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Dave's Memorial Day

Posted: Thu May 31, 2007 4:18 pm
by Rivka
Well, today in New York City, Dave Cockrum is being celebrated. Paty is there, as are a number of other wonderful people. It is an invite-only, industry-only memorial.

So for the rest of us, I wanted to say, think about Dave today. And read some of your favorite Dave Cockrum comics.

I'll be reading my top three:




Although #150 and #161 concern my beloved Magneto, UNCANNY #160 may be one of the greatest (and under-appreciated) X-MEN comics ever produced. It's one of my favorite comic books. This is where we're introduced to Limbo, and we see the abduction of Illyana Rasputin. It's an eerie, unsettling and totally engrossing story, as the heroes get caught in a place where multiple dimensions intersect, and multiple versions of themselves can coexist, all ruled by a demon-lord.

I miss you Dave! Your work holds up better than ever -- you and Chris Claremont created the bedrock of my X-MEN and Magneto passion.

Dave's Memorial Day

Posted: Sat Jun 02, 2007 7:27 am
by Bamfing_Bob
God Bless. I know this is really late, but I was in NYC...

Dave's Memorial Day

Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2007 7:27 pm
by Paty

Well, I am back from the tribute. It was good to see al the old folk that Dave and I knew a quarter century ago... even if it was for such a sad occasion.
If any of you have read the reviews of the memorial over at Comic book Resources or some of the other forums, you will know it was a light hearted memorial with lots of laughter amid the few tears that some could not help shedding. Dave would have wanted it light and fun...just as he was throughout his life... full of fun and life and comic adventure.

While most wore shades of black, I showed up in my Magneto tee shirt... hey... I didn't wear the helmet... I guess it set the tone for the proceedings even though i was, at my own rquest, the last to speak.
Our contingent had left home the friggin address of the building and we had been directed horribly astray by shopowners who should have known better...until Boo finally whipped out her cell phone, called cliff and got the addy fromhim. We were late...sigh... but after that things rolled smoothly.

Apparently there were Marvel folk there... I wouldn't know... none of the current crop even came up and introduced themselves after the eulogies, when we were visiting and schmoozing... Joey the Q, I am told was there, but left early... although I hear it was because of a doctor's appt or somesuch. Jim Shooter was there, too, I am told, but he, too left early. Hmmmm wonder what HIS excuse was...
John Byrne was NOT there... specifically because I banned him from the proceedings because i did not want his hypocracy and jealousy of DAve to sully Dave's memorial. When I first mentioned that I did not want him there to the DC folk who were hosting the shindig, they were palpably gleeful in their acquiescence with my wishes... you could hear them laughing over the phone...Byrne must have really burned his pun intended... there, too... cuz we KNOW he burned them at marvel by sneering at Joey the Q's grief... to his face!!!... when Joey's parents died! How insensitive and arrogant can you get? Byrne sets new heights every day... or lows, depending on your viewpoint... but he was not gonna use Dave's memorial to reconnect with any of the comic pros if I could help it... so he was the only one in comics that was not invited. Actually I told the folk at DC that if Grant Morrison happened to be in the city, he wasn't invited either...unless they wanted to see blood on the floor because of what he did to Magneto in Planet X. When I told them this, I got the surprise of my life! the guys i talked to on theDC staff were also CLAREMONT Magneto fans and hated what Morrison did, too... so were happy to assure me he would not be there...LOL will wonders never cease... DC Magneto fans!!! you'd a thunk it?
I am not sure how well Morrison is liked over at DC...possibly one rung above Byrne... who no longer works for them. who knows? heh...the things you learn when people TALK to you... and you know something? A LOT of people talked to me at that memorial... they made a point to talk to me and I learned a lot of things i only suspected before that... Interesting things.

In any event, I guess I am back, but still don't know how much posting i will be doing, since there is soooo much stuff to do around here...
I do promise to peek in once in a while, though... but considering the roundhouse crazyness that ensued with the Magneto thread... which I asked Paws to delete, btw...I don't know if I am gonna try any more discussions for a while...things concerning the Magster seem to be just too volatile right now... we shall see....

Huggies to all...

Dave's Memorial Day

Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2007 7:33 pm
by NachtcGleiskette
It sounds like it was really nice, Paty :). Clifford had mentioned it at the panel at NYCC, and I'm glad it was such a great event for everyone. From what I knew of Dave around here, I'm not surprised it was more a happy event than a somber one :). He's definately greatly missed.