Drake Hawkins

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Drake Hawkins

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Name: Drake Hawkins

Codename: Dragonwing

Powers: Able to switch any part of his body with that of a Dragon. Can breath fire with the head of a dragon and fly with the wings.

Age: 18

Birthday: Oct 31st, 1988

Height: 5'9

Hair color: Orangeish-Red

Eye color: Yellow no visble pupils

Nationality: American

Place of Birth: Hell, Michigan


Having his parents killed in a break in when he was only 5. Drake fled into the nearby woods during the attack where he stayed the night coming back home to find his parents dead. He took what he could from the house and left. Over the years he spent his time living on the streets. Being very young, he didnt talk to anyone and worked his way down south. Learning to pickpocket from trial and error, he got himself enough money to stay alive. By the age of 10 he had made his way to Detroit, where he spent the rest of his life up until coming to the school. There he spent a few nights in jail from petty stealing. When he hit 13, his powers began to form, he awoke one night and his arms felt strange. Looking down at his arms, he noticed there were green and leathery, with long talons coming out of the end of them. Scared he ran, to no where really, in his running he about ran into a shop window with a large dragon on the window. Looking at the picture and at his arms, he noticed there were the same. Staring at the head he started to think about and then he saw his reflection in the mirror and his head was the same as the dragon on the window. He started to understand it and over the years learned to use his powers. He used them to give himself an advantage in stealing. Once breaking into a house, he thought he was alone. Well going through some of the drawers of a cabinet, he was hit hard over the head with something. Raising back to his feet and seeing eye to eye with the owner. With one quick slash, he slit the man's throat with his talons. In fear he fled from the house. He has never spoken or told anyone about that day since. He a week later he was caught by police for breaking into another house and put in jail. After a month in jail, he decided to break out using his powers. To which he lived on the streets, until offered a chance at something more by Xavier to come learn at his school. Drake doesnt trust anyone and comes off as a jerk, because he doesnt want to get close to people. Afraid that they will die as well or see themselfs better then he.

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Drake Hawkins

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:shifty Heehee, he’s got the same birthday as Bobby, though my Drake’s a year older. ;)