Timeline and Plotting Notice

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Timeline and Plotting Notice

Post by Svartfreja » Wed May 07, 2014 5:55 pm

Hello Scrawlerearth!

Firstly we would like to say a big 'Thank You!' to the scrawlers for being patient while the game goes through a few changes. It may seem like nothing is happening but we're rather like swans - all graceful on the surface while our feet work frantically below it. We're able, now, to reveal our plans for the new direction of the game! Hooray!

So, firstly, the timeline and games:

It may have escaped your notice, or maybe it didn't, but there are no Saturday games scheduled in the foreseeable future. Onoes! This doesn't mean there will never be any Saturday games ever again, we're hoping to get them up and running because it's super fun for plotty things but, at the moment, with only a handful of players playing (and all of them being planners or moderators of some sort) we feel like plot things can be done just as easily in group instances on a more ad hoc basis.

As for the timeline, because of the general inactivity and the lack of games to framework around, the timeline will be moving into a more fluid form. When lots of things are happening, time will pass quickly and, when not a lot of things are happening, time will pass more slowly. Obviously, if activity picks up quite a lot we will review this situation and maybe look at putting in a date framework for you all as it could get rather complicated :) We will wait and see.

And so, now we move onto activity:

As touched upon above, there has been a large amount of inactivity on the game over the summer, particularly, and now into the semester starting up. We understand that real life does take a priority but it would be lovely to see player faces in chat once in a while to say hi, let us know what's going on, and maybe play some instances if there's enough of that mysterious free time to go around.

'But what will we play?!' You may ask. Well, we have a delightful semester ahead full of shenanigans to keep you entertained.

1. The building work on the school is nearing completion but work has slowed to a standstill. Why? Because the BRAND NEW campus-wide Danger Room keeps attacking/tricking/scaring the SHIELD crews, students, and staff alike. How many times have your characters walked into walls that shouldn't be there, heard voices, or turned a corner into a headless corpse? Use your imaginations to have some real fun with it while the Danger Room experiences its bugs!

2. Shifty teachers are shifty. Staff at the Massachusetts Academy are whispering in corners and plotting something Most notably, Carol and Cessily can be seen working quite late together in one of their offices on something secret. Secrets don't often stay secrets for very long among the student body, maybe some enterprising youngsters want to break in and see what they're up to or maybe even confront them directly. Perhaps they want in on the mission? PM Freja or Starfish in chat or hop into #livenudes if you want to discuss a spot on their super team.

3. NEW PEOPLE! With such a large area to occupy and a relatively small student body, SHIELD don't feel like they're making the most of this situation and are now using their resources, much like Xavier before them, to find troubled young mutants from around the globe and bring them somewhere to learn how to control their powers. New classmates will be arriving regularly at this end of the semester and are NPCs so feel free to reference these new faces as your characters go about their daily business.

4. World plots. The situation with the Sentinels is still ongoing. Security forces are purchasing these robots as are private buyers for a variety of reasons. Students and teachers alike may be noticing more and more of them on trips into town or visits to family. Have they fixed the bug that makes them attack mutants randomly? Is that even a bug? Who knows! If you'd like to run a confrontation with a bot and aren't sure where to start or dos and don'ts, hop on into #livenudes and we'll help where we can!

5. Character plots. As we usher in this new era of player creativity, we welcome you to begin your own subplots for character development just as much as taking part in our larger game plots. Such things can be as small as 'so-and-so would like to learn an instrument' to 'my character has beef with this organisation and wants to do something about it'. Obviously, larger plots need a bit more communication with the planner team before you go ahead and blow things up because of repercussions but we're happy to work with you towards whatever goal you have in mind.

As you can see, there are many pies to take bites out of and we encourage all of you to do as much (or as little) taste-testing as you want.

Happy gaming and have fun!

~ The planner team
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