Semi-temporary Rule Changes

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Semi-temporary Rule Changes

Post by Svartfreja » Sun May 31, 2015 9:56 pm

Hello scrawlers!

Us folks in the planner team have been having some discussions. We are only a small playerbase now, as you're all aware, so we've been looking at various ways to address this.

These things have been in the works for some amount of time now that none of us are entirely clear on and we meant to write up a thing but real life got in the way. However, now that things have settled down, we can get this all in a place that everyone can refer back to :)

Our first thing was to temporarily suspend the rules on playing multiple characters in instances. This is not everyone's cup of tea as it can get complicated, particularly in group instances, but some events are just better with more people. With this in mind, players are allowed to play multiple characters in instances - not just NPCs. Obviously we're relying on player discretion for this - don't go nuts - but we know you're all grownups and can be trusted to make sensible decisions :)

The second thing we decided to do was to create a new class of NPC which we have dubbed the 'super-NPC'. These NPCs can be swapped with a character that you already play and take their place in your character roster. The character that you have swapped them with become the NPC for as long as you want to focus on your super-NPC's storyline and you can swap people in and out of that role as needed, effectively giving you a fourth character slot. Just remember that the character swapped into the NPC role should be played as an NPC - that is, as needed, to further someone else's plot but not in excess.

If there are any queries regarding either of these changes, please don't hesitate to pm one of us and we'll endeavour to make something up that sounds convincing to help you!

Big love from the planner team!
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