Fic - A Telepathier Telepath

Timelined fic featuring the survivors of the university years and their new adventures.
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Fic - A Telepathier Telepath

Post by Slarti » Wed Sep 23, 2020 9:25 pm

Timelined the morning after Idiots in Love – Again.

Jean watched the shiny dark green car until it turned onto the street, then smiled to herself and checked her purse. She really, really needed to go home and shower, but there were way too many text messages on her phone for her to just peace out. Unfortunately.

“TTYL” and all the pink heart emojis in the world weren't gonna get her out of talking to Redd this morning.

She turned to the door and took one step – in her emergency ballet flats, since her strappy heels were dangling from a finger – then screamed and dropped them. Redd was glaring at her from the other side of the glass door.

Redd had been prepared to be really pissed today, but the show she'd just seen in the parking lot with the shady guy from yesterday had replaced her anger with the itch for gossip fodder. Then, her flailing boss made laugh her ass off.

Once Jean recovered her heels, if not her dignity, Redd opened the door. “Okay, bitch, spill!”

“Oh my God! Let me get inside first!” she hissed, giving her assistant, friend, and sometimes fuck-buddy a look as she edged by and scampered behind the counter to drop her bag, shoes and hopelessly wrinkled suit jacket.

Redd waited impatiently as she walked to the counter and pulled up one of their tall chairs, watching her friend remove her oversized sunglasses. “Jesus, Jean, I thought you'd been kidnapped!”

Jean's head snapped up at that. Her mouth fell open. “Kidnapped?!” She was both personally insulted and offended on Jamie's behalf. “You know that, like, it'd be almost impossible for me to be kidnapped, right?”

“Yeah yeah, but he was kind of weird and seemed really into mutants.” She reached across the counter and gave her a shove. “And some bitch wouldn't answer my texts!”

“I was busy!”

Redd laughed, looking her over - no makeup, poorly hidden just-been-fucked hair. “Uhuh,” she snickered, “I bet you were. You are really lucky I didn't take photographic evidence of this walk of shame because the hilarity is real!”

Jean tugged at the collar of Jamie's shirt, adjusting it across her shoulders. If she'd had a belt, she could have turned it into a dress. “I'd have to be ashamed for it to be a walk of,” she sniffed.

“You both looked like dead fish when you saw each other. So, the tea, bitch!”

“He's m-my ex.” Her stomach did a flip as she reminded herself he was her ex-ex now.

“Your ex!” Redd howled with laughter until she saw the other woman's mushy expression. “Nooo, your ex?” She reached for her coffee cup, needing a moment. “Like, the ex?”

Jean nodded, floating herself onto the table behind the counter to cross her legs. “Yeah, that one. We went to school together.” Her nose wrinkled and she picked at her nails, thinking she should file them, for Jamie's sake. “Not Bard, the other one... the one that, um, blew up.”

“So he's a mutant, too,” she mused, now really wondering what he'd been fishing for, and why? “Like you?” Redd waved at the floating trick.

“Nooo, not like me. His powers are – different.” Jean gave her a smirk.

Her head tilted. “Oh yeah, what are they?”

“If he wants you to know, believe me, you will,” she laughed.

Redd watched Jean with narrowed eyes, recalling her own brief interaction with the guy. “Wait, I thought the ex was named Jamie. This guy said his name is John.”

She shrugged. “I say my name is Maddy Pyre,” she said, drawing out her assumed name with a flourish.

Redd just accepted that with a shrug. She'd learned from experience that mutants led some ridiculously complicated lives. After a moment, she smirked. “So I guess you're back on guys now, huh?”

“Huh?” Jean looked up from inspecting the buttons on his shirt while pretending she wasn't trying to sniff it. “I was never off guys... it was just... hard-”

“Yeah, that's how they work.” Redd deadpanned.

“Difficult,” she amended with a glare. She'd always ended up making comparisons, and that wasn't fair. To anyone. Jean's expression softened and she smiled to herself. “But we're going to try again, and I really, really want it to work, sooo...” Her face scrunched and she made an elaborate gesture between them.

Redd snorted. “Yeah, I figured that much,” she said dryly, then smiled a little, sitting back in the tall chair and crossing her legs.

The silence in the small shop extended.

Jean tried not to snoop around in people's heads uninvited anymore, but she couldn't help but check Redd's surface thoughts. She didn't want the younger woman to be pissed, or upset, or vengeful. Yikes. A quick scan and she sighed in relief, smoothing down her rumpled skirt beneath Jamie's shirt. They'd have to find her corset later. It was under his bed, somewhere.

“Soooo,” Redd said into the quiet, her tone playful as she leaned forward, ready to dish. “He's hot, if you're into that kind of thing.”

“Yeah he is!” She gave Redd a bright grin and thought about this, grabbing the edge of the table and uncrossing her legs to swing them. “And he knows it now, which is... like, even hotter.”

Redd laughed. “He didn't know before? No mirrors where he's from?”

Oops, overshare. That made Jean's nose wrinkle. She did not want to get into their sordid history with Redd. “Um. He grew up kind of sheltered.” Understatement. Jean put on a grin. “He's from Kansas,” she said by way of explanation.

“Oh, well then. My condolences to you both,” Redd said, shaking her head.

“So, we're going to see each other again later, but he's gotta work today, and I should too, but first...” Jean waved her hand over herself. “I should go home.”

“Yes. Please. Also, ew,” Redd chuckled, taking a sip of her coffee. “What does he do?”

As she debated how much to tell her assistant about her not-ex-boyfriend, she made a realization. Jean stared at a jar of infused gummies as she processed it.

“He's, um, self-employed,” she absently replied. She hadn't re-linked their minds, at least for nothing beyond the fantastic make-up sex and its encores, but she knew where he was.

Like, right now. He was sitting at the police station. Waiting. Bored. She could probably find him on a map. Weird. It didn't feel the same as their old, unintentionally formed link created by Cerebro. She didn't think he knew she was there. Sort of there.

Even when she'd run away four years ago and closed off their link - thinking he was better off without her - she'd sort of... checked in. She'd focus enough to make sure he seemed okay, beyond the hurt and anger, then GTFO. Even if he hated her, knowing he was alive and well was enough. She'd made it enough.

Eventually, it'd hurt too much to check, so she stopped. It was time to let go, like the therapist told her. She knew – was absolutely certain – that if anything serious happened to him, she'd feel it. If that ever happened, then she'd deal with it, but until then?

As he'd said yesterday, life moved on. Also yesterday, she'd known something was up from the minute he arrived in the shop, she just didn't know what. Telepathy was so weird.

“...'re doing some kind of weird mind fucking with him, do it at home.”

“Huh?” Jean jumped out of her thoughts and stared at Redd with wide eyes. “What? Ew, no!” Actually, that was a great idea, but just not now. Focus. “Sorry, I was thinking.”

Redd shook her head and slid off the chair. “Well, don't hurt yourself. I gotta go unpack that shipment. See you later, bitch.”

Jean was too distracted to return fire, so by the time she came up with an insult Redd was opening a box. In a daze, Jean gathered her stuff and found her car keys. She really needed to find another telepath to ask about this stuff. A telepathier telepath. Too bad they were all dead, or in a coma.

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Re: Fic - A Telepathier Telepath

Post by Esynthia » Wed Sep 30, 2020 6:34 pm

"weird kind of mind fucking" indeed. brown chicken brown cooooow.

Loved this, slarts ^_^ So great to have Jean back.

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