Mystique and Nighty in Uncanny!

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Mystique and Nighty in Uncanny!

Postby BlueJubatus » Sat Aug 10, 2002 1:59 pm

lol...uh, urmmmm, okayyyy
I think its gonna be warren stacy, they have good chemistry, but mebe thats just me:P
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Mystique and Nighty in Uncanny!

Postby silver_frosted_roze » Sat Aug 10, 2002 6:11 pm

Yes, after Mystique and Nightcrawler resolve their issues, they decide to get married.

And I thought the inbreeding jokes in arkansas were bad... *grins*
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Mystique and Nighty in Uncanny!

Postby little Blue Lucy » Sun Aug 11, 2002 9:20 am

Vala: "Hello."
Daniel: "What the hell are you doing here?"
Vala: "Isn't this my room?"
Daniel: "Noooo… your room is across the hall… with the… guard in front of it."
Vala: "Ah yes, they do all rather look alike don't they? Anyhow, Since I'm here, shall we make the best of it?"
Daniel: "No, we shalln't."
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