2/6 Issue: Prickly

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2/6 Issue: Prickly

Post by Svartfreja » Sun Feb 07, 2021 1:20 am

Timelined for a day or so after [Issue]Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

<Shinobi> Obi saluted the security camera he saw, wondering if anyone ever monitored it. He opened the front door and started for Carol's office, his dress shoes tapping on the tiles. Before he even got there he could tell it was empty. Great. Hide and seek time?

<Carol> Carol got a notification on her phone and put her coffee down to check it. Visitor! She got up from her seat on the sofa in her room and headed for the stairs to go say hi.

<Shinobi> He heard footsteps upstairs and started that way to meet them. "Hey, Carol!"

<Carol> She smiled, "Hey! I saw you come in," she gestured him up the stairs as she turned to head back up herself, "I'm playing hookey today."

<Shinobi> "Oh, so you do watch the cameras!" Obi took the stairs two at a time, catching up to her quickly. "Wish I could have done that."

<Carol> "I get notifications on my phone," she confessed with a small grin, "SHIELD have a lot of tech that makes you lazy."

<Shinobi> "Also saves on security guards," he laughed, falling into step with her.

<Carol> "Pfft they don't need those. They have me."

<Shinobi> "True. And who else is living here now?"

<Carol> "Rogue is here on and off... and Cess has moved in... Beth is half here..." she opened the door to her room and stepped inside.

<Shinobi> "Girls club, huh?" He took a look around at the nerdery in her room, a smirk firmly in place on his face.

<Carol> "Yeah there's a distinct lack of guys on our team... not sure if Bobby counts." She flopped back onto her sofa, "Help yourself to coffee... or make fresh coffee because apparently I don't drink coffee anymore."

<Shinobi> "....you don't drink coffee anymore? Well now I know you're not really Carol? Is she in a pod in the basement?"

<Carol> She laughed, "Bobby told me my coffee resembles something they use on roads."

<Shinobi> "Tar? Adds flavor, doesn't it?" Obi laughed and took a seat on her sofa beside her, sliding down into the squishy padding.

<Carol> "Gotta be better than sand..." she agreed with a small grin.

<Shinobi> "At least for your teeth." He flashed his own Shaw choppers in response.

<Carol> "Probably," she nodded, "But I'm pretty sure my teeth are as indestructible as the rest of me..."

<Shinobi> "Yeah, that would be handy for lots of things," he nodded, letting his head flop back onto the cushion.

<Carol> "Mostly just biting things... unless you mean the indestructible in general thing... but you can kinda do that...."

<Shinobi> "It's not automatic. I would have to know something is coming to change density." Obi rolled his head to the side and smirked. "Contrary to popular belief, it's not fun to be hard all the time."

<Carol> She almost inhaled coffee before she laughed and gave him a shove.

<Shinobi> Obi grinned and laughed, nearly phasing at the shove, but... eh, effort. "Ow."

<Carol> "Baby," she teased, giving him another shove.

<Shinobi> "Technically, test tube baby." He rocked with the shove and kicked his feet up on her table.

<Carol> For that terrible joke, she smacked his shoulder. "So what have you been up to all day before we start competing over who has the worst backstory?"

<Shinobi> "Well, were you raised by Nathaniel Essex?" Obi grinned and dropped it, running his hand through his hair. He'd left his suit jacket in the car and now took the time to unbutton his collar and loosen his tie. "Just court. Starks and litigation, y'know. They love each other."

<Carol> "The blue critter didn't get out, right?"

<Shinobi> "Not yet." He gave her a light shudder.

<Carol> "Good. That scenario haunts my dreams..." She would totally go sit on the moon til that one was resolved.

<Shinobi> "That thing creeps me out. Tony and Hope like messing with it though. I guess they're bonding?" He shook his head and laughed, whipping off his tie and tossing it at her.

<Carol> She flailed at the silk-snake attack rolling the tie up when she caught it and putting it on the table. "I don't know whether I'm happy for them or terrified...."

<Shinobi> "Definitely terrified." Obi removed his cufflinks and flipped them onto the table by his tie, rolling up his sleeves.

<Carol> Carol watched him, wondering if he was done taking things off now. "You got a bunker to hide out in when they blow something up?"

<Shinobi> "There's a reason I don't go to R&D." He slid further down in the sofa, making himself comfortable.

<Carol> "It's not because David throws m&ms at you?"

<Shinobi> "That's a terrible waste of chocolate."

<Carol> "This is true..." She nodded, "But at least it'll give Hope's dumbass robot a job to do..."

<Shinobi> "That might be the primary motivation for him to flick them around. That and to annoy Hope, which we all live to do, right?"

<Carol> "I feel like we wouldn't live very long if we pushed that too far..." She leaned to set her coffee down, mindful of the tie. There was no getting that stain out if she spilled.

<Shinobi> "Yeah, well..." He sighed and shook his head, rolling it sideways again to look at Carol. "So, what've you been up to?"

<Carol> "Not much... drinking too much coffee and answering emails mostly... well and there was that time I kindasorta maybe got a new power...."

<Shinobi> "Coffee, yeah, emails... I hear you..." Obi blinked and focused on her face. "What? How is that a kind of sort of maybe?"

<Carol> "Because I'm still not convinced it was me and I nearly passed out..."

<Shinobi> "Okay, what happened?" He sat up a little, shifting to face her with one leg on the seat between them.

<Carol> She sighed, settling back against the sofa and turning her head to look at him, "Bobby was here with Ripley... she was all bored so she went to explore and I guess she decided she didn't want to walk down all the stairs because that's also boring... anyway, she fell.... cut her head open... much screaming..."

<Shinobi> "Ouch. Was she seriously hurt?" He got along well enough with Drake after all these years, and his daughter was entertainingly sassy.

<Carol> "She bled a lot... and screamed... did I mention the screaming?" She pushed a hand through her hair, "I was closest so I got to her first... did that applying pressure thing... there was lots of worrying from Bobby and Rogue and, next thing you know, no more head wound and I need to sit down..."

<Shinobi> "...and she doesn't heal? She's got the magnetic powers, right?" Obi frowned, trying to remember. He was pretty sure her mother had decked him once, but those memories were fuzzy.

<Carol> Carol nodded, "Apparently... No healing to their knowledge... Rogue offered to check my powers but... still frequently a little weird about that...."

<Shinobi> "I would imagine. Do you have any other way to test them?"

<Carol> She shook her head then frowned, "Well... I could go visit Hope, I guess. She'd know."

<Shinobi> "If you want. She's always busy, but I can bully her into making some time to help out."

<Carol> "Five minutes... not even," she assured him, "She doesn't even have to go anywhere."

<Shinobi> "Mmm, sounds like date night." He nodded slowly, then realized he probably shouldn't have said that.

<Carol> Carol raised an eyebrow, turning on the sofa to look at him and resting her elbow on the back of it. "She still forgetting to work regular hours?"

<Shinobi> "Oh, it's regularly about twenty hours a day, I'd say." He sighed and let his head tip sideways to rest against the sofa again.

<Carol> "I'm sorry..." She stuck her lower lip out at him in solidarity. "Gotta get her a distraction... you thought about a puppy?"

<Shinobi> "...she might turn it into a cyborg." He raised both eyebrows in consideration of this.

<Carol> ".... Turtle?" she offered instead.

<Shinobi> "....ninja cyborg." Obi just nodded.

<Carol> "Goldfish?"

<Shinobi> Obi started to laugh. "Maybe we could start with a cactus."

<Carol> Carol laughed, "It does seem to go with her personality..."

<Shinobi> "See, perfect."

<Carol> "If we get attacked by carnivorus plants I'm blaming you..."

<Shinobi> "That's fair." Obi chuckled and stifled a yawn, stretching since he'd made himself at home.

<Carol> "Am I boring you or did you skip your nap today?"

<Shinobi> His nose scrunched as he yawned and he held up two fingers. "That second one. I was running late this morning leaving New York and then court was... court."

<Carol> Carol chewed her lip for a moment in indecision, "You can take a nap here if you want...?"

<Shinobi> "Fuck, don't tempt me," he chuckled, rubbing his eyes in an effort to wake himself up.

<Carol> "I'm serious... take a nap. You shouldn't be driving if you're falling asleep anyway - it's not safe."

<Shinobi> That made Obi snort. "Yes, mom." He watched her for a moment and licked his lips. "You're serious?"

<Carol> She nodded, "I can find something to do for a while and wake you up in a couple of hours or so..." She got up from the sofa and offered him a hand up.

<Shinobi> "I could just kick back here for a while..."

<Carol> "Not comfortable. Trust me." She wiggled her fingers at him as a hint, "Or are you afraid you'll become a nerd by osmosis?"

<Shinobi> "Girl cooties, ew," he chuckled, taking her hand but pulling himself up. "Nerdy girl at that." Once at his full height he looked down at her with a grin.

<Carol> "This nerdy girl can kick your ass so watch your smart mouth," she replied with a grin of her own before leading the way to the bedroom and opening the door, "Brace yourself..." she joked. "You think it's bad out here."

<Shinobi> He covered his heart with his hand. "Braced," he snickered, but blinked when he followed her into the bedroom. "Wow... not enough."

<Carol> She laughed, "I tried to warn you!" She gestured to the bed, "All yours. Sheets are clean. How long do you want?"

<Shinobi> "I dunno." He looked at his smartwatch, making a face. "An hour? Not like I'm in a rush to get back to an empty house though."

<Carol> "An hour it is," she gave him a small smile, "Want me to order some dinner for when you wake up?"

<Shinobi> "Careful there. If you take too good of care of me you'll never get me to leave." He smirked, glancing over the Star Wars posters and memorabilia.

<Carol> "Stay as long as you want," she replied before really thinking about what she was saying.

<Shinobi> Obi looked back at her with a grin. "Oh yeah?" he laughed.

<Carol> Damnit. She felt her cheeks heat up, "What do you want for dinner?"

<Shinobi> His brow arched at her blush. Interesting. "I'm not picky. Surprise me." Obi put his grin back on and sat on the edge of her bed.

<Carol> "I can manage that," she nodded, "See you in an hour...." she reversed through the doorway.

<Shinobi> "Thanks!" He watched her go, then shook his head and bent to untie his shoes.
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