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Post by Snowkat » Tue Oct 14, 2003 5:59 pm

Funny thing, I was told to start doing that as well, Dave. And I have started a clip collection, with different fashions of eras, pictures that interest me, and a lot for men and women's underwear catologues...hey, they're as close as they're gonna get to being naked ^^ Perfect reference.
I'm also lucky enough to co to an art college that holds 'open drawing sessions' with models and the like...which reminds me, I'd better get to one soonish, I've been out of practice.
Also, nature mags like National Geographic and the like have really great animal references, so I subscribe and collect those as well. Clothing magazines and The Oriental Trading Company magazines are /excellent/ for props and the way fabric fits on a human form.
But, I babble ^^ Yes, starting a clip collection is an exellent idea, and I recommend it to anyone.
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Post by Siona » Tue Oct 14, 2003 6:06 pm

I'm using the "Eat My Shorts" and "No Teleportation Zone" for a Black-&-White project in art; four times their normal sizes!

Of course, Dave'll be credited.

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Post by Paty » Sun Oct 19, 2003 6:16 am

Most professional artists keep what is referred to as a "morgue" . It is reference, sometimes news shots of famous people, or local politicians or city streets...especially of a city where you have adventures set...like NYC for the Marvel Universe...Parades, local festivities, like shots of Mardi Gras in New Orleans...that sort of thing. nATIONAL gEOGRAPHIC IS WONDERFUL ROUND THE WORLD REFERENCE OF ESOTERIC CULTURES AND PLACES! Get folders to keep the clippings separated into categories, cuz you will find that the morgue becomes more crowded than a Queens cemetery!
Books and Magazines are tax deductable for artists in a creative industry such as comics...so keep your receipts, too. Also film can be used as reference for people in the industry. We were told by a tax auditor that since large companies can keep a "reference library" and deduct it as business expense, so too can a small concern, such as the individual artist. You just have to keep your receipts incase of a tax audit if you itemize and deduct expenses of materials and reference supplies. And if you are a freelance artist, you WILL be audited sooner or later. They set the computers to kick out "artists" or Dancers
or waitresses, or writers...every so often. We were audited twice before we wised up as to how to stop it. the trick is to have allyour receipts...and not only ALL your claimed deductions covered...but hold back about a hundred dollars in receipts. When they audit you, include these in the receipts and make sure youkeep an eye on the guy adding up the receipts so that he comes up with money in your favor that you know is there, cuz some of them will gloss over a mistake inyour favor... because then, they have to give you back money, and if they have to give you BACK money, they never bother you again. They want to collect enough to at least pay for the auditor's time...so if you have more receipts than you have claimed, they delete you from the random check, cuz you oviously know the ropes and will make them give youback bucks every time. this is a waste of their time and that is not what an audit is there for...an audit is there to make money on bogus claims and deductions. We had the IRS call once lately...and they asked if we had been audited. I told them yep, twice. The first time they got my husband for a couple thousand bucks cuz he hadn't been keeping his receipts. but since I married him and we talked to a friendly tax auditor and he told us exactly what we could and couldn't take, we have kept every receipt...and we know which ones we can take! The second time we were audited, they found one minescule arithmetic mistake...and I don't even think they paid for the guy's time...and I have been saving out receipts in case of an audit...so YOU will owe ME money...when do you want us to come in??? I can use some extra bucks...!!! He said ' Never mind!" and hung up. No problem after that. I may cheat myself outta a hundred dollard worth of deductions each year, but the freedom from audit is worth it!
As a freelance artist or a self employed one, you gotta learn these ropes. If you can work on staff at a concern, they take out taxes and you don't have as much worry there...unless you do freelance on the side that doesn't have taxes taken out...and that is extraneous income that will have to be covered and dealt with...so be advised...all you aspiring writers and artists out there.

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