Robot Chicken DC Event

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Robot Chicken DC Event

Post by Ult_Sm86 » Wed May 16, 2012 7:31 pm

Geoff Johns, Seth Green, & Matthew Senreich talk about the DC SuperHeroes Robot Chicken Special.


I've never been a huge fan of Robot Chicken. Some of their sketches had me hooting, but in the fifteen minute episode, I'd probably be laughing for about 2, smiling for 5, and shrugging or rolling my eyes for the rest. This show is far from the best and DC is smart to tap into it for the market/demographic, but are really wasting their time in the long run.

If they want to garner interest and revenue, they're better off trying to squeeze out some hero-flicks so they can just put a JUSTICE LEAGUE movie out, damn it.

Notable Robot Chicken/DC sketches are the Reverse DC Supervillains sketch and Bring a sidekick to work day sketch. (Mind you these are videos so if you're not in the U.S. they're not gonna work. Sorry guys, not my fault.)

But anyone who watches [adultSwim] knows the best references to DC are found in The Venture Bros. ... :shifty

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