A GREAT new book from a friend of ours!

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A GREAT new book from a friend of ours!

Postby Paty » Mon Jan 23, 2006 10:43 pm

You have all heard of Dave's tribulations with health matters and such. and many of you know that we are living fairly well today due to the unflagging efforts of such luminaries as Neal Adams, Harlan Ellison and the prime agitator, himself, Cliff Meth... who is the kind of good friend most people only dream about!

Over the years, Cliff has been in our lives, starting out as a fan of Dave's work and becoming the kosher side of our family! He has been there for us many times and is humble enough to think that we have done great things for HIM!!!

So it is with great pleasure that I let all of the Nightscrawlers folk who regularly visit the forum know that Clif, a talented writer in his own right, has just come out with a new book collecting some of his more ribald and interesting stories....one of which, at least, I illustrated. It is called METHo.d. It has a cover by Jim Sterenko and text stories illustrated by various artists... and is available from Aardwolf Publications or your local comic shoppe if you tell your retailer you want to order it. You can probably get it from Aardwolfpublishing.com any time, but if you want to order it from your comic retailer, you have about a week to do so in this ordering period. You want a good read, Cliff will entertain you. His writing has a definite flavor of Ellison, who is his writing guru and mentor. But the stories are always interesting and entertaining... in various ways... from sentient talking penises to other craziness and sometimes intergalactic mayhem.

Cliff is a real character... and that is a good thing. I call him Captain Kosher cuz he stands up for the underdog and leaps over tall buildings with a single bound. His fiction can have you rolling on the floor holding your sides or thinking very deep thoughts. He runs the gamut.

And if, for some reason you don't like the book, it comes with a money back guarantee from Aardwolf publishing! How can you go wrong?
LOL Try it...

Ok...this is a shmeless plug and I will probably incur the wrath of the mods of the larger forum for it. I seem to be their favorite target anyway so, hey, what have I got to lose? HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEE


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A GREAT new book from a friend of ours!

Postby StarChild » Tue Jan 24, 2006 4:44 am

Love you, PATY!!! :halogrin Will go a bookin' on payday Wednesday!

Ah, yes...lover at heart and along comes the ultimate romantic! Fox hunt ala Nightcrawler
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A GREAT new book from a friend of ours!

Postby Dark Bamf » Wed Feb 22, 2006 2:15 am

I have to second Paty's comments. Even if Cliff Meth wasn't a talented writer, I have to give humble support to any of his projects. He has been there for us through years of difficulties, and he's the true definition of the word 'friend'.

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