Excaliber Minimates

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Excaliber Minimates

Post by Witchbrew » Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:54 am

I searched the board and didn't see a posting on this. If there is, my apologies. Several sites are taking pre-orders on a Minimates Excaliber set (Big Bad Toy Store, Sci-Fi Genre, other sites as well). The set includes Captain Britain, Nightcrawler, Juggernaut and Meggan. It looks like a fun set. Thought you'd like to know :) Now if they would only make a Legos set ...
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Excaliber Minimates

Post by Ult_Sm86 » Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:14 pm

Legos & DC are BFF's right now, unfortunately, so marvel has competed simply with "Minimates".

Excalibur teams are a fun idea though -- I like that very much. I am still waiting for them to put some figures out of the Excalibur generation/team.
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