Jennifer Walters

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Jennifer Walters

Post by puppygirl » Sat Nov 16, 2013 9:23 pm

Playby - Maisie Williams
Name: Jennifer Walters

Alias: None

Other Names: Jen

Birth Date: July 29th

Height: 5'

Hair Colour: Brown

Eye Colour: Green

Nationality: American

Status: Registered mutant

Affiliation: None

Mutant Abilities: None, possesses a recessive X-gene

Relatives: Parents; William Morris Walters and Elaine (née Banner) Walters
Cousin: Bruce Banner

Appearance: Oh god, what am I even doing with my life!??? #totallyahobo

History: The funny but shy daughter of Los Angeles County Sheriff William Morris Walters, Jen would describe her life as average. Average school, average grades, a few close but average friends, even being diagnosed with a 'recessive' X-gene didn't take away from her ordinariness, her father's position offered her the privilege of being able to keep her genetic status a secret.

Wanting to follow her father into law enforcement but not sure if she had the confidence to be an officer, Jen was recently accepted into NYLS with thoughts of training to be a lawyer, living away from home for the first time.
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