[Hisako] 'Gomenasai'

Timelined fics featuring our current students and others.
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[Hisako] 'Gomenasai'

Post by Chaos » Mon Jan 21, 2013 2:12 am

Timeline Note: After Instance - 'FINISH HER'


G-gomenasai...”, she repeated again.

She'd said it so many times, she'd lost count.

She could barely make out the framed photo's image as it lay in her hands. Curled up in the dark, leaning on the wall, she said it again and again. “Gomenasai...g-gomenasai...gomenasai...”,

The world felt still and lifeless. Waiting on her endless tears to cease as the monochrome blackness of the room offered no warmth, no happiness. Only the bitter feeling of utter hopelessness and failure.

She could never outrun it. Every few months it caught up with her; some event or some thought that put her right back in that mood. Right back in that moment.

Black silhouette against the white light. Suspended in the air from a string of darkness. A scene from Hell itself, burning into the child's mind.

A shrill scream from the woman she called 'mother'...


Hisako awoke, rubbing her eyes and casting her gaze across her room. Barely recalling she must have crawled into bed when the depression had made her too fatigued. She sat up, cringing at the bruising on her body from the match with Clarice. She recalled it vividly, focussing on the loss. She wouldn't make that mistake again – next time, she planned to win.

With a frustrated sigh, she slipped out of bed, knelling down in front of her family sword and clasping her hands together, saying a prayer in Japanese. She opened her eyes afterwards, realizing her father's picture wasn't there. Standing, she hopped back over to her bed and reached into her sheets, finding it and returning it to its place beside her sword.

She planted a kiss on it, “Gomenasai.”, she whispered, offering a small smile before starting her wake-up ritual. The heaviness in her heart easier to lift in the morning sunlight.

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Re: [Hisako] 'Gomenasai'

Post by puppygirl » Mon Jan 21, 2013 2:18 am

Awww, sad samurai is sad :(
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