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Post by stjohn » Wed Mar 28, 2007 6:46 am

Forge. (That is Professor Forge to you!)

Name: "Gift-From-Above" Changed at 18 to John Doe. (He uses neither.)
Code Name: Forge
Occupation: Teacher, Inventor
Place of Birth: Oklahoma.
Known Relatives: Mother, Father, several brothers and sisters, all who's names are not pronouncable in english. Large extended family.
Education: Several Doctorates, in various fields.

Height: 6'
Weight: 179 lbs.
Eyes: brown
Hair: Black

Powers: Forge can intuitively create almost any device imaginable using his mutant ability - an uncanny and almost empathic ability to understand machines and to perceive "mechanical energy." He has created fantastic futuristic devices including cybernetic systems (to replace his lost hand and leg), sophisticated holograms, and elaborate computer and fiberoptic systems. ALSO, Forge is an accomplished athlete and trained soldier. He also has a high mystical aptitude and has developed several magical spells, including a so-called "spirit sight," the ability to open portals to other dimensions, and the ability to use others' souls to enhance his mystical spells.

History: Born during the dust bowl in Oklahoma, he came from a family of farming native americans. He labored in the fields till 1941 when he forged papers and changed his name and age to be able to join the military. He did a tour of service with the Air Force becomeing one of the most decorated Aces of the war. He retired soon after the war from active duty and joined a military think tank. His idea's helped to make the US military what it is today. After several years his deception earlier in life finally caught up to him when a rival scientist proved he was living under a false identity and Forge was Court-marshaled.
Forge then went to work in the private sector and started a small casino in Oklahoma with his family. It is still running and has cussioned his family's finnacial situation for some years now. He has patents on several inventions that people use in everyday life now and take forgranted.
He has become psuedo senile in his age, he still looks like a 40 year old in great shape, but his mind is that of a 70 year old war vet. He doesn't take disobediance well, and is a severe disiplinarian when he deems it nessacary. Though he is fair in his grades and lenient and willing to work overtime with students that need extra help. Xaveir sought him out when he started the school and Forge, with nothing better to do with his time currently willingly took the job and has helped the school in everyway posible.

Applied Mechanics (Lizzie, Japh, John)

Introduction to Computer Science - Just what it sounds like. Using computers and learning how to program them as well.
faculty. (All first years, and second years who failed)

Next semester will start a new Mechanical Design class for second years and advanced first years.

(Please reply to this thread and tell me how your students are doing in his class.)

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[Edited on 28/3/07 by stjohn]
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