Timelined fics featuring our current students and others.
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Post by Chaos » Sat Apr 27, 2013 11:03 pm

Timeline Note: During Game of April 27th...

Once Mayday Parker had left her, Hisako went about her prayers alone. Sword drawn in her lap, and incense burning on both sides of her altar table, she looked at the pictures of her departed friends and the tiny tea-light candles burning before them.

Her beliefs were somewhat ambiguous, even to her peers. She was a strong believer in Shinto dogma – that spirits dwelt in all things in the world, that demons did also, and that the key to a good life was to accept this and live in harmony with the world – but that said, she didn't follow any particular faith. At least, not in her own opinion. She had these beliefs, but she was still a realist. Heaven and Hell aside, when people died, they were dead.

It didn't make things easier to know that. The person was gone, and there was nothing that could bring them back. She did not believe in ghost appearances, or poltergeists like in the movies, but she did believe that a strong spirit could influence the world around her. Though she knew that death was a final journey, she believed and entertained the idea that from the hereafter, maybe, just maybe, that person's spirit lived on. In the things those left behind said and did afterwards, in the person's mark on those lives and the lives around them, even the warm feeling she sometimes got that made her feel like from some unseen, unheard of place – some undiscovered paradise, perhaps – her father smiled down on her.

The candles before the images of Jonathan Storm and Cassandra St. Commons were a physical gesture she used to represent beacons. Lights that would guide them both to where their spirits needed to be. The prayers she'd said with Mayday were intended to do the same, and to offer some consolation to the heartbroken redhead as a means of expressing both her good wishes and her grief. As she went to close her eyes again, there was a draught that blew out one of the candles. She opened her eyes, looking at the image of Cassandra and frowning.

The first thought she had was deja-vous. She was sure she'd had a dream, or thought - or....something – that was just like this. She hesitated as she reached for a match, almost feeling it was futile to attempt to light it again.

The two coincidental, fleeting thoughts caused her to hesitate enough to go back to sitting, looking down at her Samidare. Something just gave her the feeling she shouldn't light that candle again. Perhaps the spirit in her blade knew something she didn't? Perhaps Cassandra had already found her way to where she needed to be?

If Hisako believed in anything, it was that all things - sometimes even the small ones - happened for a reason. Whether or not that reason was hers or anyone else's to know wasn't the case. Nodding a little, she closed her eyes and gulped, attempting again to calm her thoughts and send her blessings to her two departed friends.

But even that notion seemed at least half wrong.

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