9/5 Issue: Penis and All

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9/5 Issue: Penis and All

Post by Esynthia » Mon Sep 06, 2021 12:39 am

Timeline: A couple of hours after Issue: Xerox and the Case of the Tasty Triangles

Jamie: Jamie lay on the floor of the hall, lazily stroking Breathless' tail, humming a lullaby to himself. What lullaby is this? Making it up as it goes. Cool, cool. His eyes slowly opened to stare at the ceiling and he chuckled at the insulation hanging down through a hole in it. "It's melting."

Jeannie: Jean had long ago blocked Jamie out. She had to, or there was no focusing on whatever the hell Carol was telling her, or driving, or... not eating all the Doritos. So when Jean pulled up to the tenement and unlocked the door to get inside, she wasn't sure what to expect. Jamie was here, but beyond that, and his bonding sesh with Bobby Drake, nada.

Jeannie: The air was filled with an intimately familiar smell and she went into the kitchen, spotting those Doritos, empty beers, and one of her personal stash bags.

Jamie: Breathless barked and Jamie yipped in surprise. He rolled onto his stomach to cuddle the pup and calm her down, but she was excited. "Shh. Daddy's lullaby...ing... Yep. Shhh." Breathless wriggled out from his grip and he gave a super frown to her fluffy butt as it bounded down the stairs. "Loud mouth."

Jeannie: Feets! She heard all the little feets! Breathless was Scooby Dooing her way down several flights of stairs, so Jean took the moment to unblock the link. ...wow.

Jamie: He gasped at the sudden feeling of Jean. "Jeanniiiiiieeeeee!" Jamie rocked to his hands and knees and did his own version of the puppy gallop until he got to the stairs and looked down them. Did they always tunnel like that? He gave them a side eye, then shifted to sit and bounce on his butt down them. At least until the second floor landing. "Jeaaaaaaaaan!"

Jeannie: Jaaaaaamie! His excitement made her grin and she was totally impressed he was still awake. She went to the fridge to get herself a fizzy boozy water since it was that kind of day. Just as she closed the door a little ball of excited fluff slammed into her legs and she giggled and floated the floof into her arms for a cuddle. "Hi, baby! How's my baby girl? Is daddy suuuuper high? Yes he is!"

Jamie: Holy shit that was loud in his head. "Ouch, babe!" He winced and covered his ears. ...Dummy. Jamie's hands flopped down into his lap and he huffed impatiently. "We broke shit," he yelled down the stairs.

Jeannie: Broke shit? Oh boy. "Sorry!" she called, since he couldn't handle brain talking right now. "Did you break shit that was supposed to be broken?" Jean kissed Breathless and set her down. She barked and bounced in circles around her as she opened up her drink, took a swig, and grabbed one of the half-smoked joints on the table. When in Rome, after all...

Jamie: "Yeah! It was fun!" Jamie leaned over to look down the hall, checking for the cats. Just in case. "Bobby got mad so I duped an extra hammer or ..." He counted on his fingers. Or tried to. "Twelve?"

Jeannie: Jean lifted off to float up the stairs, following the sound of his voice and the feel of his elated befuddlement. She lit up, taking a drag as she juggled her drink and Breathless shot past her to go pounce daddy.

Jamie: Jamie flailed at the fluff and fell off the stair onto the landing, just in time for a face washing. Isn't the saying 'hair of the dog' not 'tongue of the dog'? Hmm. He eyed Breathless' fur critically when she finished bathing him. He licked her back. Mouth full of hair! "......Bleh!"

Jeannie: Tongue of the dog?! Jean nearly snorted her boozy water when her eyes became level with the landing just in time to see Jamie lick Breathless. "Wooooow, no hello kiss for you!"

Jamie: "Babyyy!" He rolled onto his stomach and pushed to stand, opening his arms wide for her. "Hi honey, you're home!"

Jeannie: "Hey, fella, you're soooo wasted!" Jean spread her arms, drink in one hand and joint in the other, to float straight into him. She kissed him anway, despite her better judgment.

Jamie: "Mmm." He happily kissed her back then nuzzled her neck, arms wrapped around her teeny tiny waist. "You taste better than hair of the dog. You also have good shit in your hiding spots!"

Jeannie: Thank fuck he didn't taste like dog hair either, but he did taste like booze and weed. Hot. Jean draped her arms over his shoulders and wrapped her legs around his hips. "Well, duh!" she giggled, tilting her head to enjoy the attention. "I'm the master of good shit!"

Jamie: "You can master my shit any time." ...That's not right. Who cares?! "Baby! Babybabybaby! Come see!" Jamie waddled his way up the stairs, holding her and avoiding tripping on the dog. Which meant they were going one step every seven seconds. "We broke shit!"

Jeannie: "No babe, that's your junk. I'll let you master your own shit." Jean was laughing, at all of it, still trying not to drop her drink. "You said you did! Did you boys have fun?"

Jamie: "Yeah!" Jamie beamed, proud of what they accomplished. "After I poked the yeti, he needed to let out the anger or he might've killed me or the president. So we broke shit!"

Jeannie: "Oh, there is no killing of you. Like, ever again." She gave him a four-limbed squeeze, then let the rest of that sentence register. "The president?!"

Jamie: "They're getting married," he blurted out. "Bobby hates that idea." Oh. Shhhh. "Shhhh. You can't know it."

Jeannie: "Whaaaaat? Whaaat the whaaat?" Jean leaned back to see his face, eyebrows up.

Jamie: "Bobby got mad because the wedding isn't a good thing," he said slowly. Duh. "I love weddings," he grinned at her and gave her a kiss.

Jeannie: "Well then he shouldn't marry the president!" Duh. Jean returned the grin and stole another kiss. "Good, then you'll show up to ours."

Jamie: "I told him somebody needed to die to stop it." Oooh more kisses! "But then I pointed out that I am not the person for that job." Jamie blinked at her, "Will you hate me after we get married?"

Jeannie: Jean couldn't have been more lost if her Waze had dumped her into the ocean. "No dying. Nobody, but especially not you," she said, shaking her head until her hair swished. Wait. What? "Why would I hate you?!" She narrowed her eyes at him, but it was more of a squint to figure out if this was the weed or not. "I've, like, never hated you, so why would I start?"

Jamie: Jamie followed her swishing hair with his eyes until they crossed. Pretty, pretty red hair. Shiny. Oh. Question time. What? "Because after they got married, she started hating him. Or.. something like that?"

Jeannie: "Who started hating who now?" Jean kissed his nose because he was adorable when he was confused.

Jamie: "She did! After they got married." He narrowed his eyes, staring at nothing as he tried to remember exactly. "Or maybe it was after they had a kid? It was before he kissed Rogue, though. She doesn't know that yet."

Jeannie: "President Stark?" Jean was starting to wonder if Jamie had suffered brain damage. Or... OR, she just needed to catch up to him! She took a slurp of her boozy fizzy water.

Jamie: "No," he shook his head emphatically, then stopped when it made her turn into a whirling blur. "He doesn't know either. ...Or maybe he does? Maybe that's why they're engaged!"

Jeannie: "Yeahuh." She took another drink, then tried to figure out how to light the joint without giving him a panic attack.

Jamie: They made it to the top of the stairs and Jamie whooped in victory, setting her down so he could lie down to look at the ceiling again. "Look, babe. The ceiling is melting." He lifted his arm straight up to point at the piece of insulation from earlier. Now his arm kind of felt like it was floaty. When he tried to move it, it felt too heavy, so he left it up in the air. The air. Flying! "Babe! Babebabebabe. Fly me over Stark tower!"

Jamie: Then he giggled. "Bobby and Rogue, sitting in a tree. Stark and Paige make three." One eye squinted shut. "Four," he corrected. "Rhyming is mean."

Jeannie: Jean found herself plonked onto her feet. Problem solved! While he was distracted she summoned up a flame and took a deeper puff. She tipped her head back as she blew out her breath. Melting, huh? Coooool. She poked at his raised hand, then batted it around like Figaro with a toy. "I think you're already flying, babe!" The giggle made her giggle.

Jamie: Jamie struggled to keep his arm up when she batted it. If it wasn't kept in juuuuuust the right spot, it would fall do- Oh. Ouch. He peeked out at Jean from behind his hand where it landed across his face. "I can't fly. Rogue can."

Jeannie: She squeaked. IBROKEYOU! He looked up from behind his hand and she breathed a sigh of relief, then blinked. Jean took a good long look at the stub of joint in her hand. "I do have the best shit!"

Jamie: "OUCH!" He tried to wrap his arms over his head to block out the yelling on the inside. Jamie frowned at her between his forearms. "You do have the best shit. I said that already. I also want to make sure that after we have a baby, it won't be a dupe. Or a reason to hate me."

Jeannie: Oh shit! Right! Jean brought her finger to her own lips to shush herself, then again paused. Whoa. "I don't hate you!" Flying. He said he couldn't fly... Jean lifted him off the floor with her teke. "You can fly!"

Jamie: Jamie squeaked and flailed. Then giggled. "Tinkerbell! Is that you?!"

Jeannie: Jean loved it when he giggled, so she floated him up to her level and leaned over to kiss his cheek. "Nope, Jeannie. Remember?" She crossed her arms and gave a sharp nod, although the effect was ruined by her lack of ponytail.

Jamie: "She's sexier anyway." Jamie grinned and gave a playful growl, though he was still flailing a little. "Baaabe. Let's fly the city over a magic carpet!" ...No, that's not right. "A city carpet over magic!" Once again, with feeling. "A magic carpet over the city!" Score!

Jeannie: "Damn right she is!" Jean floated up to meet him, winding her arms around him so the flailing would stop. Please. "We don't even need the carpet because I'm magic!"

Jamie: "Magic!" She was right there, so he kissed her fast. Ha! Stole it! "What'd you do today, baybeee?"

Jeannie: "I blocked out your high ass so I could talk to Carol." Oh! Carol! Jean let go of him to feel for her purse, still slung across her back. Yup! There it was! Jean knew he wouldn't calm down until they were on the ground so she brought them down, settling in to snuggle on the disgusting floor.

Jamie: Mmm snuggles. Jamie pulled her in to cuddle. "Oh! Babe! I fixed the cabinets up here! Baby steps!" Baby? Really? Jamie winced, "I mean... Progress?"

Jeannie: "Progress is good," she giggled, feeling his internal facepalm and giving him a squeeze for it. Jean took a moment to actually look around and decided she'd take his word for it.

Jamie: "Progress was paused by the promise of ..." He frowned. "I can't think of a p-word for weed and booze. Dang." Wait! "Progress was paused by the promise of a personal party! It turned into a pity party, but then became a punting party!"

Jamie: Jamie lolled his head enough so he could give her a big grin. "I win."

Jeannie: Jean giggled. "You win," she agreed, reaching for her purse again and half sitting up to dig through it.

Jamie: Purse! "Purses pack a pretty pocket-sized party!" He giggled again and let his head fall back to the floor from where he'd raised it to see her purse. "Baaabe. I'm sleepy. The ceiling is still melting. And I want to eat Rogue again. Or maybe Paige since I can't re-eat Rogue. Or Bobby! He looked tasty, too."

Jeannie: "Correct, since I keep weed in my purse." Jean's fingers closed on the box and she made a happy, squeaky noise. "Tada!" She held it up, then looked at Jamie with a blink-blink. "You're not allowed to eat other girls without me." Her head cocked. "Or dudes!"

Jamie: "Okay!" Jamie flailed like a turtle on its back until he was sitting, then grabbed her hand to make her stand up with him as he went. "Let's go eat them, then. They're tasty." Ta da? "Ta da what?" TRIANGLES. Right! Going!

Jeannie: "Tada... whoa!" She staggered upright and found herself dragged toward the stairs.

Jamie: Jamie led the way to the downstairs kitchen and his pile of tasty triangles on the table. "I already ate Rogue. Do you want to eat Bobby or Paige?"

Jeannie: Jean had no idea what he was talking about, but she was ready to make a strong prediction. "Which would you rather watch me eat?" she asked, putting her purse and the little box on the table.

Jamie: Jamie shrugged and flopped back into his chair, pointing at both triangles in turn. "That's Bobby, Rogue was there but now she's in my stomach, and that's Paige over there." His eyes got a little wide and he looked up at Jean. "Do we need to name the rest?!"

Jeannie: "Maaaybe." She selected the one he said was Paige, since hot girl on girl-rito action! Jean met his eyes and gave the chip a long lick.

Jamie: Jamie blink-blinked at her and gulped. "Um. What would you do if Rogue touched me and then duped herself?"

Jeannie: "Other than deck her for touching you?" She was still working that chip over with her tongue, but it was getting a little soggy. Ew.

Jamie: Soggy didn't bother him. It made him think of other things that got soggy when touched with a tongue. "Bobby said it was hot. Lots of her. And then you."

Jeannie: "Bobby Drake wants me to have an orgy with lots of Rogues who have your memories?" Jean made a face and ate the chip. "That's, like, creepily specific. Ew."

Jamie: "I think he just liked the idea of lots of Rogues. But then she would be attracted to you, because I'm Jean-sexual, so that led us down the path of girl on girl action." Jamie blinked. He wasn't supposed to be saying any of this. Bro code fail.

Jeannie: "You're Jean-sexual?" She was giggling despite herself, and his expression. "Good to know. Tell that to your horny dupes."

Jamie: Yay for her focusing on the part about her! No bro fail! Jamie gave her a slow, toothy grin, "They know."

Jeannie: "Mhmm. Bar dupe sure didn't. He still hated her. Probably even more now, tbf. Sigh. "Anyway... I have a thing!" Jean opened the little box.

Jeannie: *Mhmm."

Jamie: "You have a thi- Oh. Jewelry?" Jamie squinted his eyes at the bracelet. "It's a little simple for your taste, though. Are you gonna bedazzle it? Oh! Oh oh! I have an idea!" He pounded the chips with the side of his fist and took tiny tasty triangle bits and held them up against it. "Orange! To match your birb!"

Jeannie: Jean very nearly choked on a giggle and it came out half snort. Noooooo. Not again! She covered her nose and mouth with her free hand and flailed for a moment.

Jamie: Jamie gasped and pointed at her, grin lighting up his face. "What was that? That was cute! Do it again!"

Jeannie: "Noooo, that's so not cute!" His grin was, though. She shook her head, willing her blush to gooo awwwaaay.

Jamie: "It so was!" He jumped up from his chair and scooped her into his arms, dancing her around the kitchen. "I love the snort giggle. I love youuuu. And I will never love anybody else when we're married. Not like I do you."

Jeannie: Jean eeped when he snatched her up, giggling at his antics. "I love you, too. That's why I got you the bracelet." His sing-songy babbling was too fucking cute too. Wait, what? "You better not," she laughed.

Jamie: "I've never loved anyone but youuuuu. Never felt anything like this for anybody else." His grin dropped from his face. Did she? Had she? What if she was Bobby and he was Paige?!

Jeannie: It always made her heart flutter a little when he said things like that and she opened her mouth to respond. Then she felt his mood shift. "What?! What's wrong?"

Jamie: "You're Bobby!" He clung to her and buried his head in her shoulder. "You're Bobby and I'm Paige and you love Rogue instead of me!"

Jeannie: Jean freed a hand to pet his hair. "Whaaaat? I am definitely not Bobby." It was probably the weed talking, but she gave him a telepathic hug anyway, letting him feel her feels. "Fire, not ice," she said, then frowned, willing dots to connect into some sort of picture that wasn't shaped like a Dorito.

Jamie: Doritos! He jerked his head up and looked her in the eye, then carried her to the table again. Jamie let her go abruptly when they got there and he found three non crushed doritos and arranged them similarly to how he'd arranged them for Bobby. "Which one is you?"

Jeannie: Doritos?! She got that image loud and clear in his head, but his crazy eyes made her own bug a bit, especially when he plonked her down. She watched him arrange Doritos. "Uhhh..."

Jamie: "C'mon! It worked with Bobby!" Jamie bounced from foot to foot. "Which one is you?"

Jeannie: "Oooookaaaaay." Jean leaned against his side and pointed at a chip.

Jamie: He gave her a little squeeze and tried to stand still. Yay for high theories! ...Why was she all by herself? That made him sad for her. "Who are the other two chips?"

Jeannie: "I don't know? Is one of them supposed to be Bobby?" She was so lost. Jean toyed with the inhibitor bracelet and turned her face toward him to sniff him. Terrible idea.

Jamie: "There is no 'supposed to'." He frowned at her. She needed help. Jamie let her go and reached across the table for the baggie. "Here."

Jeannie: Jean rubbed her nose since he was dusty and sweaty, and it wasn't in the fun way. "Oh I need to be more high for this to make sense?" She waved away the baggie and went to the fridge for an extra special brew.

Jamie: Jamie looked at the baggie in his hand with a sad frown. The weed felt unloved. He would love it instead. Jamie pulled out a brand new joint and the lighter. "I love you, pretty toke. It's okay. Don't listen to her."

Jeannie: She was toying with the inhibitor as she dug around in the fridge for the weedy booze and slipped it on her wrist when Breathless decided she wanted to investigate the fridge too.

Jamie: Jamie flailed and dropped the lighter just before it hit the tip of the paper and he whirled around "JEAN?!" ...Jean's ass? DID SHE PASS OUT AND DIE HALF IN THE FRIDGE?! Easier to keep her body good until it can be reversed? NO! "JEAAAAN!"

Jeannie: "OW!" Jean whacked her head on the underside of the freezer door and Breathless immediately hopped up to lick her face to soothe her.

Jamie: "I CAN'T FEEL YOU IN MY HEAD!" He flailed and pulled her out of the fridge, spinning her around and clutching her tight to his chest. "It's gonna be okay! We'll get help! I'll call Xavier! I'll call the President!" ...No, he has no idea about any of this. He's really quite dumb some times. "I'll call Dr. McCoy!"

Jeannie: Breathless barked, jumping up to be a part of this weird group hug. Jean's face was mashed into his chest as she flailed. "JAMIE!"

Jamie: Jamie let out a sob and pet Breathless. "It's going to be okay, girl. We'll fix mommy. Promise." She yelled in his ear and he let out another sob. "I'll fix it so you can yell in my head again! Promise!"

Jeannie: Jean freed her hands enough to get the inhibitor off and held it up, awkwardly, since she was still squished against him. Better, babe?

Jamie: He collapsed in a heap on the floor when he felt her in his head again, letting his head fall into his hands. "Yes!" I mean, yes! "That was so scary!" Jamie looked up at her with huge puppy eyes, trying to ignore the actual puppy trying to maul his arms.

Jeannie: "Ah-aww!" Jean pouted at his puppy eyes and then the puppy looked up too and she couldn't resist, grabbing her boozy weed and shutting the fridge door with her teke before she sank down and climbed into his lap. "It's just the inhibitor." She pet him again and held it up. Again.

Jamie: Jamie wrapped his arms around her and put his head on hers, giving the bracelet a side-eye. "...It's jewelry."

Jeannie: "Inhibitor bracelet. SHIELD issue. Remember?" She jangled it a bit directly at his eye level. Jean snuggled into him and kissed his prickly jaw.

Jamie: Right! New toy! He perked up a little at the kiss and turned his head to catch her lips. "Time to sober up and get my tools then, I guess. Boo... I never got to find out if you were Bobby or Paige."

Jeannie: "You're gonna get sober just when I get ....not?" Jean pouted some more, but was easily distracted by the kiss. Why are you so concerned about Bobby and Paige? And Rogue? WTF?

Jamie: Hold on... Jamie kissed her harder for a second before letting up, sliding her to the floor, and standing up to take off his coat. "I have to sober up so I can tinker! And Paige hates Bobby and Bobby loves Rogue!"

Jeannie: God she shouldn't get excited by him taking off a coat, but she was totally excited by him taking off a coat. Jean was so preoccupied by the way he shrugged it off that his words took a hot minute. "What?! Oh. My. God. You have gossip!"

Jamie: Jamie frowned at her in confusion. "What? I already told you all that!" He tossed his coat on her head, "Silly goose." He took a giant step back and stomped his foot three times. Hard. Prime made a face at the dupes and sighed when he realized he was sober enough to think straight. "Dammit."

Jeannie: She fought a valiant battle with the hot kinda stinky trench coat until she dropped it into her lap. Jean looked up just in time to check out the dupes. For science! "You were babbling, but none of the parts of that story connected until, like, now!"

Jamie: "It made to---...No sense at all if you weren't there. You're right." He gave her an apologetic smile. "Sorry, babe," all four said in unison. Prime grinned. "Jean-sexual."

Jeannie: Jean grinned in triumph at getting him to admit he was a babbling hot mess. "Remember that, boys!" She picked a dupe and crooked a finger at him to summon him over to her.l

Jamie: The dupe gave the rest a goofy grin and crouched down in front of her. Prime pouted.

Jeannie: She grabbed his collar and pulled him over, tilting her head and going in for a deep kiss. Remember that. I love you. All of you. And I always will.

Jamie: The dupe lost his balance when he tried to kiss back, catching himself by grabbing the fridge handle. "Okay, okay," Prime absorbed him first, then the other two. "Babe. Really?" He frowned at her, then pulled her to her feet. Jamie pinned her to the fridge by her shoulders and kissed her hard. Really?

Jeannie: Jean let him hold her up as her knees went a little weak from his kiss. Yes, really. Of course.

Jamie: You couldn't have just told me that when I'm whole instead of making me watch you kiss me? Jamie's fingers dug into her shoulders just enough for her to feel it then he broke the kiss, holding her up until her legs worked again. "I'm going to go get my tinker-type tools so I can figure out the bracelet. Okay?"

Jeannie: But he's you. Jean smiled into the kiss, loving the feel of his hands pinning her down. When they broke apart, she just nodded, keeping her spot holding up the fridge.

Jamie: He grinned at her wordless nod. Making her speechless always made him feel powerful. "Just a part of me, babe." Jamie turned and scooped his coat from the floor, pulling it on as he jogged out of the room, heading for his desk across the hall where he kept his tiny tools.

Jeannie: Hadn't she always told him that? He was agreeing with her now? Score one, team Jean! Pleased with herself, she opened that boozy weed beverage and took a nice long drink. She should have started kissing dupes sooner!

Jamie: Not agreeing! Jamie dug through the secret compartment in the bottom of a drawer and picked out three or four screwdrivers and a couple of allen wrenches. Once everything was situated again, he made his way back to the kitchen. "Just saying, when the original is right in front of you," he took two slow steps toward her, "why go for a spare?"

Jeannie: "...because he's you." So, totally agreeing, since they were now arguing from opposite positions. Aha!

Jamie: "He is me. But I'm not him." Two more steps and he was at her again, one hand flat on the fridge as he looked down into her eyes.

Jeannie: He was stalking her now, and it was hot as hell. Not fair. Jean looked up at him and let herself get lost in his eyes. "I always said you were the whole." She stood on tiptoe to brush their noses together. "That it's you I want."

Jamie: Jamie slipped the tools into his coat pocket and wrapped his fingers around the bracelet, eyes never leaving her face. "Keep it that way. We're better than the Bobby and Paiges of the world. We last."

Jeannie: She let him have the bracelet and set her hands on his chest, running them up to wrap both arms around his neck. I think we're meant to be together. Apparently Paige and Bobby not so much from the pieces she was assembling in the back of her mind. Whatever happened earlier had gotten him shaken and she didn't like it.

Jamie: His mouth was on hers before she finished the thought in his head. Damn right. Time to figure out how the damned bracelet worked so he could fuck her without the coat. "You're the dorito beside mine. Every day."

Jeannie: She bit down on her lip with a giggle, her eyes searching his face. "Okay, I'll be your Dorito."

Jamie: One more quick kiss and he was headed to the table, digging the tools from his coat and staring at the bracelet. "Did this come with any instructions? Schematics? Anything?"

Jeannie: "Not really, because SHIELD thinks it's for me, so they built it to my files." Jean took another fortifying drink of her infused booze and followed him. "Carol said they can customize them depending on who they're for."

Jamie: "Right, but there's something with my powers that make it difficult. Which is why my dad made mine with specific points on my torso." Or was that just where he had been accident prone as a kid? Hmm. Whatever. Jamie sat down and brushed the Doritos out of his way then set the tools down on the table. He held the bracelet in both hands and slowly rotated it, looking at the inside and the outside to determine where to start.

Jeannie: Jean followed him and sat down, fiddling with her booze bottle. "Carol said that if they knew it was for you they could adjust it."

Jamie: "I don't need them to do that." Oh, there. His eyes flit back and forth between the different sized tools and the spot on the bracelet. Jamie picked up one he thought would work and started undoing the plating. "By the way... You should never have sex with a dupe, ever again."

Jeannie: "Yeah, I thought you might say that, mister independent," she didn't bother to restrain her eye roll. Carol was right. He had no idea when to ask for help. When he couldn't get naked with her was when he needed to ask for help! Duh! Wait... "What?"

Jeannie: She decided she needed to be more high to understand and took a drink. "Why? They're... you?" Oh shit, was he actually jealous? "Not that I have plans to fuck all the dupes or anything!"

Jamie: "Because high theories sometimes make sense even when you're sober." His eyes flicked up to meet hers, then back down to his work. Open sesame! He set the screwdriver down and nimbly took the pieces apart so he could look at the inner workings. "All of my dupes can dupe. But I don't know that they have legitimate, um..." Jamie looked up at her. "There's a high probability it would be a dupe."

Jeannie: All of his dupes... can dupe. Yes, okay. It... would be a dupe. It? A legitimate dupe? "Wait, you have fake dupes?" Her mouth dropped open in realization. "You have an evil twin?!"

Jamie: "No?" Jamie tilted his head at her in confusion. "Just me, babe. But... If you had sex with a dupe... it would dupe."

Jeannie: "No?" But she'd already had sex with a dupe. That poor dead one. Jean shivered. Fucking Arcade and his fucking murder funhouse. Arcade. "Oh, ew! So the dupes need inhibitors too?"

Jamie: "No! That's not--" Jamie pinched the bridge of his nose and took a slow breath. "You were already pregnant, so it didn't matter..."

Jeannie: Jean's perfect brows shot up. He did not just give her his 'you're an idiot' face?! It took her a moment to get over her annoyance to process. "Why would that-" Oh. Wait. What? Nooo. Maybe? "You don't want a dupe to knock me up!"

Jamie: "It wouldn't be a baby, Jeannie," he tried to stay calm and level. He didn't want to talk about babies and not babies... "It would be an infant, but not a baby."

Jeannie: OMG she was right?! Her nose scrunched. Oh my God, she was right. "He'd be a baby... you?" Hoooow the fuck did that work?!

Jamie: "That's the theory, anyway... If you hadn't been pregnant already, you probably would have had a dupe for a fetus..." Whyyy did they have to talk about babies and being pregnant right now?! Jamie dropped his head to focus on his task, fiddling with the components.

Jeannie: "You think the dupes shoot little dupes?" That was... something. Also really funny if she pictured it. Jean made a face to stop herself from giggling since she could feel his discomfort. "Babe, aren't they biologically identical to you? So, like, if they are, then... wouldn't you?" Her hand sneaked below the table to touch her stomach.

Jamie: "...Wouldn't I... have dupe sperm?" He frowned and looked back up at her. "I've never thought to test it. Maybe that's the only way to tell us apart? Scientifically speaking, anyway?"

Jeannie: "...wow." Jean wasn't at all sure how she felt about this. She pressed her palm flat against her dress and decided now was the time to take another drink to avoid his eyes. A long one. "Um... maybe we should get that tested?"

Jamie: "Bobby suggested I talk to Doctor McCoy about my powers. I guess I could ask him about that, instead." Jamie rolled his shoulders in his coat and looked down, not focusing on anything. "I'm sorry, babe."

Jeannie: "Or just like... ask him about that, too." Jean watched him, and oh God. She gave him a sad! "It's not your fault, Jamie..."

Jamie: "If I can't give you the family you want, we can figure out something. A donor or adoption..." He looked up with just his eyes, "If you want to. If you don't, I get it."

Jeannie: Good job, Jean. Her stomach dropped and her brain stalled out.

Jamie: "Babe," he said softly. Jamie got up and moved behind her, wrapping his arms around her, and kissing the top of her head. "We don't have to talk about it now. Just... Think about it. Just in case. I love you."

Jeannie: Jean closed her eyes and leaned back against him. She had a thousand questions in her moderately-addled head, but focusing on one was hard. "Think about what? I want to be with you, so... we'll figure it out, right?"

Jamie: "We'll figure it out," he confirmed. "Always and forever, baby." Jamie smiled. Maybe adoption could be a good solution? No transference of the mutant gene. Or maybe adopting a mutant orphan? Would be challenging, but it wouldn't matter. "I'm glad you don't love somebody else. Or hate me. Or both."

Jeannie: She opened her mouth and her eyes to protest, then realized. "Oh. The Rogue thing, with the Bobby and Paige and Doritos... I'm still not clear on WTF is going on there..." Jean moved so she could turn her head to look up at him. "There's never been anyone else for me." Not once she figured out what she was feeling anyway...

Jeannie: "I guess we both need to see McCoy then." Jean sighed. "Better bring a box of Twinkies."

Jamie: "It was kind of a high version of the word association game... Helped him realize that he wants Rogue beside him. But he's fucked because he's married and the president just bought Rogue a house. My guess is the next step is a wedding in the backyard of said house." He smiled down at her. "I'll never want anyone else beside me other than you, Jeannie."

Jeannie: She struggled to flip around and face him. "The president bought her a house?! Fuuuck, now that's a sugar daddy." Oh, right. They were talking about them. Serious business! "Well now that I know what the fuck you were talking about, I'm absolutely your Dorito."

Jamie: "One that Bobby wished she didn't have because he feels totally and completely incompetent next to him." Who could blame him? The smile on his face spread wider. "Yeah? I'm your Dorito, too. Tasty Triangles," TM, "together through tough times."

Jeannie: "It's hard to compete with the president," she snorted, then grinned at his growing smile. "Tasty triangles all the way." Jean floated up to give him a peck.

Jamie: Jamie caught her before she broke the kiss, deepening it a bit before he let her go. "I know I should probably focus on getting the inhibitor to work for my powers, but all I can think about is your personal tasty triangle..." He grinned at her. "What if you put us in a bubble so nothing hit me while I focused on that particular task?"

Jeannie: Jean looked over at the table, realizing he'd taken it apart partially while she wasn't paying attention. Dammit. "You never even tried it..." She put on a slight pout, although... tempting. So very tempting.

Jamie: "Why would I try it before I know how it works?" He laughed and kissed her pout. "So, is that a no?"

Jeannie: "I tried it," she pointed out, but his laughter made her smile and she caught his jaw to steal another kiss. "Um. If I ever say no I'm very, very sick. Or a pod person. Or possessed. Or, like... dead."

Jamie: "Well, none of those are good options." Sick. McCoy. "Wait, why do you need to see Doctor McCoy?"

Jeannie: Oh. That. "Um... I sort of was supposed to go back to get a check up... after..." Jean licked her lips and looked up at him. "The baby." Which might have been a dupe. Whaaaaat.

Jamie: "Not a dupe. Our baby." Jamie tightened his arms around her, wishing he could make everything be okay. "I'll be there with you."

Jeannie: Great, now she was leaking. Jean pressed herself into him. Our baby, she agreed. "He's been pestering me to come get checked," she mumbled.

Jamie: "Probably smart, to be honest, babe. Gotta make sure Arcade didn't fuck anything else up..." Jamie wrinkled his nose at the thought. "Sorry," he mumbled. "I'm sure everything's fine. But you gotta get a clean bill of health, right?"

Jeannie: "Yeah, Anna healed me, but they said once my cycle, like, stabilizes, they should run some more tests..." She winced. "He could have fixed me for good."

Jamie: "Could have," he said softly. "Doesn't mean he did. Maybe he wanted to make little hims. Wouldn't do to fix you if that was the goal." Jamie gave her a gentle kiss. "Whatever the outcome, I'll only love you more tomorrow than I did today. Promise."

Jeannie: "Uuuugh, no little hims. Only little yous, but not, like, dupe yous. Half me and half you." Shut up, Jean. He was kissing her. That was always a welcome distraction. When they broke the kiss, she smiled. "Is there a maximum level of love? We can't have you going critical and overloading."

Jamie: He gave her a toothy grin, "Only if there's a maximum number of dupes I can make. Haven't found the limit to that yet so I doubt I'll find a maximum level for how much I can love you."

Jeannie: The grin made her google as per the usual. "Well hey, McCoy never found the limit of my teke either, so we're both good for maximum love." Although she was being silly, she meant it, giving him a mental hug and a physical squeeze.
Jamie: ((giggle*?))
Jeannie: ((rhinos are dinosaur cows))
Jamie: ((elmo is a glove))

Jamie: "It takes minimum effort to give you maximum love, Jeannie." Jamie squeezed her back, gave her another kiss, then moved back to his chair with the taken apart inhibitor. This would work for him, dammit. Even if it was jewelry.

Jeannie: "Well, we'll have to get you jewelry anyway when I get your wedding band." Jean took a long look at the bottle of boozy weed and another drink. "You're totes loveable."

Jamie: "Yeah, but that's different." He glanced up at him with a toothy grin. "That's jewelry that says 'hands off' to everybody but you. I like that kind."
Jeannie: ((*up at her))
Jamie: ((jean doesn't want a sex change?))
Jeannie: ((does jamie want jean to have a sex change?))
Jamie: ((noooooooooooooooooooo thank you))

Jeannie: Jean looked down at her little pink ring. She was still getting hit on, sooo. "Maybe I should get you one now then."

Jamie: Jamie laughed and shook his head. "If you want to, sure. But it won't be the same as when we have the ceremony." He stared at her for a long moment, eyes tracing her features. Luckiest man in the world. Way out of our league, for sure.

Jeannie: She caught the drift of his thoughts and gave him a grin. "Totally and absolutely." Jean straightened her ring. They hadn't really talked about it since... all the drama.

Jamie: His eyes fell to her hands and he sighed. Jamie wished the proposal had been better for her. He would make it be better. "So... On the topic of ceremonies... I guess I should meet your parents first?"

Jeannie: Her eyes flew up to meet his and she mimed a heart attack. "Oh my God. You brought it up! Instead of me nagging you to death!" She reached over and felt his forehead, smoothing back his hair in the process.

Jamie: Jamie rolled his eyes. "I just... I wanna do this right, okay? If you promise you'll marry me, even if they hate me, then I guess I'll be fine."

Jeannie: Jean softened and leaned to kiss his forehead. "I promise." She played with his hair and set her forehead against his, closing her eyes. "I promise I'll marry you."

Jamie: "Good. Because I can't wait to see you walking towards me in a wedding gown." He caught her chin and guided her mouth to his. "It's my favorite daydream."

Jeannie: She gave him little kisses to punctuate her words. "Okay, so..." Kiss. "Should I invite them to come here?" Nibble. "Ooooor, we can go to New York and you can see where I grew up." It was long overdue.

Jamie: "Whatever you want, Jeannie." Though if they saw the tenement in the half-finished state they might take her away from him... "I'll do whatever you want."

Jeannie: He wasn't arguing with her and she wasn't used to that. Well, not anymore anyway. "Are you sure you're okay, babe?"

Jamie: "I'm fine." Jamie brushed his thumb along her jaw. "I just realized that if I'm going to be with you, I need to do it the right way. I don't want any risk of resentment from you or any chance that things could go sour if we rush into things without everyone being on board." He kissed her softly. "It doesn't mean that I'm not still terrified, though."

Jeannie: She tilted her head into his hand and met his eyes at close range. "Don't be scared. My parents don't scare me, and I've been telling them to fuck off for years, so if for some reason they're insane and don't like you, I'll tell them to fuck off again."

Jamie: "Or we find out why they don't like me and change their minds. I'd rather have them like me than have awkward family holidays." Jamie grinned at her. "Our kids need a happy home, not a tense one. Right?"

Jeannie: Their kids. Jean smiled, hoping Arcade and their fucking mutations hadn't fucked that up for them. "See, you're so sweet. They're gonna love you." She smirked. "Penis and all."

Remy: he feels lust for everyone

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