6/10 Issue: Utter Nonsense

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6/10 Issue: Utter Nonsense

Post by Slarti » Thu Jun 10, 2021 10:51 pm

Timelined around the time of Sombody Call CPS.

Rogue: Rogue clutched Tony's hanky in her tiny fist as she napped, curled up against Bobby, her thumb hanging out of her mouth from where she had been sucking on it before she fell asleep.

Bobby: Bobby did not suck his thumb, thank you lots. He did, however, drool in his sleep. Normally, he didn't like being warm, but he was making an exception for this nap.

Rogue: She nuzzled his shoulder and rubbed the hanky on her cheek in her sleep, mumbling incoherently around her thumb. Rogue was cozy and felt loved because Bobby and Tony liked her even if no one else did.
Bobby: Bobby was snoring a little.

Carol: Carol's nap had been over for some time but she had been occupying herself. Now, however, the sleeping face of her brother was out of room for pictures so she needed something else to do... and candy. She hopped down off her bed and went to find some goodies.

Rogue: Rogue moved her hanky hand down to wrap Bobby's arm in a hug, giving him a nudge when his snoring entered her subconscious.

Bobby: He snorted, turning toward Rogue and snuggling into her. Soft. She smelled nice, too.

Rogue: Rogue tucked her head under Bobby's chin and let a leg flop over his, sucking her thumb again to fall back to sleep.

Bobby: Bobby gave her a pat pat and sighed, the breath coming out a little frosted.

Carol: It took a while to get down the stairs, holding onto the rail with both hands and going one step at a time. She jumped from the final step onto the tiled floor and grinned, proud of herself.

Rogue: Her head retreated into her shoulders at the cold air on her scalp and she whimpered, ready to cry if it didn't stop.

Bobby: He heard the whimper and snuggled into her. Everything was fine! No crying!

Rogue: Waaarm... The whimper stopped and her sucking slowed as she drifted back to sleep.

Bobby: Bobby relaxed and started softly snoring again.

Carol: Carol decided to try and find an adult that she could pester into reaching the candy cupboard and peered into different rooms along the hall. She didn't find an adult but she did find bad touch girl bad touching someone. She ran inside, grabbing Bobby's legs and yanking him away from Rogue.

Rogue: Rogue squeaked when the warm left suddenly and she faceplanted into the napmat from where she had been leaning on Bobby.

Bobby: He was moving! Why was he moving?! Bobby screamed a little himself and flailed.

Carol: "Bad touch!" Carol pouted, "No touch!"

Rogue: Rogue's eyes flew open to find Bobby flailing and then Carol was yelling that he couldn't touch her. She pushed to sit and her bottom lip stuck out as she watched them, then Rogue started to sob, clinging to the hanky. Everybody hated her!

Bobby: Bobby finally righted himself and looked from Carol to Rogue and then back again. "Why? I touch her all the time!"

Carol: Carol shook her head, "No! It makes you sick!"

Rogue: "Ah dun make him siiiiick," Rogue wailed at the ceiling.

Bobby: "She dun make me sick," he agreed, shaking his head too.

Carol: "But... but... she made me sick! Inna hop-...hop..." she frowned, trying to remember how to say the word. "Hopsicle!"

Bobby: "Popsicle?" Bobby pointed at himself.

Carol: She shook her head, "Nooooo! The place with doctors!"

Rogue: "Ain't mah fault!" She was hiccuping and trying to calm down by rubbing Tony's hanky against her cheek.

Bobby: Bobby flipped over and crawled over to Rogue to wrap his arms around her. "See? I'm okay."

Rogue: Rogue sniffled and looked at Bobby with tear-stained cheeks, "Y'... Y' still like me?"

Bobby: "Well yeah..." He said it like she was a little slow.

Carol: Carol wasn't sure she believed either of them. She pouted mightily then ran from the room.

Rogue: "But... but... She said Ah's bad touch..." Rogue turned to point at

Carol and realized she was gone. "She dis'peared!"

Bobby: Bobby looked up. "....she can telephone!" After a moment, he shrugged and turned back to Rogue. "Not for me."

Rogue: Rogue blushed and gave him a tiny smile, "Yay..." Then she realized what he said and she gasped. "Ah wan' telephone, too! Le's go find 'er so she shares!"

Bobby: He returned the smile. Bobby liked it when she smiled at him. "Okay!" He got up and helped her up too.

Rogue: "Wan' fly?!" She opened her arms so she could pick him up if he wanted. "Ah ain't bonked int' any walls yet t'day!"

Carol: Carol was in the kitchen to help herself to snacks. She pulled a chair over and climbed up onto the counter then stood up on her tiptoes to open the cupboard. Yay! She grabbed the corner of a bag of candy and pulled... an avalanche ensued. After the cascade of snackfoods finished crashing down onto her head sne looked around at the mess, "Ooops..."

Bobby: Bobby wished he could fly. "Yeah! Fly!"

Rogue: "Yay!" Rogue wrapped him in a hug from behind and lifted into the air as high as she could, which was only a couple of feet, but it was perfect for them! She flew out of the room and bonked the doorjamb with her hip. "Whoopsie... CAROL! CAAAAAROOOOOL!"

Bobby: Whoa! They were up high! Bobby started giggling and couldn't stop, the giggling increasing when she bounced off the doorway. "Wheeeee!"

Carol: Carol looked between the mess and her cupboard. "Um..." she sat on her butt and climbed down off the counter with her candy. Time to hide! She didn't do it! If no one saw her do it, it didn't happen!

Rogue: Rogue flew in a zig-zag down the hall and divebombed over the railing of the stairs. "CAROOOOOOL"

Carol: Hide. Hide. Where should she hide?! Oh! She climbed into one of the under the counter cupboards with her candies and pulled the door closed behind her. There. No one would find her now.

Bobby: "Oh! Oh! Oh! I wanna be the torpedo!" Bobby was enjoying this way too much. "Drop me on her!"

Rogue: That made her giggle. A lot. "'Kay!" She flew them into the kitchen but stopped at the mess with a loud gasp. "Ah know y're close, missy!"

Carol: No she wasn't! This wasn't the fun kind of hide and seek! She curled around her candy and stayed as quiet as she could.

Bobby: "Oooooo, somebody gonna be in trouuuuuuuuuble!" He was still giggling despite the mess.

Carol: Noooo she didn't wanna be in trouble!

Rogue: "Ooooooo," Rogue echoed. "Growed ups dun' like messes!"

Bobby: "At least if we make one it's already a mess soooo it won't matter?"

Carol: Carol sniffled a little in her dark cupboard.

Rogue: That made perfect sense to Rogue and she giggled again, flying up a couple of inches higher with a grunt. "Bombs 'way!!!" She let go of Bobby over the candy mess.

Bobby: "Woooooo!" He couldn't really ice up, but he could summon a good slushie to bellyflop onto the floor.

Rogue: Rogue squealed and clapped when Bobby splatted. "Whee!"

Bobby: He rolled over and made a snow angel on the floor. Some stray wrappers stuck to him.

Rogue: Rogue had an idea and landed on the counter next to the sink. She plopped on her butt and pulled the spray hose out, "'S rainin', 's pourin'! Bobby Drake wuz snorin'!" Rogue turned the sink on full blast and sprayed Bobby with the nozzle in her hands, giggling the whole time.

Bobby: Bobby yelped and then laughed, rolling around to pretend swim across the floor. "Oh!" He sat up and pointed at the sprayer. "Look!" The water hit the air and froze, coming down as snow.

Rogue: She gasped and dropped the sprayer, causing the snow to stop and water to pour from the faucet. Rogue blinked at the flakes left in the air for a second, then picked up the hose again to make it snow. "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! Yay!"

Carol: Carol stayed in her cupboard and tried to calm down by stuffing candy in her face.

Bobby: "Snow is so pretty!" Bobby experimented with the way he froze the water, trying to get some big fat flakes instead of the chonky gritty bits coming from the sprayer.

Rogue: "Carooooool," she sing-songed, "Come play in the snoooooooow!"

Carol: It was a trick! Right? What did the fish man on the telly say? It's a trap! It was totally a trap.

Bobby: Bobby started singing Let it Snow, loudly and off-key, all while experimenting with all the different types of snow and ice he could make.

Rogue: Rogue's jaw dropped at all the fun things he could make. "Tha's soooo prettyyyyyyyyy!" She turned the sprayer at her face and opened her mouth to catch some snow. "Aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh"

Carol: Carol was curious now, despite her fear. She shifted a little in her cupboard and pushed the door open a tiny crack.

Bobby: Bobby saw the movement and gasped. "Wampa!"

Rogue: "Where?!" Then Rogue frowned and blinked. "Wait... Wuzza Wompa?"

Bobby: "Issa Wampa in the cave! Watch out!"

Rogue: "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Rogue flailed and flew over to hide behind Bobby. "Icicle it!"

Carol: Carol eeped and shut the cupboard again.

Bobby: "The wampa is hiding!" Bobby poked at the door.

Rogue: "Wampa, wampa, oxen free," Rogue tried cautiously, but stayed behind Bobby. He could throw a snowball in its face!

Bobby: Bravely, he sneaked over to the door and poked it.
Carol: Carol retreated to the back of the cupboard. No one in here!

Rogue: "Bobbyyyyy," Rogue whimpered. "Is it a ghostie? It dun soun' like wampas..."

Bobby: "Ghost wampa?" He looked back at her and then poked it again.

Rogue: "EEEE! Freeze it shut! No ghost wampa!"

Bobby: "But I wanna see the wampa?" He looked around for something to use to pull the door open, but he couldn't reach the drawers, so he just swung the door open. "Wampa!"

Carol: Eeek! Carol accidentally fired an energy blast at Bobby, demolishing all the pots between him and her in the process.

Rogue: Rogue screeched and tackled Bobby a second before the blast and pot shards hit him. "BAD WAMPA!"

Bobby: Bobby found himself on the floor with a girl on him! Whoa! This was... kinda cool!

Carol: Carol hopped out of the cupboard while there was a suitable distraction and ran off.

Rogue: Rogue fussed over Bobby and brushed his hair off his face several times, "Bobbyyy.... Okay?" She gasped when she realized she could have hurt him in the tackle and started checking his arms by picking them up and dropping them to make sure they moved still.

Carol: On the way past the slightly soggy snackpile, Carol rescued more candy and escaped into the hallway, looking for another place to hide.

Bobby: He was enjoying all this fussing and wanted it to continue, but she found a ticklish spot on his side with all this flopping of his arms. Bobby giggled.

Rogue: Giggles were good! That made her happy and she gave him another tickle. But then she remembered! "Wampa!" Rogue whirled around just in time to see Carol dash out the kitchen door. "WAMPA WAS CAROL!"

Bobby: "Carol is a wampa?!" That made him sit up, wet candy wrappers stuck to his back. "COOL!"

Rogue: Rogue got up and ran after Carol, "CAROOOOL!!! YOU'SA WAMPA!"

Carol: That made Carol pause. She turned around to yell back, "No! Imma Jedi!"

Rogue: Rogue stopped and blinked at her, shocked that Carol stopped. "Wassat?"

Carol: "Magic superhero!" Carol replied, hugging her candy treasure.

Rogue: "Tha's us!" Rogue's jaw dropped. "We're magic?! COOL!"

Bobby: "It's not magic. It's the Force!" Bobby picked himself up off the floor and started to notice he was wearing wrappers but no candy.

Rogue: Rogue turned to look at Bobby, confused, "Force o' what?"

Rogue: Her head tilted until her ear almost touched her shoulder and she slowly reached out and peeled off a candy wrapper.

Bobby: "Thhheeeee Foooooorce," he said slowly, but then forgot what she was saying when she started to peel him.

Carol: "It's space magic!" Carol confirmed, "Made by mini-cholorines!"

Rogue: "Tiny pools?" Rogue peeled off another wrapper. "CAROOOOOOOL," she whined, "WHERE'S TH' CANDYYYYYYY??"

Carol: Carol turned her body away from them, still hugging the candy bag, "I don't got it..."

Bobby: "Tiny pools," Bobby thought about this. "I could freeze 'em."

Rogue: "Freeze Carol! She stoled th' candyyyyy!"

Carol: "Nu-uh!" Carol protested, "You snowed on it!"

Bobby: "What kinda candy is it?" He picked off one of the wrappers and frowned at it.

Rogue: "Th' sugah kind! With th' sugah! Who caaaares? AH WANT IT!"

Bobby: "You say sugar lots and bunches," he observed.

Rogue: "...Nuh uhhhh..." Rogue ducked her head and pouted, trying to hide her red cheeks.

Carol: They were distracted again so Carol made a run for it.

Bobby: He made her sad! Bad Bobby! "It's not baaaad." He gave her a pat-pat.

Rogue: She looked up at him through her eyelashes and gave him a shy smile, then noticed Carol was leaving. "Hey! Wait! Ah force y' t' stahp!"

Carol: Carol cackled and disappeared into the basement, taking the stairs with her flight powers because her hands were full of candy.

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