4/24 Issue: Crazy Immunity

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4/24 Issue: Crazy Immunity

Post by Slarti » Sun Apr 25, 2021 4:19 am

Timelined after Zero Stars.

Jean: They'd had no way to tell time, since both his phone and hers were dead. Eventually, they'd settled in on the blank white floor. It wasn't truly hard or soft, and made of some sort of unidentifiable substance. They'd taken turns sleeping, just in case, and during hers, she'd fallen asleep wearing Jamie's jacket, her head pillowed on his thigh and their fingers intertwined.

Jean: Jean had expected to awaken the same way. She didn't. Her neck was stiff and she was flat on the white floor. "Jamie?" Her voice was off, gravelly from sleep, and she wanted a drink, but they'd had no food or water since their capture. His failure to answer brought her out of her fog and she pushed herself up, looking around. "Jamie?"

Jean: Jamie? Reaching for him in her mind was second-nature, before she remembered her powers were gone. "Jamie?!” She scrambled to her feet, fighting her rising panic.

Anna: Anna was looking forward to her lunch. She had a nice sandwich, a cup of tea that she had managed to get all the way to the desk without spilling AND she'd been to her favourite bakery and bought a nice doughnut. She settled in her chair, put on her TV to some funnies and sat back with her sandwich.

Anna: Then her chair disappeared... along with her lunch. "Wha- FECK!" she hit the floor and lay blinking at the white ceiling. OW.

Jean: Jean was feeling along the featureless wall, willing herself not to cry, although she was losing the battle. "J-Jaaaaamiiiiee...." The scream from behind made her scream and Jean spun, her back to the wall. "OH MY GOD!"

Jean: That... was not Jamie, but she couldn't tell who it was from this angle. "Ummm..."

Anna: Anna sat up and checked herself over. Apart from her ass, she didn't hurt anywhere. So that was nice.... but where was her food? "Noooooo it was the last oooooooone!" She mourned her doughnut.

Jean: It was a woman, with an accent, and she circled slowly around the cornerless room to see her face. It was familiar. "Where did you come from?"

Anna: "Huhwha-?" Oh there was a person... she knew that person! She squinted at her until she remembered the name, "Jean! You're Jean! Hi! I was in my office with my lunch... now I'm here... where is here?"

Jean: "I am!" She squinted back. "Office? Yoooouuuu... are Anna? Right?" She hadn't seen this chick in like five years. "I don't know where here is, but have you seen Jamie? He was here, but I was asleep a-and now he's... he's gone." Her throat closed on the last word.

Anna: Anna shook her head at the questioning, getting to her feet and looking around at all the white. "... I'm so glad I'm not hungover today."

Jean: "I wish I was drunk, or something... dreaming... more of a nightmare..." Jean rubbed both hands over her face, sniffling. "So you haven't seen Jamie?"

Anna: Anna shook her head, "I've been at work all morning. Unless he got hurt or something, there's no reason I'd see him...." She checked her pockets to see what she had on her.

Jean: Jean looked down with a nod. If he was hurt, she wouldn't know. Even when they'd been apart, he was there, locked away in a corner of her mind. Now, there was nothing.

Anna: She sat down cross legged on the floor, pulling random items out of her pants and cardigan pockets. A couple of tissues, a few pens, some scraps of paper, a few scrunched up dollars, a couple of coins and a packet of polo mints she'd got at the import store. She popped one into her mouth. "How did we get here? Do you know?"

Jean: Pulling his jacket more tightly around herself, Jean flopped to the floor across from Anna, watching her sort through her pockets. "We were at the old school. The president was there. It was a press conference for the X-Men..."

Anna: "Oh that was today? I meant to watch it..." She offered Jean a mint.

Jean: Jean accepted the mint with a wan smile. "I don't know... it might have been yesterday?" She focused on unwrapping it, remembering the last few minutes she'd had with Jamie in her room. "We, um, were totally skipping the press conference... then there was this weird guy with red hair. He was just there in my room and I hadn't heard him, I couldn't sense him..."

Anna: "You think this is him maybe?" She gestured to the room at large, "I don't remember a guy with red hair..."

Jean: "He said something. Jamie saw him more than I did... then he knocked us out or something? And we ended up here." She was still fiddling with the mint. "We were here and our powers were gone."

Anna: "Oh, are mine gone?" She tried to lift herself with her teke. Nothing happened. "Shit..."

Jean: Jean looked up with only a bit of hope when Anna tried to use hers, then sighed. "I don't... I don't know what to do. This is... a new one." She looked around the blank white room again. "And no clue who that guy was..."

Anna: "Then... I suppose we just wait? Not much else to do..." She shrugged putting her things back in her pockets.

Jean: "Just wait..." She sniffled, stuffing the mint into the pocket of the jacket to bury her nose in the collar.

Anna: Anna shifted and crawled over to Jean, wrapping her arms around the girl's shoulders. "It'll be alright."

Jean: The contact made the tears she'd barely kept contained break free, spilling down her cheeks. "...he... he's all alone."

Anna: Anna shook her head, "No, he knows you're here waiting for him."

Jean: Jean tried to contain herself and just nodded. After a few moments, she took a deep breath and looked up at Anna. "So you didn't see a weird guy at all?"

Anna: Anna shook her head again, "Nope... well... I see lots of weird guys but none of them had red hair."

Jean: "Kind of a little guy? Wearing white? I think I saw a bow tie..." She brushed her fingers over her nose.

Anna: Anna fished one of her tissues from her pocket and offered it to Jean, "Nope. Doesn't sound familiar. I was on my lunch break."

Jean: "Thanks..." She took the tissue and dabbed at her eyes. "Where do you work, anyway?"

Anna: "I have a medical office in the city... decided I kind of like Boston so I stayed. I take care of mutants that are afraid to go to the hospital mostly..."

Jean: "That's cool." Jean was still sniffling, trying not to think about what Jamie may be going through. "But you didn't join the new X-Men team, right?"

Anna: Anna shook her head, "Superheroing isn't really my thing... even if they'd asked me. I'm better at doctoring. Always was."

Jean: "I wonder why you're here then... like, if he's after the X-Men? Jamie's not on the team either, but he is a private investigator and handles a lot of mutant cases."

Anna: "Maybe it's the connection to mutants? I don't know... I mean... I've treated a lot of mutants..."

Jean: "And we aaare mutants? I mean... this guy might be too?" Jean shook her head and freed a hand from the jacket to pat the floor. "This place is... I mean, what the fuck? This doesn't feel like anything I've ever touched."

Anna: Anna prodded the floor, "Feels... a bit like a padded cell...."

Jean: Jean made a face. "Well, I think he's got a good head start on driving us crazy..."

Anna: "So did XU... and then we moved it to an asylum. Pretty sure we're immune to crazy."

Jean: Her chuckle was half-hearted. "You sure about that?"

Anna: "You're talking to a girl that used to hunt leprechauns on the mansion lawn..."

Jean: "...but did you ever catch any?"

Anna: "No...." she pouted, "But I was committed!"

Jean: Committed. Jean swallowed, looking down at her ring and twisting it nervously. She sniffed.

Anna: Anna took her hand and gave it a squeeze, "You can be strong, Jean... Be strong for Jamie... he'll be strong for you."

Jean: "I need my powers," she sighed, returning the squeeze with her eyes still on her ring.

Anna: "Pfft. No you don't. You're a ginger. That's a superpower all on its own."

Jean: Jean chuckled again a bit. "Well, I hope so."

Anna: "It is. I should know. There's a shit ton of gingers in Ireland."

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