10/13 Issue: Worser Case Scenario

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10/13 Issue: Worser Case Scenario

Post by Esynthia » Thu Oct 14, 2021 4:49 am

Timeline: After Issue: Worst Case Scenario

Jean: The small talk and awkward dinner had been as awkward as she'd expected, but thank fuck they'd gotten takeout instead of her mom's attempts at drunk cooking. Now, they were on their own for a bit.

Jean: They'd moved her car and retrieved their overnight bags and now Jean led Jamie by the hand back up to her bedroom, where all the drama had started hours ago.

Jamie: Jamie appreciated the view in front of him as they climbed the stairs, wondering if this was a secret fantasy he didn't even know he had. Jeannie's childhood bedroom? Yes, please. If only they could make sure to keep her parents out for long enough this time...

Jean: She caught the train of his thoughts and barely held in her giggle, biting down on her lip. Tempting... so so tempting. Jean shook her ass on the last stair tread.

Jamie: "Hubba hubba," he over-exaggerated a groan at the end and reached up to pinch her cheek with his free hand. "Doesn't have to just be tempting..."

Jean: OMG they're still downstairs!! Jean bubbled them in a hurry and picked up the pace to drag him down the hall and into her room.

Jamie: Jamie flailed a little at being dragged unexpectedly. "Yeah, but that makes it more exciting... Right?" No? Was it just him that felt that way? Probably. Weirdo.

Jean: Their bags floated along behind them and barely made it inside before the door shut with a click. Oh, it's not just you.

Jamie: Oh. A slow, predatory grin spread across his face as he watched her. "You wanna be fucked in your childhood bedroom?"

Jean: Well. She had been. But by him? Uuuggnnnh. "Jamie!" She giggled, but let the bags drop to the floor and turned to face him. "Aren't we in enough trouble already?"

Jamie: "I dunno... I think your dad's forgiven me for the clothesline-esque attack...Defense... Whatever that was. He seems to like me okay, yeah?" Jamie's hands grabbed her hips and he pulled her to him in a playful, quick tug.

Jean: "My dad does like you." Jean grinned up at him and draped her arms around his neck. It was a fucking relief, honestly. "You can nerd out together."

Jamie: "He's super science-y." Jamie beamed down at her. "I've not been able to talk to anyone about science-y things like that since I was fifteen. I like it." His brows drew together in concern, though. "Are you okay with it? I can keep a distance for a bit if you want."

Jean: "Huh?" Her nose wrinkled and she blinked at his sudden mood swing. "Why would I want that?"

Jamie: "I don't know. I've never met anyone's parents before? I don't know what the normal thing is... I was just checking."

Jean: Jean floated up to give him a soft kiss. "I love it." She slid her arms around him for a hug. They were really here, with her parents. Together. "I love you."

Jamie: That made him feel warm inside and he held her tight to him. "I love you, too, Jeannie." He nuzzled her hair and closed his eyes to just enjoy the quiet, alone, and non-squished in a teeny car time with her. "I'm sorry I made you wait so long with getting me here."

Jean: "It's okay. We're here now." Jean closed her eyes and relaxed into his arms. I never told you I let Tandy read me. When we were in asshole world.

Jamie: Asshole world. Jamie's shoulders rolled involuntarily and he stretched his neck. You did? You needed something to hope for back then. We all did. I'm engaged to such a smart girl.

Jean: Engaged. Yeah, that hadn't come up yet during their visit. At least not formally. Jean shook herself back on topic. I did. She let him see what Tandy saw - them, together, with her parents, and with their baby.

Jean: The last time I lived in this room, I thought I'd never see you again, but here we are. She gave him a squeeze.

Jamie: Jamie turned his head just enough to kiss her temple, then nuzzled her again. "Here we are," he murmured. They had both been kind of dumb before, but not anymore. Not ever again. "In your room," he let his voice drop an octave, but kept the volume low. "Alone."

Jean: That voice made a shiver run down her spine. Fuuuuck. Why did he have to be so fucking hot? Alone, except for my parents and their dog downstairs.

Jamie: I could send a dupe down for distraction? Although, maybe he should supervise Doctor Grey with his dupes for a while first... Buuuuuut... Alone time... "Well, I guess we'll just have to wait until everyone goes to bed. We can start getting ready and maybe they'll decide to do it, too?"

Jean: I think that could either go great, or terrible, depending on the dupe, babe. Jean wriggled a bit and pressed herself against him because she just couldn't help it. They're probably trying to pretend they're not listening to see what we're doing because they're totally the cool liberal parents and we're totally adults but I'm also totally their daughter alone with a boy in her room.

Jamie: Then we just have to be..."extra, extra sneaky," he grinned, enjoying the wiggling and not afraid of letting her know with a purposeful shift of his body weight.

Jamie: My parents would totally not have been this cool. They would have made me sleep on the couch and given you my bed. Or worse, my dad would have pitched our camping tent in the back pasture for the two of us and you would have been alone in the house with Mom. He smiled a little, though. "They would have loved you."

Jean: "It's a good thing you're good at being sneaky then." Jean bit her lip at the feel of him and moved to see his face. "I hope so," she said, knowing his parents definitely wouldn't have loved some of her past bullshit. See, I would have been the one to get the shotgun treatment. Jean brushed her nose against his.

Jamie: "Nah, no shotgun. Mom would've just taught you how to make family recipes and made fun of us boys." Ooh. She was within kissing range. That was enough talk about dead parents. Depressing. He gave her a brief, toothy grin, then ducked his head to steal a kiss. "Time to put my training to work?"

Jean: "Oh God, trying to teach me to cook? Please. Now the other thing..." She giggled at his grin and groaned at the kiss. How am I supposed to keep us shielded when you are so very good at distracting me?

Jamie: "Right!" How do we make them get sleepy so we can go to bed, too? Surely Jean could do that on purpose? Or on accident? Waitaminute... "You want to make fun of me? GASP."

Jean: Benadryl? Hmm, she probably could give them a couple of gentle nudges. After all, it'd been a day. "You enjoy it," she said with a grin and another wriggle.

Jamie: "Drat. You're onto me! I guess I need to find a new thing to be fake offended about, huh?" Jamie grinned and cupped her ass when she wiggled. "Watch it or I won't wait for them to be asleep and us to be under the covers."

Jean: "Oooo, that a promise?" She smirked and moved her hips again since he was getting handsy.

Jamie: "And then some." He tugged her tighter against him, "Is this a promise?" Benadryl? After they've been boozing?

Jeannie: Whyyyy was he so hot?! Jean shut him up with a kiss. Okay, okay, telepathic benadryl?

Jamie: Orr... We just risk it because I want you totally focused and in the moment. Jamie picked her up by her ass, using his fingers to nudge her to wrap her legs around him. He broke the kiss to peek around her and make sure he knew the path to the bed, then ducked his head back into a hungrier kiss.

Jeannie: Jean didn't need the nudge, crossing her legs behind his back and noticing belatedly that they were moving through her pink, pink room. And they catch us like last time? She supposed she could seal the door with her teke, but she might lose that when she lost it.

Jamie: They know we're here now. Surely they won't come while we come right? He lowered her to the bed when he felt his knees hit then pulled back to look down on her. "You are so beautiful." Jamie was the luckiest man in the world and he never wanted to take that for granted. He leaned over her, propping up on an elbow and watching his other hand as it traced her curves.

Jeannie: The bed creaked a little again and she giggled, licking her lips when she caught his thoughts. Her arms were still around him but she slid them higher. "Way outta your league," she smirked, but moved encouragingly to put more curves in his hand.

Jamie: "So far outta my league I should be fined for impersonating a major league player." Jamie dipped his head to kiss along her collarbone.

Jeannie: Jean tipped her head back to give him access, eyes sliding closed. "Naaaah, JK." She smiled, loving the feel of his mouth on her skin, his mind in hers. "We're in the same league together, baby."

Jamie: "Naaaah," he echoed between kisses. "I'm just good at pretending so they don't kick me out." Jamie's hand slipped under the end of her skirt and snaked up to grip at the waistband of her panties, then he paused. "Before we get caught in nearly the same position... Where are your parents?"

Jeannie: It made her giggle and shake her head at him, craning her neck to look at him. "Whatever, hot stuff." The dupe who'd freaked out seeing himself in the mirror popped into her thoughts and she freed a hand to card her fingers through his dark hair.

Jeannie: "Hmm..." Her eyes unfocused for a moment. "They're watching a documentary and bickering about if they should pretend we're not here."

Jamie: "So we may not even need to worry about them coming up if they're gonna pretend we're not here." Jamie grinned and started to slowly pull them down, a little bit at a time. "Focus back in on me now so you can lose your focus on the rest of the world shortly."

Jeannie: Jean's eyes snapped back into focus and met his. "You're definitely a major league player in that." She raised her hips to help him with her undies. "We can put them further into denial. It's fun!"

Jamie: "What can I say? I know what my lady likes." Further denial, huh? They might need earmuffs to keep that pretense. Jamie successfully got rid of her underwear and dropped it to the floor, dipping his head to mouth at the pulse point on her neck.

Jeannie: "Yeah you do." She turned her head and tilted it again for him. When she opened her eyes, she took in the striped, pink wallpaper and her dresser. The old pictures of him - and them together - from school were hidden in one of the drawers.

Jamie: Jamie paused and lifted to look down at her. "Babe? You okay?" He ran his leg lovingly up and down her thigh. "Do you not want to do this?"

Jeannie: She looked at him so fast they ended up nose to nose. "Noooo, I want!" Keep your voice down, Jean! She clung a bit.

Jamie: He laughed at her near panicked response. "Okay, okay. You know I have no problem giving it to you. I was just making sure. You seem a bit ...off? You really worried that much about your parents?"

Jeannie: "I'm not..." Jean looked back up at him and moved her hand to cup his face, brushing her thumb over the corner of his mouth. "It's not so much them... although, I know you wanted to make a good impression and we tried our best to fuck that up."

Jeannie: She smiled a little, just taking in his face, his ever-present coat, his crazy hair. He was here, in her bedroom. "Having one of my 'is this real or is Jean crazy' moments."

Jamie: "Well we know Jean is crazy because she's with Jamie." He grinned and kissed her thumb. Jamie gave her a shrug and an exaggerated sigh, "I mean... Since we already did fuck up... We might as well fuck up."

Jeannie: "That's some really solid reasoning there, Mister Madrox." She shook off her mood and gave him a grin in return.

Jamie: He gave her a toothy grin, "I sure thought so!" He lowered his head to nip gently at her lower lip. "And I really doubt your parents want to walk in on us mid-coitus, so if they hear anything, they'll probably walk away really fast."

Jeannie: "...that is a good argument for making as much noise as we want." Jean moved to hook her leg over his hip, wriggling into a better position to kiss his lips.

Jamie: He slid his hand under her back and scooted her back further on the bed so that he could fully climb on top of her. His tongue teased at hers, slowly deepening the kiss as he got settled in the crook of her hips. How gentle do we have to be to not creak this old thing?

Jeannie: I guess we'll just have to experiment to find out. Jean's eyes fell closed again at the kiss, letting her hand slide inside his coat and down his side. Haven't had anyone else in this bed for years.

Jamie: Jamie pressed against her slowly, testing how much weight the bed could take in one area before it made a sound. He made a sound first though, groaning at feeling her through his pants. Babe... Fuck. Slow. Have to be slow. But she was right there! ...No. SLOW.

Jeannie: Jean grinned against his mouth and nipped at his lower lip, then sucked at his tongue when she felt its flick. Fuck? Yes? We're getting there, right? Actually they needed some fabric out of the way first. She shifted just enough so his zipper wouldn't catch on her skin and went to work with her teke.

Jamie: He felt his pants start to loosen and he shifted back to give her more room to work. As soon as he was free, he pushed back in again, moaning into her mouth. So close and yet still too far.

Jeannie: Impatient. She really wanted him naked, but impractical. Also his powers. Also... she was impatient, too. The best she could do was find the bottom of his shirt and run her hand up his side to bare some skin.

Jeannie: She was so distracted by her sexy distraction that she didn't sense the presence outside the bedroom door.

Jamie: Um... YEAH. He could feel the heat of her through his boxers and reached his hand between them since he agreed that taking off all of the clothes was impractical. And took too long. He pushed the cloth down and positioned right as a knock happened and he jerked forward in surprise. "Shit!"

Jeannie: Jean squeaked and met his eyes. Her own were admittedly a bit buggy, because SURPRISE! On many levels! "Yes?!" Her voice came out strained and she quickly blocked the door with her teke. She was panicking more than a little and crossed her ankles over his ass.

John: "Jean, we're going to get ready for bed. Mom has some blankets and a pillow for Jamie. Downstairs." Jean's efforts were wasted, because he wasn't about to open that door. He knew his daughter.

Jamie: Jamie was trying very hard to stay still, but instincts made him want to move! Surprise, yeah, but dammit she felt amazing. He held his breath, hoping that would help him hold his muscles still. Downstairs?! He shot Jean a look and his hips twitched when he dropped his focus on them. Fuuuck. Jamie swallowed hard and licked his lips. "Thanks, Dr. Grey. I'll be down in a minute!" Or twenty.

Jeannie: Jean was trying to hold him still, but it wasn't working too well. This was bullshit! Total bullshit! "Daaaad," she said, aiming for petulant instead of horny. "Downstairs? Really? I'm 27 years old."

John: Jamie's voice sounded... no. He wasn't going to think about it. "I know, but your mom..."

Jamie: Jamie took a slow, steadying breath and buried his face in her shoulder. He wouldn't be able to hold still much longer. Babe... "It's fine, Doctor Grey." Muffled, Madrox. Right! He lifted his head to try again. "I completely understand. We're just ...talking." He gave Jean a questioning look. Talking wasn't a lie. They had been talking... About how to have sex without her parents knowing.

John: He didn't laugh, but it was a near thing. Talking. "Thanks, I'll just... leave you to finish your conversation."

Jeannie: This is bullshit! "Thaaaaanks." She sensed him leave and relaxed, which wasn't ideal for the situation either. Noooo. Don't leeeaaaave. Jean met his eyes and held him tight.

Jamie: He totally knows, babe. There's no way he doesn't! If I don't do what they want, we'll never get to get married! Although... Now that he was gone, Jamie was able to move again. I won't leave until you're ready for bed. And by bed, he meant...? DUH.

Jeannie: Well yeah he knows! Jean didn't care, and now that they had a deadline, she was motivated to move too, enthusiastically. "Jaaaaamie," she whined. I don't want you to leave at all!

Jamie: Well the bed was for sure gonna creak if they moved that way! Jamie put his hands on her hips to slow her down. "Jean," his voice was husky and rough with the strain of a few moments ago. I'll be right downstairs. I won't let anything happen to you. Promise. Except a damned good time. That, he would let happen to her. And to him. Fuuuck.

Jeannie: Jean gave no fucks if the bed creaked or fell through the floor, and let him know it. Fuck, when he said her name like that. His voice, his eyes... I'm not scared, I just want you here in my bed. You know how many times I wished for this? I need you here.

Jamie: Babe, you're having me in your bed right now. And fuck if it didn't feel amazing. Jamie did care if the bed creaked or went through the floor, however, so tried again to get her to slow down. He had to keep her parents on Team Jamie until the end of the trip. They're going to think I've corrupted you, Miss Grey.

Jeannie: Yeah, they know it's the other way around. Jean stifled a cry, pushing her other hand under his shirt to smooth her palms over his back, then dig into his flesh with her nails when he moved just right.

Jamie: Jamie's mouth caught hers to muffle the sound even more. Keeping his own mouth busy was an added bonus. He groaned into her mouth when her nails clawed at him and he bucked a little. Baaaabe... This was going to suck. It just was. No way around it. It would feel good for a split second and then suck. We gotta be minute-man style fast...

Jeannie: You weren't even a minute man when I made you a man! But, they should hurry, because her dad was one thing, but if her mom came up to check it'd be a shit show. Jean amplified their link and teased juuuust the right spot in his brain.

Jamie: Jamie gasped and shuddered and tried very hard to give her a look for doing that to him, but wasn't able to focus much on how his face reacted right now. Stamina for daaaaaaays, babe. Except when she did that. He was about to be a puddle of goo and she wasn't! Not right! Jamie jerked his hips and snaked his hand between them to help her out.

Jeannie: His face was honestly hilarious, but Jean cried out when the sensation looped into her, plus his helping hand. Fuck yeah you do! "Oh Gooood...." This time she kept her voice down, but her hands scrabbled for purchase over his back and shoulders.

Jamie: Jamie's mouth found hers again right on time for his own shuddering cry. Fuck, fuck, fuuuuck. He was practically vibrating inside of her and he couldn't stop it. You did this, was the only coherent thought he could muster besides, Fucking amazing. Fuck.

Jeannie: Ofc she did! Jean let his rising tide bring her closer to the edge before she pressed the magic button in his head and held him close. She broke the kiss so she wouldn't bite him, instead pressing her own lips together to stay as quiet as she could. It was one of the hardest things she'd ever done. Fuuuuuuck, Jamie!

Jamie: The magic button caused his breathing to stop so that he wouldn't make any noise. An unintelligible word found its way out from his lips, though and he couldn't help it. "Hrngphmguhhh." His body spasmed against her and he held her tight, fingers digging into her sides, forehead pressed hard against her collarbone.

Jeannie: Jean clung to him, shaking as the link echoed and amplified their sensations. Yeaaaaaaaah.... she seconded his babble, then opened her mouth to speak but- fuuuuuuck. She turned her head and bit down on her very pink comforter to muffle her cry.

Jamie: "D-" He swallowed, gasped, swallowed again, then opened his mouth to try words another time. "Don't..." Well. Better than nothing? Jamie slowly lost all power over his muscles, each one heavier by the second until he couldn't hold himself up off of her anymore. His hips were still miraculously moving against her, though, drawing it out for her as much as he could. "Shhhh," he managed.

Jeannie: "Shhhh..." she echoed, spitting out the comforter, then giggled, petting his back as he smooshed her. Still panting and shivering from his continued efforts, she raised her head and kissed the top of his head on her chest. Staaaaaaay, don't go. She freed a hand from his shirt and coat after a few tries to stroke his hair. I could still mindwipe them?

Jamie: "Babe," his voice was rough and he could use some water, but he had none, so he fought through it. "You can't do that to your parents... They don't want us sleeping in the same bed. I get it, I mean, it's gotta be weird for them, right?" Jamie gave her a kiss and pushed up on shaky arms. "On three?"

Jeannie: "It's weirder for them that I want to sleep with my fiance than just have another rando in my bed?" She was having none of it and wouldn't let go. He was still wobbly after all! Handy! "Nuuuu."

Jamie: Jamie supafrowned at her. "Jeannie... We're in your childhood bedroom. They probably don't want any boys in here with you." He pushed a little bit against the restraints of her arms and legs, but not enough to do anything. "I don't want to..."

Jeannie: Jean clung and gave him a full body squeeze as an evil, wonderful idea formed in her brain. "You don't have to... not really."

Jamie: "Um. Yeah I do. They'll notice if I'm not there, baby. I don't want your parents to get mad at me yet. Let us get married first?"

Jeannie: "What do you do when you see a trap?" Jean craned her neck up to brush her nose against his.

Jamie: "Send in a du...Ohhh." He grinned and felt a little bad about it. "Babe, you're a genius. But... What if it's a bad dupe?"

Jeannie: "What if it's not? Besides, all he has to do is sleep on the sofa. How can he fuck that up?" She loved that grin so much she kissed it. "And all you have to do is stay quiet!"

Jamie: Jamie opened his mouth to retort, then promptly shut it. Quiet. Yeesh. He could be quiet. Couldn't he be quiet? "Okay, but we still have to untangle to make a dupe because I'm not duping like this no way no how no Jose no Juan." ...Maybe quiet would be harder than anticipated.

Jeannie: Yay! She won! She won a Jamie! "I knooow, ssshhh." Jean punctuated that with another kiss, then a last squeeze before she unwound her arms and let her legs trail over his ass and down the backs of his to relax on the bed.

Jamie: He quite enjoyed the enthusiasm and kissed her again. "Okay. Now on three?" Before he started counting, though, he pushed up off of her to take in the sight below him. If only they'd had time to get naked. Dammit. Still good, though! "One... Two..."

Jeannie: She laughed. "Three!" If her dad had opened the door, his coat would have hidden most everything, unfortunately. Jean braced herself to move and save her bedspread from an embarrassing fate.

Jamie: "Three!" Jamie slid from her grip and pulled his pants up quickly. Ew. "Can I shower before I dupe? Or do I just need to like... Sit in it?" ...Ew.

Jeannie: Jean was off the bed and cursing biology within a split second, shimmying her dress down. "Oh, we both need showers. Dibs!" Jean lifted her own bag into the air. "Unfortunately, we can't shower together either."

Jamie: "Noooo," Jamie wailed (quietly) and dropped to his knees, hugging her around the waist. He looked up at her with his big puppy eyes. "If you let me go first, I can go ahead and send a dupe down and be waiting for you in bed?"

Jeannie: Oh God, not the eyes! And him waiting for her was so so tempting. "...Jamie, babe. Do you want to have to clean the floor?" She pet his hair anyway, since it was right there.

Jamie: "....No." Why with the logic and the threat of chores? Always! Jamie sighed heavily and stood up. He gave her a tiny pout when he looked down at her. "You better be waiting naked for me, then."

Jeannie: Another win! Jean floated to his level and leaned close. "It's a deal, and shower fast or I might start without you."

Jamie: Jamie was torn between showering fast so he could be there or showering slow so he could catch her in the act. He made another unintelligible noise at the predicament. "Baaaabe..."

Jeannie: She grinned and gave him a fast kiss before she turned to float to the door. Shower time! Now.

Elaine: Elaine knocked once and opened the door without waiting for a response, "Jean!" Oh! There she was. "Jean. We're going to bed, so you two need to sepa..." Elaine narrowed her eyes a bit and looked from her daughter to Jamie and back again. "Why does it smell like sex in here?!"

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