Seeking A Second Opinion

Timelined fics featuring our current students and others.
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Seeking A Second Opinion

Post by Svartfreja » Fri Jun 15, 2012 6:48 pm

Current Timeline.

Pietro was thinking too much. It was a hazard of his mutation and usually he could deal with it but lately things had become difficult. The thinking was distracting him from his work which was odd in itself because usually the thinking was about work. Now, however, the thinking took him down two paths and neither were useful to him in the lab.

Illyana's pregnancy dominated much of his thought processes at the moment. He was worried for her and the babies and also for after they were born and how much their lives would change. He didn't know if he'd be a good father. He very much doubted it - looking back at the example he'd been set, no one would probably blame him either. But, more than that, he worried for their future when there were people like Doctor Nathaniel Essex in the world. And this train of thought, more often than not, led him straight down the other path of distraction.


His commitment to the cause had not waivered and yet he could tell the others were having second thoughts. Melati had already left, he hadn't been surprised after their first mission, and the rest showed signs of cracking - whether from the pressure of keeping such a terrible secret or from the realisation of what they had to do. Sure they knew, on paper, what the job would entail but it was different once you actually did it.

He needed to talk about this with a neutral party. Someone that would understand his point of view and not judge him. But who would? He couldn't bring this up with Illyana or any of the X-men. They would think him a monster. And the rest of X-force were a grey area now regardless of the fact he shouldn't have to explain himself to them. But who was left? Emma and Sophie were out of the question, they'd never understand or forgive him. But there were others he considered family that might see things from a similar perspective.

It was less than a minute before he knocked on Heather's door. He waited outside, glancing anxiously up and down the hall - he didn't want anyone to know he was here.

Heather was somewhat surprised to find Pietro outside her apartment. She stepped aside and gestured him in before closing the door. "This is an unexpected visit. What can I do for you?"

"I wanted to get your opinion on something... is that okay? I don't want to interrupt if you're busy..." He ran a hand through his hair and cast a glance around the apartment.

"Oh... no, that's fine. I'm just... watching tv - it's hell out there..." she moved into the living room, picking up the remote and muting the tv before taking a seat.

Pietro sighed and sat down on the sofa, wondering how to word the question. The pause was hardly noticeable to a normal person but it bothered him. "Hypothetically... if there was someone out there that was like my dad... how would you feel about knowing that?"

Heather frowned, "Is this a trick question?"

He raised an eyebrow, "In what way?"

"I already know there are people out there that are like him. Some that are worse." She glanced at the tv then looked back at Pietro again. "Why are you asking? Did you find one?"

"In a manner of speaking... some friends were taken by him... not for the first time either..."

"Oh I see." She frowned a little, watching the pictures on the tv again. "You're wondering what I'd do in your place?"

He nodded. "Yes... I'm already doing something I just... wanted another opinion."

"If it was me..." she looked at him again, "I wouldn't stand by this time. I would fight and make sure he couldn't keep harming people or it would be a waste of a chance at a new start."

Pietro leaned and gave her a hug, "I was hoping you'd say that."

She smirked a little and hugged back, "What else was I going to say?"

He gave a shrug, "I don't know... something else?"

She laughed, "I'd offer you food but... I'd have to go to the store first."

"You don't have food?" Pietro blinked at her.

"Eh. I don't need it... and when I moved out I didn't know it would be that expensive. Anyway it's not a big deal." she gave a shrug, ".... unless you want food."

"I'll live." he shook his head, "Guess it saves a lot of money, huh?"

"It does." she smiled, "Now... why are you really here? What are you doing that's got you worried enough to come to me of all people?"

Pietro looked down at his lap, "We've been... tracking down the people working for this guy... making sure they can't stop us getting to him..." He glanced up at her, "We've killed six so far."

Heather blinked at him. She frowned slightly, "I didn't know you had it in you. I'm not surprised though... but have you at least offered these people the chance to change?"

"They don't want it... all we want to know is where their boss is and where they're holding our people but they won't help..." he sighed, "If I thought there was a chance of saving them like you and the others I'd do that, you know I would."

Heather regarded him for a few moments before she nodded, "Okay I believe you... I'm sure you're doing the right thing... but if you need to vent or whatever you know where I am. It's obviously bothering you for some reason."

"Yeah... talking to someone about it all would be nice... I can't really tell Illyana... she wouldn't understand... but if I am going to go over all of this with you I will need food. Come to the store with me?"

She laughed a little, "Sure... you're buying right?"
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Re: Seeking A Second Opinion

Post by Slarti » Fri Jun 15, 2012 6:54 pm

Babies?! Has this sprouted into a litter? Is somebody a secret feral?


Signs of cracking? Bobby isn't cracked. He's just fine, thankyouverymuch! :cracked

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