10/5 Issue: Sexy Pizza

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10/5 Issue: Sexy Pizza

Post by Svartfreja » Tue Oct 05, 2021 11:22 pm

Timelined for a couple of days after [Issue]Food or Not-Food? but before [Issue]Fiddlers on the Roof.

<Carol> Carol landed the jet as close to the building as she could so they didn't have to carry everything for miles. In theory she could could hover outside the window to her room and carry stuff in that way but that would get dicey if something got dropped. "Okay, let's get you moved in." She unhooked her belt and stretched before getting to her feet.

<Andi> "Thanks, this is better than asking friends if they have a truck... or know how to drive." Andi grabbed a few things, before Silence helped by creating tendrils to grab even more.

<Carol> Carol laughed, going for the heaviest items, "Yeah, I'm your best friend for moving house. Don't need help with the heavy stuff and I don't get tired... and I will accept payment in pizza and beer."

<Andi> "And you have a jet. So much better than a truck." Andi gave Carol a smile. "Silence makes it easier to move too. I mean." She gestured to the tendrils with her head.

<Silence> "We are useful! We deserve snacks!"

<Carol> "Absolutely. All the snacks," Carol agreed with a nod, hitting the control for the ramp and starting down it before it was all the way down. "So, most people are here temporary - they have rooms but they live mainly off-site. I'm here all the time so, if you need anything, just come find me. Don't care what time it is."

<Silence> "We are not allowed to annoy people after bedtime!"

<Andi> Andi groaned. "Silence, I'm seriously going to institute a no talking policy unless you ask me first."

<Carol> Carol laughed, "The rules are different here. If I say it's okay to wake me up, you can wake me up. Just don't shake me awake because I get punchy..." She led the way into the building and up the stairs.

<Andi> "Please don't humor her... She'll drag me around while I'm asleep. And she has no concept of public indecency."

<Carol> "Okay so don't wake me up unless Andi says she wants you to..." Carol amended, "I don't mind public indecency..." she added, "But with the media lurking around the building sometimes I can see why it'd be a problem."

<Andi> "Uhmm.... I think I'll just avoid it completely." Andi adjusted the box in her arms.

<Carol> "No one's gonna make you strip off," Carol assured her, "Unless you count SHIELD fitting you for a uniform. Trust me, you want it to fit right."

<Andi> "No need. Just need to see what it looks like." Andi had Silence change her clothes to match Carol's exactly.

<Carol> "Oh that's handy! People hate that I can do that. Now there's two of us," she grinned, switching to the X-men uniform. "I don't need the kevlar so..."

<Andi> "I don't need Kevlar either. Silence can block most firearms. And can heal me if I do get hurt."

<Carol> "Neat. You're all kinds of useful, huh Silence?" She nodded to one of the doors as they passed, "This is my room."

<Silence> "We are the best." Silence made her head grow out of Andi's shoulder and gave Carol a toothy smile.

<Carol> "Don't say that too loud - lot of egos around here." Carol gave a grin in reply, stopping outside an empty room, "And this is you." She adjusted her hold on the boxes to open the door and stepped inside, moving out of the way so Andi could follow.

<Andi> She followed Carol into the room. "Yeah no bigger ego than Silence."

<Carol> "You haven't met a Stark, have you?" Carol set the boxes down and crossed to the window to open it and let some air in.

<Andi> "I've seen his press conferences. Silence has him beat. Also probably the biggest appetite I'm betting."

<Carol> "Oh God, he's way worse in real life." Carol shook her head, "If he wasn't the President I'd have smacked him by now... not that I couldn't totally take the Secret Service - I just like having a job."

<Andi> "And I'm guessing not wanting to be wanted for assault. Though you might want to be careful touching him. It looks like he has enough gel on you'd get stuck to him."

<Carol> "Nah, it just looks that way on tv. He likes hair products... And I wouldn't hit him that hard. He's squishy. I'd hurt him and he'd be obnoxious about it."

<Andi> "Ahh." Andi set the boxes down with help from Silence. "You'd probably break him."

<Carol> Carol nodded, "Yes, that could happen... and then his kid would melt my brain all the way from New York."

<Andi> "Brain melting would be a bad thing." Andi nodded.

<Silence> "But brains taste good, why would you melt them?"

<Carol> Carol gave Silence a long stare for that comment, "Aaaaaanyway. You start unpacking. I'll get the rest of the stuff and park the jet where it's supposed to live before it sinks into the lawn."

<Andi> "Alright, no box snooping though." Andi teased Carol. "Silence questioning me about my underwear is all I can bear... I don't need more people doing it."

<Carol> "I will never judge anyone for their underwear choices," Carol promised her, "Mine always surprise people." She headed out of the window rather than use the stairs. Faster.

<Andi> "I don't know if I should be curious or afraid." Andi went to start unpacking her stuff into the room.

<Silence> "You said curiosity killed the cat. Does that mean we will get to eat the cat?"

<Carol> "No one's eating my cat!" Carol yelled up from the lawn.

<Andi> "Hah! Now cat is off your menu too! Win!"

<Carol> Carol appeared at the window with more boxes to pass through, "As for the underwear, you have to ask nicely to see that."

<Andi> Andi blushed red. "I...uhmm....am okay." She hurried to turn away and start putting clothes away.

<Silence> "Andi, your face is turning red. Are you turning into a tomato?"

<Carol> Carol had to laugh, "Man, you get no privacy with Silence, huh? Someone needs to teach you subtlety."

<Andi> "None! And I'm not!" She bit her lip and tried to tell Silence to shut up by saying it over and over again in her head.

<Silence> "What? We did not do anything and we will not shut up. We are being good!"

<Carol> "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you... this much... maybe just a little bit though... the blush is cute."

<Andi> "It's fine... I'm used to Silence making things awkward." Andi sighed.

<Carol> "I'll, uh.... go park the jet.... give you time for your face to get back to normal..." she offered Andi a small apologetic smile.

<Andi> "Have fun?" Andi bit her lip.

<Silence> "Andi why are you biting yourself? You are not supposed to bite yourself."

<Carol> Carol chuckled softly, shaking her head as she headed back up the ramp into the jet. Silence was all kinds of fun.

<Andi> "Cut it out, Silence! There is no need to narrate my life!"

<Silence> "We are not narrating. We are just asking why you are being weird."

<Andi> "I'm not being weird. You're embarrassing me. And I think Carol is flirting with me..." She chewed her lip more.

<Silence> "The helpful not-food wants to mate with you? But I thought she was female."

<Andi> "Okay we're going to stop this conversation right there. No mating talk ever! And we're not discussing how anyone can do whatever with anyone as long as they're willing parties."

<Carol> Jet all parked and oblivious to the awkward conversation occurring while she was gone, Carol flew back from the hangar and back in through the window. "So... shall I order pizza now or do I have to help you unpack first?"

<Andi> "I thought I was supposed to supply the pizza and beer?" Andi laughed a little. "But I'm sure we can get more unpacked before they get here."

<Carol> "You can get the next one?" Carol offered, "You know, after you get paid. Rogue doesn't think the pay is good but she's dating the President so what does she know?"

<Andi> "I mean it's better than doing this for free? And I guess I can give in to your logic."

<Carol> "Good. Because I hear people expect you to pay for your takeout." She gave Andi a grin, perching on the window sil, "What do you want on it?"

<Andi> "Anything but anchovies." Andi pulled a face at the thought.

<Silence> "The little salty fish!"

<Andi> "Nope! Not again, never again! I could taste them for a week."

<Carol> "Good answer," Carol hit call on her favourite pizza place, "Yes, Silence. The little salty fish."

<Andi> "Please God, no anchovies!"

<Carol> Carol laughed, "No salty fish, I swear."

<Silence> "We thought you were nice!"

<Andi> "She is being nice. You just have terrible taste and will eat anything."

<Carol> "I'm buying you pizza!" Carol reminded the symbiote.

<Silence> Silence pondered that for a moment. "We will relent."

<Carol> Carol made her usual order and just told them to double it. "Okay so we got a half hour or so."

<Andi> "Uhmm, so unpack stuff, I guess, then?" Andi looked around the room at the boxes, not remembering what was in which box.

<Carol> "Yep. Where do you wanna start?" Carol eyed all the boxes, "Did you write on any of them?"

<Andi> "That would have been the smart thing to do...."

<Silence> "She did not. Andi has no forethought."

<Carol> "Then I guess we better start opening boxes, huh?" Carol gave them a small grin, "Don't worry about it."

<Andi> "Yeah shouldn't be anything to worry about. I didn't let Silence pack anything." Andi moved to one of the boxes and opened up to see what was inside.

<Silence> "We could have packed things just fine! You are just mean to us Andi."

<Carol> "Maybe Andi was concerned you'd only pack food instead of important stuff like clothes and personal possessions...."

<Silence> "Food is more important than those. Without food we will die."

<Carol> "Yeah but you don't need to pack food when you're moving house over all the other stuff. You can just buy more food at the other end. Save room for things you can't easily replace like photographs and stuff."

<Andi> "You won't be able to convince Silence that." Andi shook her head. "Clothes here." She took them over to put them away.

<Carol> Carol started opening boxes at random to stack them in categories and make Andi's task a little easier. "I can try," she offered, "Maybe you just have to work at it a little."

<Andi> "Pffffft." Andi laughed a little. "Good luck with that."

<Carol> "We've got time!" Carol grinned over her shoulder before looking into another box. Oh okay this was definitely the kind of box Andi didn't want her to open. She closed the flaps again and pretended she hadn't seen anything. She pushed the box toward Andi with her foot.

<Silence> "Huh? Why did you not unpack this?" Silence used a tentacle to open up the box and go through it. "Oh it is Andi's toys!"

<Carol> Carol face-palmed on Andi's behalf, "Well.... I tried to spare you..."

<Andi> "What? I don't have any toys...." Andi froze and blushed bright red.

<Carol> "I'm not judging," Carol assured her, "Everyone is entitled to some alone time."

<Andi> Andi picked up the box and hid it in her closet. "Y...yeah." She looked like a tomato at this point.

<Silence> "Andi you are redder than before and your temperature is rising. Are you okay?"

<Carol> "Silence, you're not helping." Carol moved over to Andi, "There's no need to be embarrassed, really."

<Andi> "I have no idea what you're talking about. Nothing happened, nothing at all."

<Silence> "Carol found the toys that make you extra happy. How could you forget so fast?"

<Carol> Carol gave Andi a sympathetic pat on the shoulder, "Silence... now would be a really good time to do like your name suggests."

<Andi> Andi groaned. "Yeah... that'll never happen. But thanks for trying."

<Carol> "I'll keep trying. I'm stubborn that way." She gave Andi a small smile and gently squeezed her shoulder, "You'll never get any judgement from me, okay? Nothing to be embarrassed about. Whatever you think is a problem, you can bet I've seen or heard way worse."

<Andi> Andi chewed her lip. "You're really not making this better." Her blush still hadn't gone away.

<Carol> "Then I'll stop talking about it and we can carry on sorting boxes.... unless there's any other boxes I shouldn't look in that you wanna find real quick?"

<Andi> "Y...yeah, I'm not that fun." Andi sighed and went to open another box and start unpacking it.

<Carol> "Well, I didn't mean another box like that... but you seemed concerned I might see your underwear earlier so..."

<Andi> "Yeah.... I forgot about that box. Nothing left to be embarrassed about now."

<Carol> "Awesome. So now there's just pizza to look forward to," Carol offered her a smile, "Not all bad!"

<Silence> "But no sardines. You two are just being mean to me. I am being helpful!"

<Carol> "You're being mean to Andi," Carol pointed out, "Sardines are only for good symbiotic beings that don't embarrass their hosts."

<Andi> Andi laughed at that. "Hah, that's right. So stop being a butt head."

<Carol> If Silence liked food so much maybe using food against her would work. It was worth a shot and Andi seemed to agree.

<Silence> "My head is not a butt. Maybe if you would stop thinking about Carol's butt you would not mistake my head for a butt."

<Carol> Carol paused after setting a box down then straightened up and turned her head to look at Andi, eyebrow raised.

<Andi> "I am not, you little troll!" Andi was still blushing red. "What's the drug they give you to kill parasites? I need a truck load."

<Carol> She laughed, "Hey, you can look at my ass if you want, I don't mind."

<Silence> "It is a nice butt." Silence nodded on Andi's shoulder.

<Carol> That made her laugh again, "Thanks."

<Andi> "My face is going to be permanently red here isn't it?"

<Carol> "You'll get used to it," Carol assured her, "Eventually making dirty jokes will be second nature to you and you won't even notice."

<Andi> "Yeah... I'm not used to people. I used to be a server jockey." Andi sat on her new bed. "And this freeloader is not great at not embarrassing me."

<Carol> "Well, mostly around here it's just gonna be me... and random SHIELD staff. So you can get used to people one at a time and it doesn't matter what Silence says to me. No judgement, remember?"

<Andi> "Yeah that's not what I'm worried about." Andi chewed her lip. "I'd be more worried if you'd accept the whole parasite thing and not embarrassing moments."

<Silence> "We are not a parasite. We are part of you."

<Carol> "It's not a completely foreign concept to me... so it's not really gonna bother anyone here. It might be new to some but... everyone on the team has some sort of crazy mutant ability so..." she shrugged, "It'd be kind of hypocritical for them to judge you over that."

<Andi> "Yeah, this place seems like a place for all us weirdos huh?"

<Carol> "Well our collective weirdness is useful in case of emergency. May as well put us somewhere we're easy to find."

<Andi> "And apparently tell dirty jokes in our free time." She gave Carol a weak smile.

<Carol> "Among other things," she nodded, "If you want, after you're all moved in and whatever, I can show you some good places in the city to eat at."

<Andi> "Other things?" Andi raised an eyebrow this time.

<Carol> "Sure. There's all the gym stuff, the pool, there's a library, labs, a whole-ass kitchen I only use to make coffee..."

<Andi> "Oh. I thought you were leading up a joke." Andi blushed again.

<Carol> She laughed, "I could have been but I figured I'd made you blush enough today..."

<Andi> "You're not very good at avoiding that." Andi laughed with her.

<Carol> "Well, it kind of seems like it's really easy," Carol pointed out, "Gotta work on that. I'll help."

<Silence> "Can we eat the pizza guy since we did not get sardines?"

<Carol> ".... Silence, what about eating a pizza guy says 'superhero' to you?"

<Silence> "Put them out of their misery? They have to deliver food and not eat it. That is horrible."

<Carol> Carol shook her head, "That's not how it works. Pizza delivery is a noble profession. If there was no pizza delivery guys we wouldn't be able to order pizza. That is horrible."

<Silence> "But you can fly. That is much faster than waiting for a person to drive it here."

<Carol> "Sure but if I flew it home I'd have to reheat it because at that speed it'd get really cold. And what about the other people that can't fly and also want pizza?"

<Silence> "Cold pizza is good too."

<Andi> Andi sighed. "No eating people. That's a much simpler rule."

<Carol> "Hot pizza is better... but yeah, let's just simplify it by saying no eating people. People are not food. Even if they're bad people. We like to ask the bad people questions and we can't really do that if you ate them...."

<Andi> "And before you say it, no buts. Hot pizza is almost as good as sex, and you're not taking that away from me by eating delivery drivers missy."

<Carol> That was a lot of love for pizza or someone was doing sex wrong. Carol decided it was better not to voice this thought. "Definitely no eating of the people that bring the food. Otherwise we'd never eat and that would be terrible."

<Silence> "But we can make our own food. Are we not allowed to cook here?"

<Carol> "If you wanna cook and won't burn the place down, you're absolutely allowed to. The kitchen is huge. I don't have this skill so I pretty much rely on other people to feed me."

<Andi> "I can cook." Andi chimed in. "I've been living on my own for a while. Had to learn or starve, also you really don't want Silence cooking for you."

<Carol> "I've lived on my own since I was 18... but I joined the Air Force so they've pretty much been feeding me since then."

<Andi> Andi laughed a little. "They would have taken one look at me as a kid and told me to scram."

<Carol> "Eh, it's not for everyone... turns out I was pretty good at it."

<Andi> "I was the typical rebel goth girl when I was that young. Grew out of it in college." Andi gave her a shrug. "Now I'm boring."

<Carol> "I doubt you're boring," Carol gave her a smile, looking at the window when she heard a car on the driveway, "That might be pizza."

<Andi> "Do I need to point out how I said pizza was almost as good as sex?" Andi laughed a little.

<Carol> "Yeah I kind of feel like you're doing one of those things wrong..." She got up to go to the window, "Be right back."

<Andi> "Or not at all..." Andi muttered under her breath as she went about putting things away again.
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