Timelined fics featuring our current students and others.
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Timelined: The day after 'She Loves Me Not' and 'The Finnish Patient'

Cecilia breathed in and out, deliberately taking slow and measured breaths, skin shiny with sweat and pulse thrumming in her ears.

The body of a tall caucasian man that was lying on the concrete floor began to waver and fade like a mirage along with the rest of the nondescript warehouse environment until all that was left was the stainless steel interior of the Danger Room.

"Simulation complete," the computer intoned.

Cecilia took a minute to wipe the sweat off her face with her tank top and roll her shoulders a few times before addressing the AI once again.

"Danger: Run the simulation again, change the layout of the area, add three additional combatants, randomize the type of weapons they use…and add fire-arms into the mix," she added, after a moment of hesitation.

Fuck it, she thought as the walls, floors and ceilings of the new environment began to materialize. Why not? Have to learn to deal with it by yourself sometime. Might was well be now. It's not like Fabian's always gonna be there to hold your hand. The sooner you learn to cope the better.

Cecilia dropped into a 'ready' stance as she took in her surroundings. The environment the computer had picked was a ransacked office that looked like it'd been pulled straight off the set of '28 Days Later.' Wires dangled from the ceiling, sparking dangerously; computers, filing cabinets and office supplies were thrown haphazardly on the floor; and the fluorescent lights above flickered eerily, plunging the room into varying levels of darkness, reminding her uncomfortably of another simulation.

Flickering lights punctuating the darkness of a dilapidated hallway, a slender figure standing behind her, a smile with far too many teeth, any moment now she'd hear that distorted voice once again…

Cecilia snapped out of her thoughts as the sound of footsteps rang out on the floor above her. Shoving her concerns into the back of her mind, she began her pursuit.

She took cover by the doorframe, checking that the coast was clear through the tiny window in the door before turning the handle and stepping out into the hallway. She could hear footsteps coming from the stairwell towards her.

Cecilia slammed the door open, hitting the first thug in the face and forcing him back into the second, a woman. "Surprise suckers!"

A swift kick to the groin and punch to the temple quickly dispatched the first thug and put the second at a disadvantage as her comrade fell partially on top of her, sending her tumbling onto her ass. Before she could even reach for her weapon she too was KO'd with a kick to the jaw.

She studied the damage she'd done, she wasn't trying to kill anything in this program but she wasn't exactly being gentle either. The program was specifically designed to test her hand-to-hand, no powers allowed. She figured that warranted a little more force than usual.

X-Men don't kill- but we're a bit fuzzy on the subject of kneecaps, she thought, amused. Her work done, she took off up the stairs.

She came across the third thug as soon as she reached the upper floors, charging around the corner of the floor lounge and screaming with a balisong raised. She rushed him, raising her left arm to block the knife while simultaneously slamming the heel of her right hand into his throat, delivering the coup de grâce with a kick to the head as he went down.

The appearance of a man approaching her from behind wielding a nightstick sent her running down the hall the next second, though she was hardly retreating. Once she was at the end of the corridor, she placed one foot on the wall and spun around with the other, delivering a powerful kick to her pursuer's neck.

Scooping up the nightstick, she took off in a loping run down the intersecting hallway, twirling it as she went. This time when someone stepped out of one of the offices she was the one with the upper hand. The fifth attacker didn't even have time to aim his pistol before Cecilia was on top of him, striking his gun arm with a sickening crack. She followed this up with another hit to the leg and finished with a fist to the solar plexus.

A shot that just missed her head sent her diving for cover behind a fallen desk the next moment, cowering.

Carefully, she tried to peek over her cover to get an idea of where-bloodsplattersonthebrickwall-the gunman was, only to duck again as a volley of-hewon'tmakeit.-shots came her way. She swallowed hard, panic rising, there was no way out. She was going to die here. Her breath began to hitch- heputstheguntomyhead-and her heart-rate spiked.


No, she couldn't- I'mgonnadie- fall apart now. This is wasn't the same thing. She wasn't eleven years old anymore, this wasn't her father's killer, she had shields, she was bullet-proof.

Keep it together, Reyes. THINK- don't panic. You can get out of this. There's always a solution. Just think…

To get out of this she first had to know where the shooter was and to know that she either had to step out of her cover or make him step out of his. Deciding she liked her insides where they were, Cecilia grabbed a nearby stapler and lobbed it further into the room, hoping the shooter would take the bait and reveal his location.

It worked, as soon as the stapler landed the man popped out of his hiding place behind a desk not ten feet away from where her decoy had landed, firing at the office supply with a semi-automatic weapon.

Cecilia eyed the body of the last attacker in the hallway- he had a pistol, which was lying on the floor a few feet away from him. She could use that, but that involved crossing several feet of exposed ground in the direct line of fire. If she did this there could be no hesitation.

She tossed the baton towards the shooter and simultaneously scrambled towards the pistol on the floor, praying that she didn't get a bullet in the lung for her trouble the entire way there.

Her gamble paid off though, just as he'd gone for the stapler the shooter also went for the baton…at first. Though by the time he'd realized his mistake it was already too late. Cecilia already had the gun in hand and him in her sights.

"Bang. You're dead," Cecilia gritted out, sprawling onto the floor and firing the gun once, twice, three times until the man was nothing but a red smear on the wall.

Cecilia lay there on the floor, gun still raised, taking in violent blooms of blood-bloodsplattersonthebrickwall-on the wall. They looked like hibiscus flowers, she thought before they wavered and faded away.

"Simulation complete," the computer intoned once again.

Cecilia let out a breath she hadn't realized she'd been holding, running a hand through her hair shakily. Her heart was still racing and there were a few frightened tears running down her face but she scrubbed them away angrily and stood up.

"Danger: Run the simulation again."

She would repeat this until it became as natural as breathing and the moves came without thought or hesitation. Until she wasn't afraid anymore. Until she had honed her body into a weapon and she was completely indestructible- with or without her shields. Until no-one would ever mistake her for a victim again.
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