and idiot. You know how people act like they're cool and it just comes off really, really embarrassing and you sort of want to just walk away from them? Yeah, that's my step-dad completely. I was eleven when they started to date and I can still remember how we first met. He was trying to tell me about this really awesome band from from the 90s/early 2000s since he knew I liked music and he figured that my Mom and Grandma would like them since the band was 'inspirational'.

And then he played it. It was Creed. It was terrible. I still like him but I'd just rather he never...ever try to talk about music again which he does anyway. He has some weird idea of starting some sort of family band and I am not about to get on any Partridge bus with him and my Mom. That's the kind of stuff that gets you on VH1.

So we got our house and things have been pretty average. I do well enough in school, my family gets on pretty well, and life goes on. Of course, the mutant situation has sort of thrown a kink into the system. Mom and Nick aren't the most pro-mutant people in the world. They talk about them like they talk about a lot of minority groups they don't really get or approve of but they always treat people from those groups that they know different than how they talk about the group as a whole. What can I say? They can be hypocritical but so can everyone else in the world. I just don't really want to hear that kind of stuff about something that I am so I've not exactly told them yet. I told my dad though, he's really cool about the whole thing.

Anyway, back to my actual power getting business. It happened at school which was a really nerve-racking place for it to have happened but it couldn't exactly be helped. I just started leaking light during swing choir practice. I mean, luckily it's a pretty small group and they're all my friends but I'm really nervous about people finding out still. I made it home pretty quick after that. Luckily it was still light outside so it wasn't as obvious what I was leaking but it was still pretty close getting caught. After shutting myself into a quiet room it slowed down until I couldn't see anything. From there I sort of figured things out and I've more or less stopped leaking over the years but sometimes I have to make a pretty quick exit. I've figured out a lot of what my powers can do just from messing with them when I can get a moment at home where I know I won't be interrupted but for the most part I just try to keep things under wraps. My friends think it's actually pretty cool actually and, I will admit, some of our show 'effects' are actually, well, me. I suppose it really should be cheating as it's an unfair advantage in a way so I don't like to do it all that often but after people keep wheedling me about it I'll give in once in a while.

So that's life up until now pretty much. I mean, other than the mutation thing I'm pretty average. This next school year I'll be starting college and I have to admit I don't really know what I'm going to be doing yet. I mean, I'd like to go into performance or at least something with music but it's not the most practical thing I could choose and I know I'd hear a lot of grief about that from my family. I wouldn't be a very good teacher either so that's probably not going to be a good back up but eventually I'll figure things out. After all, I should really actually start selecting schools and all of that around now, hadn't I? It's sort of a scary thing to think about but as much as I like being here it will be nice to be out on my own.

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