Sean Cassidy

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Sean Cassidy

Post by Modern_Druid57 » Mon Sep 24, 2007 7:44 pm


Real Name: Sean Cassidy

Powers: Supersonic hearing, can emit sonic screams that can disorient, nauseate or render a foe unconcious, screams can shatter most substances, limited flight.

Short Bio: 6'4'', sandy blone hair, grey green eyes, well known rockstar in Europe who came to the school to begin his following in the states and to hang out with his wild cousin Terry. Can come on a bit strong but has a heart of gold and just wants to find happiness...and possibly a #1 spot on the US charts, lead singer of Rifles of the IRA till he had to fire them due to troubles with the band. Seeking new members for his new concept Twisted OZ. Speaks with a very thick Irish accent and is generally clad in t-shirts or button down dress shirts two open buttons, jeans and usually boots. Has a full back tattoo of Stonehenge and a celtic tribal on his arm. Spends spare time writing songs, drinking or working on the Celtic War Machine...his 74 Mercury Comet.

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