Danielle "Dani" Moonstar

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Danielle "Dani" Moonstar

Post by Saffire » Wed Jan 24, 2007 5:24 pm

This is from Mirage's point of view.

My full name is Danielle "Dani" Moonstar

I was born on a ranch outside Boulder, Colorado, on February 23, 1989 and was raised by my grand-dad,
Black Eagle, after my parents died when I was 10.
My grand-dad taught me all about my ancestors and how they lived.
I use to spend whole summers living in the woods, and my grand-dad
made me a working bow and arrow that I use in archery contests back home.

Height 5'2"
Weight 125 lbs.
Eyes Brown
Hair Black

-My grand-dad is a medicine man and has taught me partial control over my powers
-I can generate astral energy in the form of psionic images drawn from the
subconscious minds of myself and other people, I can show images of
their greatest fear or love, which appears real only to people being
directly affected by my power;
- I possesses an animal telepathy which allows me to share thoughts
and feelings with animals
- I can also manifest my astral energy as psionic plasma from my hands
which I can shape into weapons like a
dagger or bow and arrows this lets me perceive the primal thoughts
of anyone my power connects with, either passively in my mind's eye or
projected as a backlash into my opponent that overwhelms them with their own mental images,
causing them to get healed, become paralyzed, fall unconscious, or
break down completely

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