Game FAQ (Updated 10/3/11)

Nightscrawler's Chatroom based role playing game. Wanna get started but don't know how? Come on in and take a look around! Here you'll find our rules, playing guides, and general game information.
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Game FAQ (Updated 10/3/11)

Post by Game Administrator » Mon Oct 03, 2011 3:18 pm


We encourage people to refer to the FAQs or check with Game Mods to avoid confusion on topics.

Neat game! I'd like to join. How do I start?

We suggest that you begin with reading the rules and the most recent game or two. After you've done that if you are still interested, contact the game staff to see if you can join. We will often want to do a small 'interview' in chat prior to you applying on the 'reserved characters' thread.

I've gotten staff permission! Where do I start building my character?

After you've read the rules, you can post your character in the 'reserved character' thread, and then make a bio. Before deciding on your characters back history, you may wish to read the other bios to prevent too many similarities that you didn't intend. Once your bio is complete please u2u it to a member of staff for approval. When we give approval you may post the bio with the rest of the characters.

I want to play my character out of canon; is this ok?

That is the whole point of this game! Nods to canon are always welcome, but this is about exploring the character to their fullest. Name, general appearance and powers are the same, other than that the sky is the limit. Just remember, less is often more. ;)

Can I play an OC?

No. The only exception to this is NPCs (non-played characters) that are the characters friends and family, but most of those interactions are not within the game, and are only used to support the character's individual plot. For example, you may create an NPC mother for your character but that mother wouldn't come to the school all the time and interact with the characters on her own. Most non-staff NPCs are rarely played, though ficcing is encouraged.

Can I play a character from Superman/Spider-Man/another comic?

Most Marvel canon characters may be altered to a mutant character. But no DC characters may be used as a main character. The DC universe only exists in the game as what it is; a comicverse. So your character can idolize Superman, but Superman's just a character. Occasionally we pull 'guest lecturers' and whatnot from other verses.

Can I have another mutant in my back-history?

No. While we recognize there are canon relationships between many characters, they are null and void here unless you arrange with a character to have that relationship in game canon. For example, Scott Summers wouldn't establish himself as having a mutant brother named Alex because someone down the road may want to play Alex as a character.

Is there an age limit?

Yes. You must be 18 to join, as there are adult themes to this game. Swearing, drinking, violence, mild sexual situations, that sort of thing. If you aren't interested in this sort of thing this isn't the game for you.

Whoa. Where do I start reading?

We'd suggest you do one of two things. Either use the semester timelines as a guide; they list each game in order in 'game time'. Alternately, look at the character bios for 'character summaries' if you want to follow a particular character through the game.

What is 'game time'?

We are currently in 2014 at this point in time. Generally, time runs faster in the game as we do not take full time to write out our summer and winter breaks.

Is there an easy way to catch up on everything without reading the whole game to date?

Not really. The game has been active for many game years. But we recommend you look at the character bios and read current games and instances to get a feel for the story. Your character will learn about the past as you do, through references to relevant back-stories.

Can I play a staff NPC?

Only with staff permission. You may ask, but we like to keep staff limited to leave a larger pool of characters available to be played. You must have a well established primary character before you can take on a staff NPC.

How come some people only have one character and some have two or three?

Once you have played a primary character in depth for a length of time (one school year), you may be allowed to take on another character. We want our characters to be detailed, well rounded and interesting, so we ask that you concentrate on one character to begin with to allow you to really 'get into their head' without distractions of others.

If you do have two or more characters, can you play them at the same time?

No. We call this character masturbation ;) (Playing with oneself). You will achieve much more through playing with others anyway. You can however play your NPC and your character in the same game, though not one on one.

Are weapons allowed in the school? What if my character (ie Cable) normally carries a weapon in canon?

It's a school. So no. Canon is forfeit in this game anyway. However weapons may be used in the danger room for training purposes.

Do I need prior permission to do something with my character?

If you feel that it may be disruptive to the main game plot or to other characters, or you need things to happen in game to enable it. For example, if you had ninjas break into the school to kidnap your character, we want to know about it before it happens. If you are going to hook up with someone and take them out for a night on the town, just fly at 'er.

Am I allowed a pet?

Only with staff permission, lest this become Xavier's Ark. Animals are not to be played as a character, but can be implied. For example 'character bends down and pets the cat.' Pets in this game are props, much as a book or a chair would be.

Hey, I think it'd be really funny if I did an fic where my character borrowed Character A's guitar and broke it, I can do that right?

Heh, sure, but only so long as you've got the player of Character A's permission to do so. You should really ask permission before using another character's 'prop' in anything you do, common courtesy, or you run the risk of having said fic or instance retconed at the request of the other player.

When/where is the fight?!?

While there are occasional conflicts within the game, the focus of this game is on character interactions and building. It is not a 'fighting' game. That is what keeps our game unique.

What's the difference between main game plots and character plots?

Main game plots are determined by the staff, and are focused on the whole group as a general, which may highlight specific characters at times, but affects everyone. Character plots are determined by the individual, sometimes in concert with one or two other players and mainly affect that character and their friends.

How do I send in instances?

To make things easier on everyone, instead of having to wait for a mod to come online, we've set up an email for everyone to send their instances en masse and the first mod who can get to it will post it.

The email is

You've not covered my question here!

So still have something you're wondering? Not to worry, just go ahead and ask! Our staff and players are glad to help anyone settle in so there's no worries about having to ask anyone so just pop into chat, u2u staff, or however you would like to ask your question.
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