Fic - Family Matters

Timelined fic featuring the survivors of the university years and their new adventures.
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Fic - Family Matters

Post by Slarti » Tue Nov 17, 2020 6:59 am

Timelined the morning after Not Haunted, Shit Happens, and Put the Ring on It.

Jean took her time waking up. She hadn't spent a single night at her own apartment since the incident with Daken. After that first night of desperately erasing that little shit and his horny fumes - and her own fears - from her mind, staying with Jamie had zero to do with Daken. She just loved waking up with him every morning.

His body curled around hers, arm draped loosely over her, his hand on her wrist. The early morning sunlight filtering through the window gave his somewhat gloomy room a golden glow. He was still asleep, his breath stirring her hair, and she closed her eyes to savor the feel of his calm mind. It was warm and comfortable and it'd be so easy to drift back off to sleep.

Unfortunately, she had to pee.

Jean untangled herself, moving slowly so she didn't wake him, but she didn't need to worry. Jamie grumbled and shifted, but quickly grabbed her pillow and smashed his face into it. She got to her feet and took a moment to wonder how he could breathe. The very thought must have reminded him of the necessity since he immediately turned his head with a snort. Jean stifled a giggle and brushed back his crazy hair before padding to the bathroom.

Moments later, Jean found the shirt she'd peeled off Jamie last night and slipped it on, grabbing her phone from the nightstand. She'd turned it off after her last text to her mother the day before. They'd had a fun night of pizza and plumbing with Beth after the rocky start to the project and Jean didn't want her family drama to ruin it.

Floating up the stairs to check on her kitties, she found them both curled up in a windowsill and joined them, folding her legs and perching on some old furniture. Her peaceful morning ended when she powered on her phone and the notifications rolled in. Holy fuck. Guess they'd struck a nerve?

She scrolled through the torrent of texts and missed calls. Her mom, her dad – even her sister. Jean sighed and decided to cut to the chase, calling her mother back.

“It's about time,” Elaine Grey said, and Jean made a face, realizing where she got her own bitch voice. “You couldn't even take five minutes to call us back?”

Jean blinked. “Well considering how our last conversation went...”

“Well, Jean, what did you think would happen? First we see you on the news – and why you wouldn't tell us-”

“Um,” she interjected. “Because of this? The, like, overreaction and guilting?” Conversations with her parents always went in circles about how it wasn't too late to have a respectable career. She should think about her future and give up drug dealing to come home and get her master's degree. Jean rolled her eyes. Whatevs.

“We're concerned, Jean,” her mother said. “First the X-Men, now this? Did that James talk you into this... this publicity stunt?”

“Jamie,” she corrected. “We found out about President Stark's plans for the X-Men at the same time, so no, and he's not even involved in it. He has his own business to run.”

“Jean, when you came home from Boston you wanted nothing to do with the X-Men or that young man ever again.”

“The X-Men at the school, yeah... but this is different.” Jean looked toward the stairs, sensing Jamie still peacefully asleep. She smiled to herself and dampened their link so he could stay that way. “But that's not true about Jamie. It never was. I just thought he-” She cut herself off and went to their new go-to explanation with a sigh. “It was an epic misunderstanding.”

“Jean, that had to be more than a misunderstanding...”

She never told her parents the cause of their breakup. They didn't know their notoriously adventurous daughter had a boyfriend until she'd turned up at their door after years of radio silence, alone and heartbroken. The news that not only had she spent years with the same young man, had shared a telepathic bond with him, and had considered marrying him came as a shocker.

“It really wasn't.” Jean watched Dupero licking Figaro. “Just – look, it's hard to explain, and you wouldn't understand it if I tried.” Which she would not. Like, ever.

“You don't know that! We were your age once-”

Jean cut her mother off with a laugh just this edge of hysterical. “My age, yeah, but neither of you are mutants!”

She could just imagine how a conversation about her life experience as a mutant would go. Mom, dad, I did a whole bunch of drugs at mutant school and fucked a telepathic cannibal who then kidnapped and ate the boy I loved. So, he died, but he didn't die-die 'cause he can make copies of himself and it was his copies who died. But theeeen I didn't have the guts to tell him about said telepathic cannibal – who, btw, had a pink mohawk! - for three years and he was just a liiiiittle bit peeved when he found out. Whoops. Yeah, no.

“And you and Jamie are, and that makes all the difference?” Her mother's tone was flat.

“Actually, yes.” She sniffed, brushing her hand over her nose. This was hopeless. It always was with them. “Mom, you know how much I missed him. We worked it out. We're happy. Why-” her voice started to crack and Jean paused to swallow, closing her eyes. “Why can't you just be happy for me?”

When her mother didn't respond, Jean cleared her throat and pressed on. “Okay, even if you're not? Too bad. He's part of my life, from now on.”

The silence extended, then: “I swear I've seen him on television.”

Ugh! She made a frustrated noise in the back of her throat but went with the change of topic. “You've just seen pictures of him. Remember? I had his high school senior portrait. The little framed one? He was in a suit. And there was a bigger one of us together in Washington D.C.”

“I remember the pictures,” she said, voice thoughtful. “Those and the ones on your phone. I swear though, he looks like the leading man on-”

Jean cut her off with a noise, rubbing her forehead. “He's a private investigator, mom, so he's not on TV.”

“Oh?” Now she sounded interested. “Does he work with the police?”

“Sometimes, yeah.” Jean drew in a deep breath and blew it out. Calm. “He handles stuff the cops don't have a lot of experience with.”

“Oh, you mean because he's a mutant?”

Jean couldn't decide if her mother was mocking her now or not. “Yeah, and because he's trained for it.” She licked her lips and tried to steer them back on topic. “Anyway, I want you and dad to meet him. We're taking things slow...ish, but we're committed. I don't want to lose any more time with him.”

“I can look at our schedules,” Elaine said, the phone moving as she shuffled papers in her search for a calendar. “Semester is nearly over, and if we don't have any late finals, perhaps we can come to Boston for a few days. Or, if you'd like to come here, of course you're welcome. You and your... fiancé?”

“Um. Not quite. Not yet, anyway, but... eventually, yes.” Jean looked back toward the stairs.

“Well then,” her mother said. “We'd be happy to meet our not-quite future son-in-law.”

Jean blew out a relieved breath. Holy shit. Maybe this was gonna work out okay! “Thanks, mom.”

“You're welcome, Jean Anne.” Jean could not see Elaine Grey's smirk. “We'll have to have a little chat then about when we can expect grandchildren.”

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Re: Fic - Family Matters

Post by Esynthia » Tue Nov 17, 2020 7:23 am

This entire thing was perfect from start to finish. Roller coaster of the best kind! Although, Jamie choked at the last comment and is now afraid to meet the parents. :shifty

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