30 Fun Facts...

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30 Fun Facts...

Post by TechPrincess » Mon Feb 05, 2007 12:05 am

30 Fun Facts about Paige

Fun Fact…

#1: I love spinach
#2: I hate wearing all black unless it’s a formal dress
#3: I dyed my hair brown once
#4: My favorite sibling is my little brother, Nicholas (Nicky)
#5: My first title was Little Miss South Plains
#6: My last title was Miss South Plains
#7: I forfeited my Miss South Plains title after I won because of my powers.
#8: I am one of 10 kids
#9: I was in the hospital a lot when I was a 2 and 3 with leukemia
#10: I have to have a check up every year to make sure it doesn’t come back
#11: My family was so poor that we didn’t always have much for dinner.
#12: My early pageant winnings just barely paid for my pageants
#13: I finally got sponsors to pay for all the expenses.
#14: I lost only 2 contests my whole career.
#15: I only had one boyfriend my whole life until I went to college and got my second.
#16: I wanted to be a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader for years
#17: I can play a variety of instruments: piano, flute, and a bit of violin are my best.
#18: I never got to tryout for high school cheerleader because of my pageants.
#19: I have over 200k in scholarships from my years on the circuit.
#20: Professor Xavier is giving all that money to my family.
#21: My family can finally pay off the mortgages as well as to go SHOPPING!
#22: Graduation was the worst night of my life
#23: I’ve been hit and raped by the man I trusted most and loved.
#24: Alex is my best friend in the whole world
#25: Eve is the only person I ever told about Graduation night
#26: I have a stuffed piggy named Mr. Snuggles that I got when I had leukemia
#27: I sleep with Mr. Snuggles every night
#28: My brothers tricked me into climbing up on the barn roof when I was 4 and left me up there for *hours*
#29: I’ve been terrified of heights ever since
#30: I was never allowed to do anything that I could get even remotely hurt in case I got a scratch on me and wasn’t able to compete.

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30 Fun Facts...

Post by NachtcGleiskette » Mon Feb 05, 2007 12:13 am

Ooo this is fun!! I moved it to Game Info so anyone who wanted to could add about their character :)
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30 Fun Facts...

Post by Ferguson » Mon Feb 05, 2007 2:31 am

Lorna's '30 fun facts'

1) Lorna got into fights all through grade school.
2) In fifth grade she broke a classmate's nose.
3) Her middle name is Margene
4) The first time Lorna was on stage with an audience was her second grade's Christmas program. She promptly ran off when the curtains opened.
5) Lorna can't ride a bycicle
6) The first and last time Lorna got invited to a classmates for a sleepover party she got locked out of the house until the girl's parents came home.
7) Lorna's first pet was a little white mouse which she called Peepiceek
8) After her parents divorced Lorna and her dad stayed at his parents house while her dad looked for a job and a home nearby.
9) Lorna learned she had her first step-father when she called to wish her mother a happy birthday. Apparently it was.
10) Lorna 'lost' Peepiceek when she was visiting her mother.
11) Lorna got her first detention for loosing her temper in class and calling her band instructor an arrogant old bitch during class.
12) Lorna probably wouldn't have anger outbursts if she didn't try to keep everything in in order to make a good impression. She knows this but cannot help it.
13) Lorna had her first alcoholic drink at her mother's while she was being forced to attend one of her mother's swaree.
14) At this swaree Lorna later walked in on her mother and her now husband "passing time"
15) Lorna played football on the boys team her freshman year of high school.
16) She didn't come back to play sophomore year after rumors about her and the coach started to go through the school.
17) During the summer Lorna and her dad go rock climbing usually for their vacation.
18) Lorna is secretly in love with video games.
19) Lorna switched to music after dabbling in sports and loved it despite her band instructor being an arrogant old bitch.
20) Lorna's favourite teacher was her choir instructor who battled to get Lorna to sing in front of people with a bit of success.
21) Lorna discovered her power while she was making breakfast when her spoon kept bending.
22) Lorna spent her senior prom on one of the back tables playing Risk with a few juniors.
23) At her dad's house there's this little plastic nurse doll that's clothes had been lost years ago that he and Lorna hide in places for people to find her.
24) Lorna is hydrophobic.
25) Lorna's favourite candy is 5th avenue bars.
26) Lorna *hates* pickles.
27) Lorna has been to music camp and nothing kinky was done with a flute.
28) Lorna's favourite holiday is Halloween.
29) Lorna went to a Lutheran school until high school.
30) Lorna is a fan of drunken Trivial Pursuit.

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30 Fun Facts...

Post by JSherlock » Thu Feb 22, 2007 8:08 am

(To be updated as I think them through ><)

01 I was a bully in the popular clique back in High School. Hard to imagine, now, isn't it?

02 My cousins love me because I can sing along to all the songs to The Little Mermiad. With the voices. But I won't admit to it until my dying day.

03 Chris took me riding by himself when I was a baby when he was only 10 - I have no memory of it but apparantly his backside is still tanned. (And technically still grounded.)

04 I became blood brothers with a neighbour before he moved - we still write to each other occasionally.

05 I've tried to kill myself no less than 5 times. All of them were after my powers manifested. Apparantly, I suck at it.

06 My most embarassing family story about me is that I paraded around the living room totally naked while singing to a TV commercial when I was 5. (I got out of my bath and mom and dad had guests.)

07 I've never broken a bone.

08 I've lived longer with my brother and Megan than I lived at home with mom and dad. Even though there's absolutely no reason why.

09 My favorite animal is the coelcanth. It's just weird looking. And it's historical.

10 When sharing a tent, I always pick the side closest to open space.

11 I love Kool-Aid. All flavors and all types.

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30 Fun Facts...

Post by littlebamf » Thu Feb 22, 2007 1:24 pm

Lizzie -

1) I got into anime, video games and D&D back when I was nine, because of my brother James' friends as I had no one else to hang out with in the summer holidays.

2) I was on the school hockey, tennis and althletics team until I got kciked off for dying my waist lenght hair purple.

3) I first got drunk at the age of nine at a Christmas party when me and my twin were left unattended.

4) I was a casual smoker from the age of twelve to the age of eighteen.

5) I'm a lisenced pilot and have been flying since the age of fourteen and got my official lisence a month before I started at Xaviers.

6) I never watched an entire Disney film until this summer when I loaned Beauty and the Beast from a store in NY when I was staying there.

7) I'm incredibly ticklish. I'm just not saying where.

8) I have three tattoos. I used my telepathy to get/start all of them while underage.

9) I have 21 piercings. I got most of those on the sly too.

10) I've been to every continent now except the Arctics.

((Will think of more interesting ones later then start Laura's list))

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30 Fun Facts...

Post by Slarti » Thu Feb 22, 2007 7:22 pm

30 things you never wanted to know about Bobby

1- Bobby really doesn’t want to be an accountant like his dad and grandfather – way too boring.

2- …what he really wanted to be was a Jedi Knight, but he knows that’s not going to happen.

3- Unfortunately, he’s good at math, so accounting must be genetic.

4- He grew up in St. Charles, Mo. – it’s a historic suburb of St. Louis.

5- Bobby’s fidgets. A lot.

6- He worked at Six Flags for several years and was promoted to roller coaster operator before coming to Xavier’s.

7- His birthday is on Halloween – so of course that’s his favorite holiday.

8- While he’s not terribly athletic, Bobby can skateboard. He also played Little League baseball until an older kid beat him up.

9- He brought his bike from home, though he really wanted to bring his car.

10- He froze the bathtub when he was 13, thus discovering something was a little off.

11- Bobby’s capable of lowering his body temperature and the temperature of the air around him, pulling the moisture from the air to form ice or snow and freezing small amounts of water or other liquids. (He can’t do the full body ice thing)

12- He learned the hard way to not play with his powers while taking a piss. That earned him a trip to the emergency room. The doctors were impressed.

13- Bobby’s not as dumb as he acts, but he is distracted by shiny objects.

14- After a couple years of high school Spanish, he knows just enough to be dangerous.

15- It wasn’t very hard for him to figure out to control his powers, so for years he just hid them until somebody caught him freezing the pop machine at school.

16- By his senior year most people at his high school knew about his powers because he learned to show off.

17- Showing off was encouraged by Nikki, who started dating him after he publicly displayed his powers.

18- As a kid who grew up in the 90’s, he loves them and knows all the music, movies and trivia.

19- Bobby’s a big fan of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.

20- …and he speaks a little Klingon.

21- Aside from Nikki, he had all male friends in high school. Girls tended to avoid him unless they wanted him to do something for them.

22- He’s entirely too good at video games, and used to play a lot of the good old D&D.

23- His mother took dancing lessons and forced him to be her partner.

24- A natural prankster, he discovered he had more friends if he used his powers all the time for fun and mayhem.

25- They are practical too, because his parents have had him fill in for the air conditioner when it was broken.

26- He loves movies and his favorite James Bond is Roger Moore.

27- He’d never met another mutant before coming to Xavier’s, but did see Kurt Wagner’s one movie. He was no Roger Moore.

28- He’s reconsidered his closet devotion to Britney Spears and Alysun Blaire since Ali’s a bitch and Brit’s crazy.

29- While he was at first really freaked out about his roommate being arrested for murder, and the other mutants’ violent abilities, he’s calmed down a lot.

30- Bobby is scared to death of fire.

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30 Things You Don't Know About Jay!

Post by Scumfish » Sun Aug 22, 2010 12:11 am

1. Jay was made to wear a sailor suit until the age of eight. It mysteriously disappeared.
2. He really, really hates his name. He's often considered changing it back to 'Wormwood' but doesn't want to have to register to do it.
3. He likes soft things.
4. Despite his claims to the contrary and stressing he isn't a stereotypical gay guy, he has one hell of a sharp fashion sense.
5. Jay is afraid of being alone in the dark.
6. ...He's also claustrophobic.
7. This doesn't help his intense hatred of aeroplanes.
8. He really isn't a hick, and will hurt anyone that calls him one.
9. He tends to crush on his roomies. He can't help it.
10. He's one hell of a gambler. He can't resist making bets if it's available. He's also an amazingly good one.
11. The only instrument Jay can actually play is his guitar.
12. If you go through archive footage of a certain God TV show, there is a live televised showing of him punching the preacher. He's very, very proud of that moment.
13. While so laid back he's horizontal, Jay has one hell of a temper and it's on a hair-trigger.
14. Jay has a secret love. It comes with double pepperoni, pineapple and a deep-pan base.
15. He's also polyamorous. He blames the band for this. Speaking of which...
16. Jay is not as innocent as he makes out.
17. He also doesn't believe any form of therapy works.
18. Jay survives on coffee, mostly.
19. Because he's an insomniac.
20. He also still has nightmares.
21. He misses his mom.
22. Despite Darren thinking him a pervert, Jay doesn't actually rate sex all that high on his list priorities. It's dropped even lower since the soulmerge.
23. ...Though that doesn't stop him enjoying the memories sometimes.
24. Jay once considered calling his mom and telling her he'd joined the navy.
25. He's wrestled a 'gator. Well...more like he ran away from a 'gator, but that's not how he tells it.
26. He's also baited the local wildlife.
27. And taken part in more voodoo ceremonies than he'll admit to.
28. He also won't admit what those ceremonies were.
29. He's done drugs. He only likes weed.
30. Jay has a tendency to fall asleep if his wings are petted.
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...And 30 Things About Adam You Should Probably Know So That

Post by Scumfish » Sun Aug 22, 2010 12:35 am

1. Adam is really, really mood-dependant.
2. And they change with the wind.
3. He's actually completely obsessed with fire, and sometimes it scares him.
4. He's not always as cracked as he makes himself out to be...
5. ...But sometimes he's more cracked than he appears, so it's hard to tell.
6. Chocolate causes an almost orgasmic reaction, thanks to the strength of flavours and the effect the resulting endorphins have on him. So he never eats it around people.
7. Talking of which...he can only have a very, very small piece anyway.
8. Adam is highly intelligent. Unfortunately he also bores very, very easily.
9. And boredom is a dangerous weapon in Adam's hands.
10. He likes to make things. His hands are never still.
11. Adam is actually a complete sweetheart. He just hates people.
12. When he was five, he wanted to be a truck.
13. Because if Optimus Prime could do it, so could he. (AKA He was a massive Transformers fan)
14. He's obsessed with Akira, but at the point where Tetsuo redecorates a room by exploding people, he skips the scene without realising what he's doing.
15. Adam has fallen into a catatonic state twice since he was twelve.
16. He's also been anorexic, among other things...
17. He will flip at anyone who calls him emo, for whatever reason.
18. Adam wouldn't know if someone liked him or not, and doesn't know how to handle it if someone ever did.
19. He hates needles.
20. He has every single book by H. P. Lovecraft the man ever wrote, as well as H. G. Wells, C. S. Lewis and other classical authors. He's read them so much the titles have been rubbed off the covers.
21. He's also an incredibly staunch Catholic.
22. He can't handle his drink. At all.
23. One of his favourite hobbies is tying people up with circular logic.
24. He. Likes. Shiny.
25. It's very easy to impress Adam. Depending on his mood.
26. It's also very easy to scare him. Again, depending on his mood.
27. Bunnies are win.
29. ????
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30 Fun Facts...

Post by Chaos » Mon Sep 27, 2010 5:28 pm

30 things about Eddie Brock:

1. He is a giant nerd/geek/loser, self professed.
2. As such, he loves all things comic/game related.
3. Due to both previous facts he's never had a large social circle of people that think he isn't a complete drop-out.
4. Moreover, Eddie tends to think with his brain rather than the brain of someone his age...
5. Eddie has a strong moral centre in some situations (when he feels the need for it), and can be very selfless when the need arises.
6. Eddie writes his own comic, 'Venom', which (drum-roll, please) is how he came up with his alias.
7. Although he may seem very emo-y with the reasoning for calling himself 'Venom', he actually got it from writing his first comic - the quote "Venom. That's what I feel I am. My genes, whatever." is a direct quote from the third part of his story where the character names himself.
8. Eddie strongly considered a sex change when he was 13 because he decided only girls could like boys.
9. His father talked him out of it by explaining to him the 'birds & bees' and the 'it's ok to be whatever you are' talks.
10. Eddie first had sex when he was 15 with a girl he met at a comic convention, he had no idea that she was actually seventeen herself.
11. Also, she had no idea he was 15.
12. For no foreseeable reason, Eddie hates the name 'Rick'.
13. Eddie thinks Friday 13th is incredibly lucky since one time when he was 10, he found £20 in the road on the way to school - ironically, by stopping to pick it up he narrowly avoided being hit in the face by someone throwing a bottle of Oasis at his head.
14. Despite his claims, Eddie was bullied just about every day of his life until he manifest his mutant powers.
15. Teddy was bought for Eddie by his mother before she passed away when she thought he was going to be born a girl - Elaine thought Eddie wouldn't like Teddy, but Jonathan (his father) convinced her otherwise.
16. Eddie is, to date, still oblivious that Teddy's label has a message on the reverse side stitched in by his mother.
17. Eddie is also oblivious to the fact Louise Morton (his Ex) still owes him £27.40 for a train ticket he bought her so she could get back from Longbridge after losing her own ticket at Dale Ford's house. (The guy she cheated on him with)
18. Eddie also has no idea what Dale Ford's name is...
19. Eddie is, to date, hopelessly in love with Sophia Rendoza, dispite knowing his chances with her are less than those of getting with Ronnie Lake.
20. Eddie is also, for some reason still unbeknown to him, infatuated with Ronnie Lake.
21. Eddie has nothing but respect and admiration for Jay, but since he hasn't, to date, had an in depth conversation with him, he has no idea why...there just seems to be something about him...
22. Although he will constantly deny it, Eddie wants people to like him.
23. Moreover, Eddie feels he must earn the respect of everyone through proving he can be an active member of the team.
24. Eddie has his own built-in delusions of grandeur (although he can't see them); he often thinks that since he can, he MUST be a hero to help others, as with great power comes great responsibility...
25. Eddie boasts constantly about being unable to die, but regardless of his belief, feels a great fear whenever he may have to put it to the test...
26. For some reason, Eddie both loves and hates Adam Kilduff, wants to both kiss and kill him, and feels like they are friends but enemies - regardless of their past feuds being past, Eddie is always cautious as to what he says or does around him...
27. Eddie is secretly scared by the existence of Wade Wilson. In his mind, Wade is either a sociopath, a genius, both, or none of the above. This causes great fear.
28. Eddie hates coffee, and yet will still drink it if it;s been offered to him in case he appears rude.
29. Unknown to everyone (and not told to anyone, even Louise), Eddie tried to hang himself by his own webbing when he was 16. He got drunk afterwards and completely forgot what the reason was...
30. After this, he had the worst hangover he's had to date, and hasn't been able to drink straight Vodka since without feeling like he's going to throw up.

:) xx

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30 Fun Facts...

Post by puppygirl » Sat Sep 03, 2011 3:03 am

1) Clarice was born on a tiny island in the Bahamas, and her family lived in a (very well made) wooden house within walking distance from the beach.

2) Clarice can't remember this, but whenever there was a hurricane warning they used to go hide in a cave shelter in the middle of the island with the rest of the natives.

3) For this reason the family had very few material possesions, and what they did have was easily carried.

4) This is also the reason (though again, she doesn't remember) that thier house had to be rebuilt twice.

5) Clarice's mother's parents were from Egypt originally, and very wealthy. They moved to the Bahamas and shortly afterwards had Nailah.

6) Her father was from Miami, moving to the Bahamas for work, he met Nailah at a work function and the rest, as they say, is history.

7) When she was born her father picked her first name. She was named Clarice after her paternal grandmother.

8) Her mother picked her middle name, Heqet, an Egyptian name that comes from an ancient goddess who had the head of a frog.

9) This was possibly the reason her first ever toy was a Kermit the frog doll, which she has kept with her to this day.

10) She also loves frogs in general, they're her favourite animal.

11) As a child her parents pet name for her was 'Your Pinkness'.

12) While her native tongue is technically English, for the first few years of her life she spoke the creole used in the Bahamas, she occasionally slips back into it when either extremely tired, angry or excited.

13) She's in recent years picked up a little Canadian-French.

14) Christened a Baptist, she disliked going to Church as a child since she didn't like the singing.

15) She hasn't been in contact with her maternal grandparents since they emigrated to Miami.

16) As a child she wanted to be a butterfly when she grew up.

17) Now that she wants to be a superhero when she grows up, her back up plan is to become a vet.

18) As a Buddhist, Clarice does not part-take in any sort of chemical recreation.

19) She also engages in what she calls 'practical vegetarianism' given the choice she would rather not eat meat but if it's a choice between that or starvation she'd rather not get ill and die.

20)She is also somewhat lactose intolerant, only being able to ingest small amounts before becoming ill.

21) All her toiletries are rose scented.

22) She has an odd habit of that whenever she's feeling sad or upset she crawls under her bed with her blanket, she's been known to fall asleep like that.

23) This is a hangup from her days spent in children's homes and foster care, where she discovered it was usually safer to sleep under the bed to make it harder for the other children to get at her in her sleep.

24) She never, ever swears.

25) But oddly enough loves Tarintino and the Carry On movies.

26) She has a reoccurring problem with that small children and drunks will try to lick her to see if she tastes like candy.

27) Clarice does not, in fact, taste like candy. She tastes like regular person, much to the children and drunk's disappointment.

28) Her favourite genres of music is swing, big band and the soundtracks from the golden age of Hollywood.

29) She's oddly snooty about most modern music, especially dubstep. She just doesn't see the point in it.

30) She has a terrible singing voice, but that doesn't stop her.
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30 Fun Facts...

Post by TechPrincess » Mon Sep 05, 2011 10:36 pm

For Hope

1. I hate seafood.

2. I have had 3 boyfriends. All were douchebags. Johnny is one too, but I love him.

3. I hate Alaska.

4. I lived in 14 different foster homes. I don't remember the first couple.

5. The only person who even pretends to be my friend most of the time is my case worker, Mr. Burns. At least, he did until I wasn't his case anymore.

6. I've always wanted to have a sled dog team.

7. My favorite hockey team are the Penguins.

8. I love to ice skate.

9. I spent months trying to find out who my mother was. I found nothing until I found my Dad. Her name was Hayley.

10. I found my father. He is Tony fucking Stark!

11. I hate black jelly beans.

12. My drink of choice is rum.

13. I quit smoking.

14. I hate getting hit on by nasty old men. Hot young ones are ok though.

15. I use my powers for revenge.

16. I'm allergic to peanuts (Ingestion only)

17. The person who means the most to me in the world is Johnny.

18. I hate kids.

19. I'm not the marrying type.

20. While I still hate being followed around all the time by the bodyguards, I've gotten used to it. I see the benefit now.

21. I love winter because the holidays make people nicer. It's hard to throw an orphan onto the street at Christmas time. I always felt like I was part of the family for that one holiday.

22. I am set to take over Stark Industries in a few years. This is terrifying and exciting all at once.

23. I still fear that War could reemerge and ruin my life. Again.
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30 Fun Facts...

Post by PsychoKez056 » Mon Sep 05, 2011 11:33 pm

Noriko Ashida (surge)

#1: I'm a dog person
#2: I like all the colours but prefer to wear bright ones.
#3: I have a brother I've just don't remember him anymore.
#4: I want to be a superstar or pop idol when I finish education, powers or not.
#5: I love raving and clubbing.
#6: I'm terrible at maths.
#7: I'm totally a roses and chocolates kinda girl.... right after the bungee jump or safari tour
#8: I HATE being bored or forced to sit still.
#9: I've won medals for my roller blading and my ice skating.
#10: I have the highest level of achievement for my violin playing in Japan.
#11: I like the idea of being famous
#12: Lots of friends is very good for me!
#13: I want a pet gecko
#14: lizards and snakes are my favourite creatures after bunnies and dogs.
#15: I like magnetizing people outfits for laughs.
#16: My mixed media art project when I was 15 was a sculpture of the eiffel tower made of JUST paper clips.I could never figured out how I did it till now.
#17: I have pen friend all over europe.
#18: I visit my pen friend in england during the summer break for 3 weeks every year.
#19: I broke my left arm once falling out of a sakura tree growing over the family shrine, I was climbing it for a dare.
#20: I will not ever eat shellfish, it tastes funny.
#21: I can't cook wel but I'd like to learn
#22: My first and last bf dumped me for some other girl because he found out i was a mutant.
#23: My best friend Masuki kissed me once, we never spoke of it again.
#24: I want to climb all the biggest mountains in the world to take pictures at the top.
#25: I'd like to learn how to ski.
#26: I love the snow but hate storms
#27:The blue bits in my hair will always remain, its just the rest of the colour that won't
#28: My dog is called Roshi from Dragon ball, one of my favourite mangas.
#29: My powers nearly killed me once when I accidently sparked near and electricty grid,box, thingy, because I grounded something aweful.
#30: I hide batteries under my leg warmers to charge them up for my mp3

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Re: 30 Fun Facts...

Post by Chaos » Mon Jan 28, 2013 12:29 pm

30 Facts about Ichiki Hisako;

1. Hisako is allergic to Penicillin

2. Hisako really dislikes dogs

3. Her least favourite subject it Art, however she excels at it

4.The only bone she had ever broken is her little toe on her right foot

5. Hisako speaks Japanese, English and a little French and German

6. She can also Sign.

7. To date, Hisako has had one boyfriend, who left her because she seemed so closed off and 'crazy'.

8. Hisako is claustrophobic.

9. Every year on the 22nd December, Hisako requests to be alone to mourn her father.

10. Hisako hates parties.

11. However, she enjoys drinking.

12. Hisako also dislikes drug use and smoking, however, she is impartial to shisha pipes, and owns two.

13. She believes that there is no honour or justice in murder, and will not even threaten death unless there is no other choice.

14. Hisako's favourite colour is silver, but she a lvoids wearing it.

15. Hisako is ambidextrous

16. She can also dance exceptionally well

17. But she is horribly reluctant to ever do so, worried that people will not take her seriously because of it

18. Hisako is still a virgin

19. Hisako also has no real desire in the department of romance and/or sexual relations

20. Although plain and closed off, Hisako is simply dealing with a hard past in her own way. She has yet to meet anyone who cares enough to bear with her.

21. Hisako never cuts her own hair

22. There is an embarrassing story about why that she refuses to tell anyone.

23. Unbeknown to most, Hisako got the first comment on Screwball's Second YouTube video.

24. The biggest argument Hisako ever had was when she rallied for class president and was in a friendly debate over mutant rights

25. This argument led her to the first in-school fight she ever had

26. And also made her class president

27. Hisako hates the texture of raw tomatoes and has, to date, thrown up every time she's tried them

28. Hisako has never owned a pet

29. Though often coming off as skeptical, Hisako does believe that perseverance can conquer all obstacles

30. Hisako finished QWOP. Twice in a row.

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Re: 30 Fun Facts...

Post by tears~fall~like~glass » Wed Feb 06, 2013 4:21 am


1. Johnny is scared of large bodies of water, a fear that stems from falling in the river as a child. He fell in it a second time when his powers manifested.
2. This fear is only fueled by the fact that his powers are fire-based, despite it taking an incredibly massive amount of water to put him out.
3. Speaking of fire-based powers, Johnny loves to show them off, using them as a basis to impress people and make friends. That process doesn't work as well in a school full of people with powers.
4. Back to the fear of water… He's perfectly fine if the water is ice.
5. He enjoys ice skating and playing hockey.
6. Johnny plays forward positions because everyone loves a goal-scorer. They can be the heroes of a game.
7. A hero is something Johnny loves being.
8. While he does thrive with all the fame that comes with it, his favorite part is actually helping people. Underneath all the ego and attention-seeking, he is a decent guy.
9. On the other hand, it's not all fame and glory, but he doesn't like to consider that fact, preferring to always have an optimistic approach to things.
10. He also doesn't like to be serious, much preferring things to be fun.
11. This doesn't mean he isn't capable of being serious and taking responsibility.
12. Especially when it comes to competitions, as he's highly competitive.
13. Johnny's also capable of being a lot smarter than he acts.
14. However, he is blonde and does have moments.
15. Due to Sue's influence, he has some love for a few nerdy things, but he keeps it a secret because those kinds of things usually don't make you popular in school.
16. His love for video games is not a secret, and his preferred console is xbox.
17. He prefers FPS games, such as Halo and Left 4 Dead.
18. Anything involving clowns is a no-go. They are just as terrifying as almost drowning.
19. This fear stems from seeing IT as a small child, which he blames on Sue.
20. While Sue cares for their parents a great deal, Johnny's indifferent toward them, especially since Hope outed Sue as a lesbian. He just doesn't see the big deal there.
21. For as much as him and Sue bicker, he actually does care about his older sister and is willing to be there for her, even if their parents aren't.
22. However, he'd rather spend his time with having fun Hope.
23. Even if he finds his relationship with Hope to be somewhat terrifying because he's never done well with commitment. At least not when it came to relationships.
24. Mainly because he's never had a serious relationship.
25. With the red corvette stingray, redheaded girlfriend, and fire powers, red being his favorite color shouldn't come as a surprise.
26. While driving the red corvette that his redheaded girlfriend got him, Johnny enjoys listening to rap or classic rock.
27. He also enjoys living in the city far more than in the country, as there's far more going on in the city.
28. His favorite food is crisps because they come in all sorts of different flavors, therefore they never get old.
29. He uses Old Spice because he doesn't just smell good, he looks like he smells good, and, in his opinion, he looks pretty damn good.
30. While he doesn't have a clear idea of what he wants to do with his life, he does know that he wants to make a difference, which is what he hopes to do by being a superhero.


1. Rachel grew up in Soundview in the Bronx. While her family was poor, they were slightly better off than others in the area.
2. Her parents spent their time fighting when they weren't working, often leaving her to her own devices.
3. They divorced when she was 18, which strained her already rocky relationship with her mother. She's always been a daddy's girl.
4. During these fights, she had a habit of sneaking out and back in her bedroom window.
5. It went far more smoothly when the family dog didn't alert everyone this was happening. Despite the trouble, she's still a dog person.
6. When she managed to escape without detection, she was often spending her time using various drugs, smoking, and drinking, eventually participating in such activities to control her powers.
7. Actually fairly athletic, Rachel would also skateboard and has broken bones doing so.
8. Like her right wrist. Out of necessity, she learned to be ambidextrous.
9. Often failing to come home from her adventures on the streets, Rachel has been picked up by the police multiple times, earning herself a decent criminal record before she was ever arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D.
10. When she didn't go out, Rachel often found an escape in music and art
11. She taught herself to play bass and is able to sing, however she's prone to stage fright.
12. Rachel was in a garage band while in high school.
13. She didn't spend a lot of time in school, as she often cut class or was suspended.
14. The time she did spend in school generally consisted of sitting in the office or detention.
15. It was a small miracle she managed to graduate.
16. Rachel's attempted suicide twice. She dropped drugs after the first time and, after the second, eventually gave in to therapy.
17. Growing up, TV dinners and frozen pizzas were a staple in her household, therefore negating the need to learn cooking skills.
18. For as often as she eats pizza, cheeseburgers are actually her favorite food.
19. As a kid, she always wanted to be a rock star.
20. When she realized how impractical and unlikely that was, especially given her stage fright, she went through a period where she had no idea what she'd do with her life.
21. It eventually occurred to her to become a tattoo artist, as she'd always loved tattoos and was fairly good at drawing.
22. She currently only has two tattoos; A tribal phoenix along the left side of her ribcage, and C-3PO's chest piece with Josh's full name and their wedding anniversary on the back of her neck.
23. Rachel also has multiple ear piercings, with her lobes slightly gauged, however the most noticeable piercing is her septum.
24. While she was focused on art, she still retained an interest in music and had Josh teach her to play the piano.
25. He insisted she learn classical music, much to her displeasure, and she can play Pachebel's Canon in D Major especially well, as it was his favorite song.
26. They were drunk when they agreed to marry. Josh wanted a traditional wedding, however they did things Rachel's way and eloped.
27. Despite swearing she was going to wear a hoodie and jeans, she wore a dress.
28. Her wedding band is a Foley family heirloom that belonged to Josh's grandmother and was given to him by an aunt, however Rachel's never actually met his family with the exception of his older brother, Justin.
29. Rachel was estranged from her mother for the duration of her marriage (almost four years) to Josh but is attempting to repair that relationship now.
30. While she loves Star Wars and Darth Vader, her favorite movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas, as Halloween is her favorite holiday.

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Re: 30 Fun Facts...

Post by PanicSwitch » Thu Feb 21, 2013 5:25 pm

Cecilia's 30 Fun Facts

1. Cecilia is moderately lactose intolerant, while she can stomach small amounts of cheese or yogurt, things like ice cream and milkshakes are out of the question.
2. Her native tongue is Spanish, she didn't learn to speak English until she entered grade school despite living in America for a few years before that.
3. Cecilia is terrified of heights.
4. She got this fear after she broke her arm falling from a tree in third grade.
5. She dislikes spiders but not as much as she dislikes heights or snakes.
6. Her favourite colour is purple.
7. Cecilia is named after the Simon and Garfunkel song of the same name.
8. Her childhood nickname was coquí after the tiny frogs with the disproportionately loud voices in Puerto Rico.
9. Cecilia likes co-operative games that are vaguely cartoonish including Super Smash Bros., Mario Kart, DDR & Crash Bandicoot.
10. In high-school she worked for a Greek grocer named Stavropaulos which is why Greek is her favourite type of cuisine.
11. Cecilia was born at her parent's home (read: shack) in La Perla, San Juan.
12. Although Cecilia is bi-racial (hispanic & black) and is proud of her mixed heritage she ultimately self-identifies as black.
13. Cecilia is fond of board games and is particularly skilled at 'Operation.'
14. She has an excellent sense of rhythm and dances well.
15. Cecilia was born left-handed but she uses her right exclusively now because her mother forced her to write with the right hand when she was little.
16. Her favourite flower is the hibiscus.
17. She'd never admit it but Cecilia is somewhat superstitious and still vaguely believes in spirits and 'the evil eye.'
18. While Cecilia isn't a practicing Catholic anymore she still retains some traditions associated with it and doesn't entirely disbelieve in a higher power.
19. She has an IQ of 145 making her 'highly gifted' though she doesn't know this as she's never seen the results of the test.
20. Cecilia earned a scholarship from Columbia U. before coming to Xavier U. but she had to turn down the position for financial reasons.
21. Cecilia loves 'hard' sci-fi books such as 'The Chrysalids', 'Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep' & '1984.'
22. Her favourite movie is 'Akira.'
23. Cecilia likes rock & rap/hip-hop music the most.
24. Out of all the hairstyles she has tried (including cornrows, dreadlocks and a very regretted weave) she likes the afro the best.
25. She knows how to spear-fish.
26. Cecilia wanted to be a scientist when she was young, now she wants to be a trauma surgeon.
27. She has little appreciation for modern art - she just doesn't see how a bunch of paint splatters is an accomplishment.
28. Prom was a truly regrettable experience for Cecilia and if she could do it all over again she would've ditched her date at the burrito stand.
29. She talks in her sleep and occasionally suffers from night terrors
30. Although she can be jaded at times, Cecilia is actually surprisingly idealistic, she truly believes she can change the world for the better.
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Re: 30 Fun Facts...

Post by PanicSwitch » Sat Jul 06, 2013 6:21 pm

Walt's 30 Fun Facts

1) Walt says he's from Edmonton but he really only lived in the city proper for two years while he was in a group home - he was raised in a small town thirty minutes outside of it called Beaumont, which was originally a French farming community - he just doesn't say that because nobody's ever heard of it and it'd take too long to explain.
2) He can speak Polish, English and a very small amount of Canadian-French. He can also understand - but not speak, read or write - Ukrainian. He also retains some random phrases from Hebrew school.
3) Walt's father was born in Poland and emigrated with his parents as a teenager while his mother is a third-generation Ukrainian-Canadian. Both of his parents, however, are Jewish.
4) His parents met at a roller derby…don't even ask.
5) Walt's paternal grandparents and great-aunt are all survivors of the Holocaust. His grandfather is a survivor of Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen, his grandmother was hidden by a gentile family and his great-aunt avoided the camps by joining a partisan group. The rest of their families didn't make it.
6) His favourite sport is ice hockey, he's played in some local team in some capacity from age six until he was nearly sixteen.
7) His favourite hockey team is not the Edmonton Oilers though, funnily enough, nor is it the Calgary Flames. It's actually the Vancouver Canucks.
8) Walt is pretty athletic overall, besides hockey he's also a pretty avid skier and has played most team sports for at least one season while he was growing up.
9) Walt is one of those sick Canadians that actually like snow - which is probably a good thing since Alberta gets a lot of it every year.
10) Wolves are his favourite animal.
11) He loves camping and pretty much everything related to it including long hikes, canoeing, fishing and roasting marshmallows by the fire. He used to spend a few weeks every summer in Banff National Park with his family and has many fond memories connected to the place.
12) Unfortunately, he manifested at the same park…so those memories are somewhat overshadowed by that experience.
13) Walt is a Reform Jew, which means he believes that Jewish traditions should be modernized and compatible with participation in the surrounding culture. In other words, while his religion is very important to him, he doesn't believe in isolating himself, excluding or imposing his traditions on others.
14) He is terrified of needles and gets very tense if he ever has to have one.
15) Whenever someone asked Walt what he wanted to be when he was grown up when he was young he'd tell them he wanted to be taller.
16) Now he tells them he wants to be a mechanical engineer because now he actually knows what he wants to do with his life and nobody likes a smart-aleck, even if they were only being one by accident.
17) Walt has had one girlfriend, they dated less than a month before she went back to her ex and he didn't even get to second base before they broke up, much to his disappointment.
18) He cannot dance - at all.
19) He can play the guitar though and sings well, though he doesn't do it very often.
20) Walt has suffered from a slight speech impediment since childhood and while he has mostly outgrown it over the years it still reappears whenever he's feeling nervous - unfortunately this tends to happen around girls.
21) Unfortunately for him, he also tends to be friend-zoned, mistaken for gay or overlooked as a "nice guy." Making dating a rather sore subject for him.
22) Walt wasn't bullied per se when he was growing up as he pretty non-offensive and as a result he sort of faded into the background. That being said, he did have one really bad experience in his first group home that ended in a major ass-kicking.
23) Luckily he can hit pretty hard and does know a thing or two about fighting - you don't grow up with two older brothers without learning to defend yourself.
24) Walt likes to take things apart to see how they work and he's rather handy with tools.
25) He is a dog person.
26) Sadly, most animals are wary of him now - he can only assume because they can smell his other form and register it as another animal.
27) His favourite food is pierogis.
28) He is fond of Western movies - including 'True Grit' and '3:10 to Yuma.'
29) Other the other hand he despises musicals, which make him feel uncomfortable.
30) Nothing makes Walt more crazy than being called an animal and he will protest this statement with every fibre of his being.
Magneto: "That was really Xorn's twin brother possessed by the sentient mould, Sublime, pretending to be me, pretending to be Xorn."
Beast: "That defies all logic."
Magneto: "Ohhh like none of you have ever died before!"
-Death Becomes Them, Floating Hands Studios

The Thing: "Didn't they come up with a cure for your kind?"
Wolverine: "You gotta problem with mutants?"
The Thing: "I meant Canadians."
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