4/24 Issue: Filed Away

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4/24 Issue: Filed Away

Post by Slarti » Sun Apr 25, 2021 2:25 am

Timelined right after Relationship Advice – Stoner Edition.

Jamie: Jamie drifted Baby to a stop at the curb, turned off the ignition and practically bounced out of the door, heading at a run towards the front of the building. Jeannie! JEANNIE! He threw the door open and skidded to a stop, trying to reorient himself for probably the fiftieth time since they'd reopened the building. This place was so confusing. They should put mall-map kiosk type things in every hallway. FOCUS! "JEEEEAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNIIIIIIIIIIIE!”

Jeannie: Leaving Jess and Beth giggling in Beth's bedroom, she was already halfway down the hall when she heard him crash through the door like a drunk elephant. Loud! I'm here! Give me a sec!

Jeannie: The growing chaos in Jamie's head made it impossible to ignore him and was really, really wearing off her high. Wow.

Jamie: Jamie froze in place and tried to determine if he could triangulate her location from the direction her voice came from in his head. No. Dumbass. He rolled his eyes at himself and started slowly heading in the direction he thought was right. Sorry. I'll think quieter. Stairs! Good! In a verrry soft mental whisper-y voice, he tried again, jeeeeeaaaaannnnniiiiiiiieeeeeeee....

Jeannie: Well that voice made her giggle... and squirm a tad. Beeeeetter, thank you. Now, she could sense where he was and turned for the stairs. A thought occurred. Can you tell where I am?

Jamie: No? Maybe? That made him pause on the stairs and try to 'hear' the direction again. Jamie closed his eyes and frowned, Marco?

Jeannie: Jean had just enough weed still in her system to perk up. Polo! She stopped walking and bounced in place.

Jamie: Jamie barely suppressed a giggle at her excited mental voice. Okay, he could do this. Find the Jeannie. He cracked an eye slowly. No Jean here... He took a slow step up and felt like he was maybe getting warmer, so he took two more. Once he reached the top of the stairs, he looked both ways and pulled his lower lip into his mouth to think. He started to head towards Jean's room, but that felt wrong, so he turned the other direction. Marco?

Jeannie: Okay, this was fun! She wasn't sure he felt the same excitement, but hey. It was educational! Poooooolo.... Jean spun in slow circles in the hallway.

Jamie: Erm... He turned on his heel and faced the other direction, squinting at it to discern if he should change his path. No. No, the other way was definitely right. Jamie turned back around and headed down the hall. Looost. Sooo lost. Big fucking building. Needs maps. FOCUS. Jeannie. Another fork... He felt a slight mental tug in one direction so he headed that way, "Marco?"

Jeannie: Should I start telling you if you're getting warm? She could hear him, if a little way away, but she wasn't gonna use her mere mortal voice! Polo?

Jamie: Um... maybeee...? NO. No, I can do this! He could totally do this! Right? Ugh. His brain was hurting. Jamie pressed the heels of his hands into his eyes to try and push back on the pain. He could do this, dammit. Wait! She could hear his out-loud-voice! So, that meant he was close! Detectiving for the win! He kept moving. "Marcoooo..."

Jeannie: Poooooolo... She grinned as his voice got louder and she crept behind a corner to lurk a bit.

Jamie: Ah ha! She really could hear him! His eyes shifted from wall to wall as he kept moving. "Jeannie...?" Jamie thought he was near her, but couldn't tell, so stopped to 'feel' for her again. Tingles! He hopped around a corner, "Jeannie!" .....No Jeannie. Shit.

Jeannie: So close! Jean smiled fondly to herself when she felt his touch in her mind. She waited for him to get a little closer, muttering to himself both inside and out of his head. She crouched a little. Jean may have wriggled her ass like an excited house cat with a birb. "Yes Jeannie!" She popped out, landing right in front of him.

Jamie: "AAAAHHH!!!" Jamie flailed and fell backwards, landing on his ass. Why had he left his jacket at the office?! The dupe beside him blinked at him dumbly. Neither of them were a fan of being scared like that. A slow grin crept on Prime's face and the dupe followed suit. Before Jean knew what was happening, they each grabbed one of her hands and pulled her between them.

Jeannie: Jean almost felt bad, especially at the looks on both of their stunned faces. She opened her mouth to apologize, stepping forward to offer Prime her hand. Then she saw the grin. Oshit. "Jamie! Jamies!" She went down in a tangle of red hair and limbs.

Jamie: The surround sound cackle echoed in the hallway as both Jamies cuddled into Jean and then each tickled the closest rib. "That's what you get, baby doll!"

Jeannie: She was both weirded out and happy to get the dual cuddles, but then the tickling started. "Oh my God!" She squirmed and squealed.

Jamie: That was super rewarding. Prime quickly sucked in the dupe and pulled the squirming Jean on top of him. "Hey there..."

Jeannie: Jean flailed for another moment, then flopped, letting her head fall to his shoulder. "Heeeeey," she mumbled, a little out of breath and muffled against his shirt.

Jamie: Jamie laughed deep in his chest and smoothed her hair from her face. "That's what you get for making me duplicate. Also, I have a headache now."

Jeannie: The rumble was... nice. Jean wound her arms around him as best as she could and looked up at him from her awkward position. "I can fix your headache. You know that."

Jamie: "You caused the headache, silly goose." He lifted his head to give her a quick peck. Why was he here again? Files! Oh yeah! "Where did you stash them?"

Jeannie: "I figured." She poked out the tip of her tongue. "Which was why I was awesome enough to offer to fix it." She felt his brain shift gears. "They're in my email."

Jamie: E-mail? "Why are they in your e-mail? That's so not a secure thing to do. Physical file is the best way to go. Who came up with this idea? A two-year old?"

Jeannie: Her eyebrow arched and she smirked. "Sebastian Shaw."

Jamie: "............" Jamie pinched the bridge of his nose. Hard. "So, either there's literally nothing useful in it, he encrypted it, or he's dumber than we thought."

Jeannie: "Well..." She dragged the word out and freed a hand to remove his from his poor nose. "Viper gave it to them on some kind of weird holographic interface, so he had to transfer it from that to a less batshit crazy format."

Jamie: "So this is Viper's fault?" He sighed and gave her a frustrated look. "Why am I not surprised?"

Jeannie: Jean reached up and smoothed his hair back as she met his eyes. Focusing for a moment, she tweaked a neuron and relieved his pain. "I guess Sebastian wanted to review the files, because... Viper." Her nose wrinkled. "Jess said they're... reaaaaaaally detailed."

Jamie: "Exactly why they shouldn't be e-mailed!" What was wrong with these people?! Didn't they know the basics of computer safety?! "I need to see them. Pronto."

Jessica: Having heard the muffled yelling and floor impact from the kitchen, Jess has dragged a reluctant Beth with the munchies to investigate. "Jeeeeean? Everything okay?"

Beth: "Oh it's Jamie! Hi Jamie! Jess made the best brownies in the universe! But you can't have them. They're mine."

Jeannie: Jean hadn't even heard them coming, twisting to look up at them. "Hiiiiii." She grinned and wriggled a little against Jamie, because she could.

Jamie: "Oh, it's Beth! Hi, Beth!" Jamie gave a small wave from his spot on the floor and gave Jean a look when he saw that Jess was there too. Coulda warned me about the super-hearing terrorist's kid being here... Aaaand wriggle. Distraction was not helping. "Jeaaan..."

Beth: Beth hugged her plate of delicious brownies protectively. "What brings you here?" she asked Jamie, suspicious of brownie stealing intentions.

Jeannie: She's the one who gave me the files, Jamie. Be nice. She sniffed and gave him another wriggle, then pushed against his chest to sit up and swing her leg off of him.

Jamie: Yeah, but she probably heard everything I said about Mr. Shaw... Aww, she was leaving... Probably for the best. Need to focus on the files, anyway. Sigh. Right, right.

Beth: Beth decided the silence meant he was plotting to steal her brownies. The only safe place for them was in her mouth.

Jessica: "Beth... remember you also need to breathe...."

Jeannie: She probably did, yep. Jean wasn't too worried about Jess' reaction, since they'd dished earlier on all her dirt. She gave Jamie a quick glance to make sure she wasn't leaving him too exposed after all her wriggling. Satisfied, she settled beside him. "I need a brownie."

Jamie: Jamie groaned and sat up. "Soooo......" What the hell was he supposed to do now? Kthxbai out of the hallway?

Jessica: "There's more brownies in the kitchen.... don't think Beth is into sharing..."

Beth: Beth shook her head. "Nope," she said, around a mouth full of brownies,

Jeannie: "Sooooo, you need a brownie, too! Kitchen!" Jean floated to her feet and held out her hand for Jamie with a bright grin.

Jamie: Jamie pursed his lips and narrowed his eyes at his not-fiancee, but took her hand anyway. "Are these regular brownies or adult brownies?"

Jessica: "Regular brownies. Beth already far exceeded her adulting quota for today."

Jeannie: "I haven't!" Jean chucked a tomato at her annoyed man and floated him upright. "Brownies with gummies sound great!"

Jamie: Jamie only flailed a little at the weightless feeling from the tomato, managing to get his feet under him before anyone noticed. Hopefully. "Fruit and chocolate? That seems mean to the brownies."

Jessica: "Eh, I'll allow it. But only because its happy fun time fruit."

Jeannie: "The highest grade of happy fun time fruit!" Jamie probably needed some. Beth's suggestion was sounding good!

Jamie: "But..." Jamie frowned at Jean, then looked longingly over his shoulder towards her room. No winning this one. Not yet. "Fiiiine.... Lead the way to the fun fruit."

Jeannie: Score one for the hot sidekick! Jean grinned up at him and kept his hand, leaning against his arm. "Yay!"

Beth: Beth was happy to return to brownie town. Her own brownie population was dwindling.

Jamie: "Don't get too excited, Jeannie," he pouted down at her. "I've not forgotten what we were talking about. And won't." Jamie looked over at Beth's nearly empty tray. "Are you sure there are some left in the kitchen?"

Jessica: Jess nodded, "I always make waaaay too many. Too used to baking for Miriam's school functions..."

Jeannie: Jean pouted back, shooting a glance at Jess for his too-ominous wording. "I know."

Jamie: "So these weren't already leftovers from something for the munchkin's school?" Jamie nodded in acceptance of Jean's acceptance and gave her hand a squeeze. "Should we hide them from the purple brownie eater?" ...That pun was better left as an inside voice pun.

Jessica: Jess shook her head, "No... Beth wanted brownies so.... I baked."

Jeannie: "Baked Beth wanted baked brownies!" She giggled.

Jamie: "People who are baked always want sweets that are baked. Right? I mean, that's what I've noticed, anyway. Although, I tend to veer towards easily accessible junk foods and fake cheese snacks, so maybe it's not always baked goods. But then, sometimes easily accessible junk foods are prepackaged baked goods, so I guess that applies, too." Rambling is a favorite past time when trying to not think about other things. But not for everyone. Jamie shut his mouth and cleared his throat.

Jeannie: Jean just looked up at Jamie and blinked, then laughed. Boy, she was gonna have fun bringing up Beth's suggestion to him later.

Beth: "Sometimes you need a thing that goes crunch..." Beth made biting movements with her mouth, listening to her teeth clack.

Jamie: Jamie frowned when he was laughed at, but knew she didn't mean any harm, so didn't say anything. Rambling isn't productive. At least, not right now it wouldn't be. He looked over at Beth and blinked, "I hope your teeth don't go crunch..."

Jeannie: "No, but Cheetos do..." Jean managed to stop herself from snickering, but not by much.

Beth: "Mmmmmm cheeeeeeese...."

Jamie: "Oooh. I don't even have to have fun fruit to be excited at the prospect of Cheetos. And anyone who does isn't going to be considered a friend of mine."

Jeannie: They made it to the kitchen, and Jean's bag containing said fun fruit. "See, brownies!" She did her best Vanna White toward the pan.

Jamie: Jamie applauded politely like any good audience member watching Wheel of Fortune should do. "Can I buy a vowel?"

Jessica: "Have a brownie?" Jess suggested, going to pick up her abandoned cup of tea.

Jeannie: "I can give you an 'O'!" she smirked, setting her hand on her hip and looking him over.

Jamie: He happily moved towards the tray to commandeer one of the brownies. "They look and smell delicious, Jess." Jamie let a devious grin crawl up his face as he turned to catch Jean's green eyes with his own. "That's the exact vowel I wanted to get from you. And give to you."

Beth: "Bleargh...."

Jeannie: Jean giggled and added a wriggle for good measure, picking up a large crumb and popping it into her mouth with an exaggerated groan.

Jessica: Jess yelped as her mug exploded, "Elizabeth!"

Beth: Beth pointed at Jean and pouted.

Jamie: Jamie heard Beth behind him and got a mischievous glint in his eye as he looked at Jean. And then a yell happened and he lost his train of thought, whirling to see what was going on. "Whoa!"

Jeannie: Jean jumped. "I didn't do it!"

Beth: "It was your fault!"

Jeannie: "I can't help it that you're repressed!"

Beth: "I'm not repressed!"

Jessica: Well this had taken a turn... Jess glanced at Jamie as she went to get a cloth and a broom to clean up the mess.

Jamie: "I'm sure there's someone out there who wants to give you an 'O' too, Beth."

Beth: "Not helping!" she rolled her eyes.

Jamie: "Well of course I'm not going to be the one helping. Maybe I could find someone, though."

Jeannie: Jean sidled back over to Jamie, her arm already around his waist. "You're not getting his help," she informed her friend.

Beth: Beth groaned, "You both suuuuck."

Jeannie: "Sometimes, yes. You say it like it's a bad thing!"

Jamie: "Trust me when I tell you that it's a very, very good thing." He looped his arm over Jean's shoulder and grinned at Beth.

Beth: Beth glared at Jean and Jamie. She grabbed some cookies, more brownies, and some Cheetos, then turned for the door. "Yuck!"

Jeannie: Jean couldn't hold in her giggles, but she'd totes have to apologize to Beth later. But for now! She reached for a brownie.

Jamie: "Not yuck! It's awesome!" He laughed and kissed the top of Jean's head before moving to pick up the big pieces of the broken mug. "We need to get her a boyfriend. Or a girlfriend." He thought for a moment, "Or just a good toy."

Jessica: "Don't say that where she can hear you or something else might explode," Jess advised.

Jamie: "Which is why she needs one of the three."

Jessica: "Maybe, but she doesn't need to be reminded by someone else."

Jamie: "Where's the fun in that?"

Jeannie: "She knows we're just teasing," Jean defended, looking between Jamie and Jess as he threw away the broken ceramic.

Jessica: "Not having your head explode like a volcano?"

Jamie: "Oh, c'mon, Jess. Lighten up. Geez."

Jessica: Jess blinked at Jamie, deciding he just wasn't used to her sense of humour.

Jeannie: Jean snagged her purse, the half-eaten brownie still in her hand. "Weeell... I guess we should do that thing... with the thing." She gave Jess an innocent grin. "And you can give Beth some free therapy!"

Jamie: "Right. The thing!" He had not forgotten about the thing. Side-tracked, maybe. But not forgotten!

Jessica: "I think I might need some free therapy for those mental images..."

Jeannie: "...we're talking about the files from Viper," she said, cocking her head at Jess and poking her tongue out a bit. "Dirty, dirty, Jessie."

Jessica: "What? I can never tell with you, your mind is always inches from the gutter."

Jamie: "The gutter is nice and warm, thank you very much."

Jeannie: "Would you like me to specify how many inches in the gutter?" Jean gave Jess a big grin and reached for Jamie's hand.

Jessica: "No, I would not!" Now she knew how Beth felt without the empathy boost.

Jamie: "It's just the right amount of inches, I can assure you. Though, I'm sure some would disagree, Jeannie thinks it's the perfect number."

Jeannie: "Absolutely perfect." Jean gave Jess her brightest grin. "Thanks for the brownies," she chirped, squeezing Jamie's hand and tugging.

Jessica: "Thanks..." she wrinkled her nose, "Well... make good use of those files... probably won't get anything else from Viper for a while..." or at all. "I'll go keep Beth out of trouble..."

Jamie: Jamie cackled and let Jean pull him out of the kitchen. "Happy to help!"

Jeannie: Jean snorted at Jamie's parting shot and shook her head at him as they started for her room.

Jamie: "So..." Jamie gave the kitchen door side-eye over his shoulder to make sure they were out of super-hearing range. "You think she heard me say that stuff about Mr. Shaw?"

Jeannie: "Probably." She took another nibble of her stolen brownie. "She can probably still hear you now, too. Super ears be super."

Jamie: Shit. He frowned and pulled her down the hall faster. "Tell me when."

Jeannie: Jean just giggled at his panic. "She's an empath, remember? She can feel that you don't trust her, or Sebastian."

Jamie: "Well, yeah, but she can't feel my exact thought of him being a dumbass for not encrypting the e-mail." Jamie shook his head at the thought. Dumb. Ass.

Jeannie: "Nope that's just me." She bumped into him as they walked. "I really don't care who knows about this asshole, but if it makes you feel any better, I trust their system security... it's not like it has to be hidden from Viper, since it came from Viper."

Jamie: "No, but what if someone worse hacks the system and learns that we're looking for him? Then if it gets back to him, he could find me before I find him. And not to mention that if he finds me, he finds you!"

Jeannie: "I'm guessing he might have bigger problems since Monet isn't the only one after him..."

Jamie: "She's not? Who else??" Jamie frowned in complete confusion as they went up the stairs. "Viper because he's blowing her cover?"

Jeannie: Jean delicately cleared her throat. "No... Viper has gone rogue and is kinda planning to off all the Hydra heads..."

Jamie: Jamie froze mid-step and slowly turned his head to look at Jean. "She... what?" He couldn't even be bothered by the fact that his voice went high and squeaky because Viper being off the chart was more bothersome.

Jeannie: Jean's brows rose with his voice. "You okay there?"

Jamie: "How did she get off of my radar that fast?! What happened?! When did she leave?!"

Jeannie: "I thiiiiink it's all been recent? Like, I know Jess is worried about her because she's going it alone."

Jamie: "...She's worried about her? Wow. WOW." Jamie shook his head and was finally able to move, heading towards Jean's room. "Let's just find this fucker and hope Viper gets taken care of by someone else."

Jeannie: Jean let go of his hand to open her door, smirking up at him. "Well, I dunno who might take care of Viper, but Sebastian wants to take out Rott, too."

Jamie: "That honestly doesn't surprise me..." He stepped in behind Jean and nudged the door shut with his foot. "And he wasn't even on the worst end of the mad man."

Jeannie: "Yeah he's got his ninja chick assassin who kicked my ass when the cult had you hunting Rott down..." Jean knew that opening her email on her phone would just wig him out further, so she went to dig her tablet out of the bag near her bed and settled on it cross-legged.

Jamie: Jamie scootched onto the bed behind her and leaned down to put his chin on her shoulder. "I'm sorry she kicked your ass. She's a big meanie."

Jeannie: Jean turned her head to kiss his cheek, leaning back into him, while waiting for her tablet to boot up. She closed her eyes for a moment. "That was the day I decided to try the hat..."

Jamie: His nose wrinkled and he kissed her cheek back. "I have a love-hate relationship with that hat..." The tablet start-up sound played and he jerked his head to look at it.

Jeannie: "Sorta same, but nah." She didn't want to sit up to load her email so she did it the lazy way from an angle.

Jamie: "But nah? Why nah? It's kind of cursed you with this thing you can't control that gives you migraines that knock you flat."

Jeannie: Jean gave him side eye, since it was both appropriate and the only thing she could do from this position. "Because it worked."

Jamie: "Well, yeah, but I hate that it hurt you." He turned his head back towards her and kissed her cheek again. "I love you, Jeannie. I don't want you hurt. Ever."

Jeannie: She set the tablet in her lap and reached back with her free arm to touch his hair. "And I love you. Aaaaand, I'd do it again. It goes both ways, you know. I don't want you hurt, either."

Jamie: "I know, babe." He gave her a smile and shimmied until he could wrap his head around to give her lips a semi-regular kiss. On half of her mouth, but it still worked. "The good thing is that we won't have to worry about any of that once Rott is out of the picture."

Jeannie: Jean returned the kiss, closing her eyes to enjoy the feel of him. "Yus. So hopefully he'll be gone soon."

Jamie: "Gone and then maybe we can start talking about the future?" The thought of teensy Jean clone feet running around his building made him grin.

Jeannie: "Yes, absolutely." Jean picked up his train of thought and gave him an awkward pet at their awkward angle. "Might be mini clones of you, you never know." She smirked. "Plus, first you need to meet my parents. Remember?"

Jamie: "Oh right... Yeah, I guess that's kind of inevitable, huh?" Jamie gave an overly dramatic sigh and turned back to the tablet in her lap, "I think Rott's easier to deal with than that."

Jeannie: "Please. My parents are gonna love you." She smirked. "You have a dick."

Jamie: "Last I looked. Thank God Rott didn't take that for a souvenir for testing." Jamie shuddered and hid his face in her neck.

Jeannie: Jean couldn't stop her reaction, her face pulling into an emoji of D: as she flailed one hand. "Ew ew ew ew!"

Jamie: "How do you think I feel?!" He was horrified, but couldn't help laughing at her face.

Jeannie: Jean couldn't help her face, and it was staying that way as images of dupe parts danced in her head. It made her want to gag.

Jamie: Jamie's eye twitched when Jean stayed frozen. "Um. Jeannie...?" He reached around and carefully stuck his finger in her mouth to poke her tongue.

Jeannie: Her head jerked back at the poke and she laughed. "What the fuck?"

Jamie: That made him grin at her, "Gotcha thinking about something else."

Jeannie: She shook her head at him, giggling a little, and pretended to spit the finger taste from her mouth.

Jamie: "I'm oddly comforted by the fact that you don't find me tasty considering the person we're looking into right now." And that probably sent her mind right back where it was pulled from. Great job, Madrox.

Jeannie: Jean's nose wrinkled, but she managed to keep the cannibal thoughts at bay, instead diving the other way. "Oh, I find you plenty tasty, in the right circumstances," she smirked.

Jamie: Both of his eyebrows went up and he made a pleased surprised noise. "I'm also, not as oddly, comforted by that fact." Jamie gave her cheek a fast kiss then turned to look at the screen. Bentley Newton.. Alias Doctor Rott... Occupation: Murderer, psychotic surgeon... Yadda yadda. All this is old news. His eyes flicked over the page until he found what he wanted, "Current location: Unknown. Shit."

Jeannie: A lot of this was not old news to Jean, and she hadn't read the files yet since Jess sent them along. She knew about the brain machines, but... "ew, puppets?!"

Jamie: "Puppets," he confirmed with a nod. "Also, giant nutcrackers. And he likes to crossdress. I feel like the two of you could be best friends if not for his psychotic murderous ways."

Jeannie: "Um... pass." As much as she'd hated Quire, the idea that his brain was used to power one of those machines was gag-worthy. "God... what's his deal with brains?! That's so gross!"

Jamie: "Everybody's gotta have a hobby, I guess..." Jamie still couldn't help the shudder, though. "I'm just glad he left mine intact."

Jeannie: "That's right. Your brain is mine." She gave him a cheesy grin and leaned her head against his, giving him a little telepathic goose for good measure.

Jamie: He played along with a mock-shocked 'eep' at the goose and gave her a grin. "All yours, babe. Just... No giant nutcrackers, okay?"

Jeannie: "I have other ways to crack your nuts." Which sounded better in her head. Jean blinked and raised her head to give him an apologetic look. "Sorry," she giggled.

Jamie: It was his turn for a nose wrinkle. "Jeaaaan... Ouch."

Jeannie: She shrugged and set the tablet aside. There was other information about Rott's projects, his work for Hydra, and God knew what else, but... Viper didn't know where he was either. Right now, that was the important, but disappointing news.

Jeannie: Wriggling around from her position nearly in Jamie's lap, she slid her arms around his neck.

Jamie: Jamie gladly accepted the distraction and looped his arms around her waist. "Well, hello there. Fancy seeing you here... Again. After lots of years being elsewhere."

Jeannie: She giggled softly, shaking her head and burying her face in the crook of his neck. I mean... at least that ninja has his last known location now?

Jamie: "Ninja? Oh, Mr. Shaw's pet? ...Yeah, I guess." He sighed overly dramatically, "But what shall I do with my spare time now that he's going to be taken care of for me? Oh wait! I know!" Jamie flopped them over so that they were a tangle of limbs on her bed and gave her a goofy grin.

Jeannie: "Well... we'd be doing that anyway..." She squealed at the flop and laughed, making herself at home on top of him.

Jamie: Jamie shrugged one shoulder as best as he could in his current position, "Yeah, but now we can do it more."

Jeannie: "Practicing for when he's gone, yeah?" Jean gave him a wriggle.

Jamie: "Practice does make perfect. Or so they say. We should test that theory..." Jamie grinned and gave her ass a tiny pinch.

Jeannie: "We should," she said, making a tiny, pleased sound at the pinch. She ratcheted up her grin. "And we should also talk about when you're gonna meet my parents!"

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