Class and Staff List Draft

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Class and Staff List Draft

Post by Svartfreja » Wed Jun 17, 2015 12:36 am

Okay I've done what I can on my own, please have a look down this list and see if there are any classes you think I've missed/you think your NPC could teach or if you think an NPC you play has been assigned to the WRONG class. Thanks! (Yes, I know it's long, it took me the better part of three hours!)

EDIT: Edited in corrections for HannaH and changed some of the layout. The unbolded classes still need teachers, should make them easier to spot :)



Advanced Mutant Physiology --- Dr McCoy
Advertising and Marketing --- Professor Amaquelin
19th Century American Literature --- Professor Maximoff
Anthropology --- Danger
Archaeology --- Professor Lensherr

Art and Design --- Professor Nord
Art History --- Professor Nord
Biochemistry --- Dr McCoy
Business --- Professor Shaw
Computer Sciences --- Professor Shaw

Chemistry --- Professor Grant
Chemical Engineering --- Professor Grant
Child Development --- Dr Guthrie
Dance --- Dr Guthrie

Economics --- Professor Farouk
Engineering --- Professor Shaw
English --- Professor Maximoff
Ethics --- Professor Munroe

European History and Cultural Studies
Fashion Design
Field Medicine and First Aid --- Dr O'Caoimh and Dr Guthrie
Fine Art --- Professor Maximoff
French --- Professor St Croix

Genetics --- Dr Maximoff
Geography --- Professor Munroe
Gym --- Lt Col Danvers and Rogue
Graphic Design --- Professor Amaquelin

History --- Professor Lensherr
Introduction to Movement: Classical to Present
Instrumental Music --- Professor Maximoff
Journalism/Broadcasting --- Professor Amaquelin

Language and Linguistics --- Professor St Croix
Law --- Lt Col Danvers
Mathematics --- Professor Drake
Military and Strategic Studies --- Professor Lensherr and Lt Col Danvers
Musical Theatre

Mutant Citizenship --- Dr O'Caoimh
Organisational Behaviour and Leadership --- Professor Munroe
Photography --- Professor Kincaid
Philosophy --- Dr O'Caoimh
Physical Health - Professor Grant

Political Science --- Lt Col Danvers
Psychic Defense --- Professor St Croix
Psychology --- Danger
Remedial Mathematics --- Dr Guthrie
Robotics --- Professor Shaw and Professor Maximoff

Russian --- Dr Maximoff
Russian Literature --- Dr Maximoff
Setting/Achieving Goals and other Life Management Skills --- Professor Kincaid
Statistics --- Professor Farouk
Swimming and Diving --- Professor Grant

Theology --- Dr O'Caoimh
Utopian Societies --- Professor Munroe
Western Civilisation --- Professor Lensherr
Women's Studies --- Professor Munroe


Peer Counselling --- Professor Kincaid
Powers Counselling --- Rogue, Professor Maximoff and Hope Stark

Film Club --- Professor Kincaid
Archery club --- Clint Barton
Cooking Basics --- Jessica Shaw
Horticulture --- Professor Munroe and Professor Maximoff


Staff List
Lt Col Carol Danvers --- Freja --- SHIELD Liason
Prof Erik Lensherr --- Starfish --- Headmaster
Danger --- Starfish --- AI
Dr Anna O'Caoimh --- Freja --- Trauma Surgeon
Dr Henry McCoy --- Slarti and Starfish --- Doctor, Mutant Biology Specialist
Prof Amahl Farouk --- Freak
Prof Cessily Kincaid --- Star --- Counsellor
Prof Christopher Nord --- Jackskulls
Prof Crystal Amaquelin --- HannaH
Prof Greer Grant --- Freja --- Agent of SHIELD
Dr Illyana Maximoff --- HannaH
Prof Monet St Croix --- Esynthia
Prof Ororo Munroe --- Freja and Starfish
Dr Paige Guthrie --- HannaH
Prof Pietro Maximoff --- Freja
Prof Robert Drake --- Slarti --- Agent of SHIELD
Rogue --- Esynthia
Prof Sebastian Shaw --- Slarti
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Re: Class and Staff List Draft

Post by TechPrincess » Wed Jun 17, 2015 1:07 am

Should be Dr. Guthrie.

Dr. Illyana Maximoff - Russian, Russian Literature, and Genetics
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