I found it, Dave!

A monument and archive dedicated to Dave and Paty Cockrum. Nightscrawlers was their home on the internet and always will be. This forum preserves that legacy.
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I found it, Dave!

Post by StarChild » Thu Dec 22, 2005 10:26 pm

Oh, Great Dark Bamf, Sir!! I found it! I found it on E-Bay, Sir!
( Imagine Egor slavering obediently, ecstatically behind Dokter Frankenstein!!) Nightcrawler 1-4!! Your masterpiece, oh Great Master Cockrum, Sir! It is mine! Two sets of 'em!! Now I only hope they are in good condition and they arrive soon!! ( the line I remember best in German from the book was "Est ise ein segelboot!! A sailing ship in the sky!")

I had been looking for the dad-blamed thing in every comic shop in the area!!;pant

Working on the second draft of my story, Dave! Entitled "World Without End"...I am having great fun! :wave

Ah, yes...lover at heart and along comes the ultimate romantic! Fox hunt ala Nightcrawler

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I found it, Dave!

Post by Dark Bamf » Wed Feb 22, 2006 2:21 am

The Nightcrawler miniseries was a hell of a lot of fun to do. I wanted to do a sequel, but I could never come up with a plot I liked. But it's one of my favorite works.

'I'm in love, I'm in love with Atilla the Hun--
Atilla the Hun, Atilla the Hun.
He may pillage your village and kill everyone
but I still love Atilla the Hun.'
--Atilla's Hunny

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