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Fic - Jamie's Death Journal

Posted: Sat Oct 10, 2020 7:06 pm
by Esynthia
This is a journal that Jamie has written in since he was rescued from the Galactus Cult in 2016 and will continue to write in until he remembers all of the way he was killed there. When you open the front, it has ways he has died. When you turn it upside down and flip it over, it has ways he has not died. He has remembered around 40-50 deaths so far but knows there are more. As he said in the issue Seven Year Ick to Jean, "I feel like the best way for me to heal fully is to be able to mourn the bits of my soul that died when I did. ...The other mes... My dupes.. Who are me... You know what I mean. They need to be grieved and respected like I would be if it had been me, Jamie Prime." and "I haven't remembered them all yet, Jeannie. I know I haven't. And I don't think the nightmares will stop until I do. It's like a subconscious reminder to myself not to forget my deaths. I need to honor them."

Ways I Died:
  • Decapitated
  • Jugular bit clean through by a human
  • Heart attack after eyes gouged out and face eaten off
  • Lethal injection
  • Electrocution
  • Spit/rotisserie cooked
  • Burned alive (countless times)
  • Autopsy while alive (Seeing my own heart was WEIRD)
  • Taxidermied alive
  • Hanged on meathooks while alive. Drugged. Frozen. Pieces chopped off until nothing usable left. (At least twelve of me)
  • Stabbed in the heart, sliced throat
  • Engulfed in a column of flames and suffocated from smoke
  • Stabbed in the chest multiple times
  • Slashed carotid (probably three or four mes)
  • Snapped neck (frustratingly only two. Least painful deaths)
  • Bashed in head (Around five dupes)
  • Gas chamber


Ways I Didn't Die:
  • Suffocation with a pillow
  • Strangled
  • Old Age
  • Broken back
  • Internal injuries (although, I probably could have if they'd left me alone after some of the things they did)
  • In my sleep
  • Bullet to the head
  • Frozen in carbonite
  • Snu Snu (would have been fun, though...)
  • Plain ol' bleeding out
  • Starvation (Not enough meat on me if they did that)
  • Dehydration (I guess I wouldn't have tasted good not-moist?)
  • Zombie bite (But then I could've eaten them instead! HA!)
  • Deli sliced
  • Mummified
  • Sawed in half with an electrified chainsaw (Those so don't exist. Stupid imagination.)