hi dave, former dc artist with a question 4 u!

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hi dave, former dc artist with a question 4 u!

Post by dustyabell » Tue Jun 13, 2006 4:53 am

hello dave, my name is dusty abell, and it truly is an honor to talk with you and i hope this message finds you well, like everyone else i was so sorry to hear about your health difficulties these past few years and i hope this message finds both you and paty in good spirits and much better health. i used to draw comics primarily for dc in the early nineties, and i just wanted to tell you about an homage to
mark gruenwalds handbook of the marvel universe I'm
putting together featuring the characters from Robert
Kirkman's creator owned Image comic INVINCIBLE. what
we're putting together is a really nostalgic package
almost identical to the "the official handbook of the
marvel universe" published back in 1982. it's going to
be 2 48 page books featuring many of the great comic
artists of yesterday, the biggest names of today and a
handful of talent outside of the comics field
including the hollywood animation industry, which I've
worked in the past 6 years! some of the talent who've
already contributed pin-ups include sal buscema, mike
zeck, herb trimpe, marie severin, rudy nebres, paul
smith, ron frenz, dave johnson, ed mcguiness, brian
stelfreeze, jason pearson, mike wieringo, terry austin, kelsey
shannon and many others! i'd love to send you some samples of the pin-ups i've received for you to look at. in short I'd like to
ask if you would be interested in contributing a
single character illustration, no background to the
book. in particular i'm thinking of a group jam pin-up of nine different artists, its being laid out by erik larsen. I'm a huge fan of your work dave, the
legion, x-men and futurians are some of the most
memorable books of my childhood :worship , and i would be honored if you would consider participating in what will truly be a
remarkable collection of some of the finest artists in
the business past and present together under one
cover. thank you for taking the time to read this and
i hope i might hear from you soon, best dusty abell.

you can email me anytime at the address i registered with!

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