Cockrum related Legion tidbit

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Cockrum related Legion tidbit

Postby matlock » Fri Aug 13, 2004 6:57 pm

I haven't stopped by for a while but wanted to mention to Dave that one of his Legion creations, Infectious Lass, makes a cameo in the issue that came out this week marking her first appearance since the book rebooted back in the day. We didn't get to see the classic Cockrum costume but the face was right on model. Live Wire a.k.a. Lightning Lad was also back in a uniform pretty much identical to Dave's original design. We have Gail Simone and Dan Jurgens to thank for dropping them in as a nod to all the old fans. The folks at are all very happy! I hope you get to pick up a copy.

Oh, and they also changed Wildfire to a look nearly identical to the one you created, only in black and red instead of orange and red. It might have only been for one issue, but it was nice to see. One of my other favorite all-time Legion artists Steve Lightle was one of the motivators behind it.

I'm glad you're well on the mend and that you and Paty are safely moved. If you ever get a chance to drop back by Legionworld we'd love to see you. We've been following your situation closely.
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