War: Haunting Face

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War: Haunting Face

Postby TechPrincess » Mon Jun 11, 2012 1:15 am

War settled down into her comfortable room, which she had redecorated on a whim, and brushed her hair out a bit. While she had told Essex the truth about her encounter with the X-Men, she hadn’t been entirely honest. She had left out a key detail: what the blonde had said to her.

Something bothered her about what the girl had said. She had said that she, War, was Hope and that Hope dated Johnny, which she assumed was flamey. The flame boy was an issue. She frowned in her mirror. He had caused her to pause. Never before had that happened. Why did he look so familiar?! Was he on the news a lot? Yes, that must be it. How clever of them to try and get into her head with a familiar face. They must know she watched the news.

“Well little X-men… we’ll just make you pay the next time we meet.” She grinned into her mirror and went back to primping. Yes, yes indeed they would pay.
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