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Timelined fics featuring our current students and others.
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Recessional Chorus

Post by puppygirl » Thu Jan 24, 2013 7:38 pm

Timeline - Backdate to right after 'The Dead do Detroit'

“Oh, mother,” Melody sighed, quickly shutting the door behind her so that her new 'friends' wouldn't see the state of the house and her parent. Judith Jacobs lay passed out on the floor of the living area wearing nothing but her bra, surrounded by filth. Bottles, glasses, ashtrays, unopened bills and final demands, rotting and half-empty take-away tins.

“What're you gonna do without me?” Mel asked, more to herself, pulling a stained blanket off the broken sofa, shaking out the worst of the ash and cigarette butts before coving the woman, lifting the greasy head to slip a pillow beneath. Judith muttered and grumbled, eyes slightly glazed flickering open.

“Drin',” she croaked.

“I'll get you some water, mama,” Mel stood up, dusting off her knees, she needed to get changed out of her good suit before the house stained it beyond repair. She made her way to her bedroom, past her mother's purse which lay open, the contents strewn everywhere. It seemed mothers man-friend from the night before had cleaned her out. Again. And from the scrapes in the paintwork and chopped wood he'd had a go at trying to get through the padlock she'd put on her door, a precaution she'd been taking for years that generally served her well.

Undoing the lock she entered her own private sanctum, the wallpaper peeling and the carpet bare in places, but clean. The worst of the vermin holes blocked up as best she could, a few roach motels and rat traps for those that got past. Few belongings but well organized, tidy, hers, safe.

Packing didn't take long, after all these years she'd gotten used to doing it in a hurry. She changed into a shirt and jeans, carefully folding the suit in some brown paper to keep it tidy before putting it away in the broken down suitcase with the rest of her clothes. A couple of childhood toys she'd managed to save, a few books. She stared at the three photos on her dresser, in cheap, dime-store frames. Her and mother, eating ice cream when she was younger when mother was going through one of her sober phases. Her and Nate, his arm around her, her facebook pouting for the hell of it. Their daughter, asleep and wearing her pink tutu and crown, would they still even fit her now? Into the suitcase with them and then she was done.

“Monty,” she whistled, and a green and yellow budgie ceased grooming itself on the picture rail and flew to her shoulder, where it good-naturedly started to eat her hair, “Dunno if they allow pets at this place, li'l man, but luckily you ain't like normal birds. I'll sneak y' in and you can live like … outside my window or something, yeah?”

The bird chirruped happily to himself, even as Melody drew the energy keeping him alive back into herself, and mid peep the bird dropped off her shoulder onto the floor, stone dead. She scooped him up carefully and placed him in a plastic zip up pencil case to stop him getting damaged too badly during transit and hid him in the inner pocket of her overcoat for safe keeping, and she was done. She grabbed the suitcase and Harmony's moses basket (which she'd been using to store all her baby gear in handily) and dragged them down the hall and left them by the door before heading to the kitchen to get a glass of water … and to wash away the vomit that was left in the sink.

“Mama? Mom?” She knelt down next to Judith and shook her gently to wake her up, “I got your water.”

A crusted eye opened, “Y' a good girl,” Judith croaked, raising her head a little and reaching to take a sip.

“Mom?” Mel started, then sighed, “Mama … I'm going away for a while, gonna go stay with some friends, okay? I'll call you later so you know where to find me, you listening mom?”

“Yeah, sure, sure, y' just be quiet now, mama's got a headache,” Judith muttered, swallowing before letting her head drop back down.

Mel sighed again and kissed the woman's temple, “Try not to get in to much trouble while I'm gone.”
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