[Mayday] ''Guess We're Only Human...'

Timelined fics featuring our current students and others.
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[Mayday] ''Guess We're Only Human...'

Post by Chaos » Sat Feb 16, 2013 1:52 pm

Timeline Note: After Instance - 'Queens'


Mayday looked around the entryway she'd stepped into. It was too dark, everything was glazed with a shifting black and blue, and life seemed completely still save for the owner of the apartment fumbling with the lock on her door as she closed it. A laugh from behind her got her attention, quickly followed with a click and a wince at the bright yellow light illuminating the hallway, bringing its magnolia walls to life in an instant.

“Sorry, d'you want a coffee?”, the taller girl asked, placing her keyring in a bowl and turning to face Mayday. The redhead recalled her name was Catherine, she was twenty two, and in Mayday's opinion looked a little like a young Ellen Degeneress, but with a much more 'Scarlett Johanson' nose and chin. Blonde and with short hair, she leaned on the wall with folded arms in her somewhat masculine outfit – a shirt and tie, stilleto heels and a blazer. Business like. Powerful. Definitely the more experienced of the two of them. “Erm...”, she smirked, “Earth to Mayday?”

Mayday blinked to attention, “S-sorry, I ah....yeah. Coffee sounds....mmn.”, she blushed a little, stroking a bang of crimson hair behind her ear and giggling nervously. The older girl shook her head, dismissing it with a hand and stepping into the small kitchen of her home, clicking the light on within. She popped her head out of the door again, gesturing to the lounge,

“Go sit down if you want.”, she smiled, leaving Mayday to slowly do just that. It took her a few tries to find the light-switch, bright light flickering on and revealing every fashionable feature of the room: everything from the T.V stand to the bookshelves, the window frames to the sofa all looked like they were something straight out of a designer catalogue. Trepidation filled her as she sat on the black leather sofa, as if she was trying to take a seat on a delicate cake without spoiling it. She pulled her phone out of her pocket, checking the time as a subconscious motion and for half a moment hoping that she had a text. The following moments passed in relative silence on her part as she tried to work out why she'd feel such a way: she'd been invited home by a beautiful girl. She was living in the moment, what was so wrong about that? She felt a little bad suddenly, recalling the reason she liked blondes. The reason she was even at that club tonight.

Catherine appeared again, this time holding two black cups (that were probably bought to match the white coasters on the glass coffee table), offering one to Mayday which she took with a whispered thanks. The taller girl sat down beside her, sipping her own cup before speaking, “You alright? You look a little lost in thought.”, she smiled, gentle and kindly, with her lips and her grey eyes. The gesture betrayed Mayday's expectations and fears, and made her feel....easier.

“I have a lot on my mind.”, she confessed to Catherine, looking down at her coffee, “It's been a pretty crappy few days after Operation V-Day ended in the drink, if you catch my meaning...”, by now she'd sobered up some, and it was easier for her to speak candidly. Catherine nodded in response, “...I-I ah...my girlfriend left me because I told her I thought I had feelings for someone else, but I never actually did anything.”

“.....riiiight, I....you did not sleep with her?”, Catherine asked, receiving a head-shake in reply, “Then I'm sorry, kid, but I fail to see what the issue was there.”, she shrugged, “Sounds like your ex had some esteem issues.”

Mayday grinned a little at that. Possibly true. She sipped some of her coffee, complimenting it before continuing with her story, “See, the thing is, I assumed that she wasn't doing anything for Valentines 'cause she hadn't mentioned it, hadn't spoken to me the whole day, and it turned out she was gonna surprise me. And like an idiot, I made plans to go out with my friends instead. With the 'other woman' there also.”

Laughing, Catherine shook her head, raising her cup, “That'll be your problem right there, kiddo.”, she sniggered. In agreement, Mayday blushed, hiding behind her coffee for a moment. Silence dominated the conversation shortly before the short-haired blonde spoke up: “So...how do you feel about Sue, hm?”

“Y-you know her name?”, Mayday blinked. Hearty laughter followed her surprised outburst, Catherine almost dropping her coffee as she tried to control herself.

“I'm sorry, it's just....!”, she coughed a little bit, still trying to catch her breath, “You've told me this story twice already tonight; how much did you drink, kid?”, she nudged Mayday's arm playfully, “But...seriously, it seems to be playing on your mind a lot. You know, it's pretty much human nature to find people attractive, especially at an age like yours.”

“You know my age!?”

Catherine rolled her eyes playfully, “'Don't ask, don't tell' doesn't work when you're drunk and parading it about.”, she shook her head, “All I'm saying is that if you still love this girl, why are you here? Why did you even come out? Why are you living in your friend's room instead of facing up to your issues?”

“....I told you that, too?”

“Yep, you told me that, too.”

Mayday groaned, “I don't know...I-I thought this was what I wanted, but I'm not sure.”, she explained, “N-not that I'm upset that I'm here! Your house is....really remarkable, and this is the best coffee I've ever tasted.”, she beamed, “But...I suppose I'm just scared, you know?”

“You're....sorry, you're scared of what your girlfriend's gonna say? You're not scared that in the wake of cannibal killings a girl's taken you home to a part of town you don't know?”, Catherine poked Mayday's nose, “You are just too cute, Mayday.”, she smiled, kissing her forehead. The familiar feeling of warmth and anxiousness flowed through her as she recalled Cassandra doing the same only days ago.

“So...w-what now?”, Mayday looked into the other girl's eyes, chewing the inside of her lip awkwardly. Catherine stretched, checking the time on her watch, then looking back at Mayday.

“Honestly?”, she smirked, “I wanted to sleep with you, but I don't think that'll help either of us.”, she shrugged, “You know that girl, Sara? Well...she's been kind of a booty-call, and I think she wants more. Truth is, we get on fine, I'm just worried about making that kind of commitment.”

Mayday raised an eyebrow, “R-really? Why?”, she pointed at herself, “B-because of a similar situation to mine?”

Catherine shrugged, “The possibility it could come up. You know, listening to you drunkenly harp on about everything kinda made me think about myself. No offence, but you seem horribly indecisive sometimes, and I don't wanna be that person. I like to know things, to be able to just fuckin' do shit, you know?”, her hand gestured to the room, “I'm a designer. I make stuff. I know what's hot and what's not, it's my job to.”

“Wow, that's....”, Mayday paused, “It's....makes a lot of sense, actually.”, she scratched her nose, “So, what are we gonna do?”

Shrugging, Catherine sat back, “Eeh, I was thinkin' sex at first, but if you want, we can order a pizza, watch some T.V, then go to bed. You mentioned working at the comic place down the way, so it'd be better if we did that.”

Mayday grinned again, “Gosh, I talk a lot, huh?”, she sipped more of her coffee, “Alright, that sounds good. Maybe we can talk some more?”

“Yeah, if you want to, I'd love to.”, Catherine smiled back, gentle as before, “But I wonder, is it ok if naked cuddling happens later? Pants on, of course – I'm not that rape-y.”,

“Yeah, I think that's alright.”, Mayday nodded, “I wear Sonic the Hedgehog pants, deal with it.”

The two laughed as Catherine reached for her remote, switching the flat-screen T.V on and browsing channels. Mayday placed her coffee down, leaning to place a kiss on her neck and cosying up beside her, “Hey...”, Catherine said, sliding an arm around the other girl, “Wanna see somethin' awesome?”, she didn't wait for a reply, freeing her hands and clapping twice loudly. The lights dimmed, leaving the room an auburn colour, lit white by the television.

Mayday smiled, getting comfy, “Spectacular.”, she smiled, receiving a kiss on the head as they settled down to watch, feeling triumphant somehow.

Sometimes things were just that simple.
Waking in another's arms started Mayday's day off well. Happy kisses and a warm shower followed by a cooked breakfast and more happy kisses was by far the better start to a work shift than waking up on a sofa caked with the previous night's drink. Sure it was a universal opinion, Mayday couldn't help but feel a little triumphant as she headed off to work, deciding it best to hide her night-on-the-town by buying herself a Batman long-sleeve from her own shop floor shortly after opening up. With a stretch, she took a seat behind the counter of Big-Time comics and drew out her phone, typing a text into it and sending it off;

'Hey Susie, it's Mayday. Obviously. Erm...I don't know why I typed that.

Anyway, I wanted to know if you're free to talk soon: I think I have some explaining to do, and more importantly, I love you. I've hardly been acting like it, and it kills me to be so far apart. What I did was stupid, I know. And you deserve better. So let me at least explain myself, ok? And then you can decide what you want.

I want you. That's all. But if you can't take me anymore_ …'

Mayday hesitated, unwilling to delete what she'd written so far, but for a moment, unsure she wanted to make this leap:

'...if you can't take me anymore, I understand. And for what it's worth, I'm so sorry. xox

Sighing, Mayday sent the text message, feeling her anxiety well up again. She stood up, randomly sorting the pamphlets of comic event adverts into neat stacks to kill time before her first customer. It wouldn't be easy, but she'd made the first steps. Now, only time would tell....

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