Nightcrawler: Mutant Agility or Mutant "Enhanced" Agility?

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Nightcrawler: Mutant Agility or Mutant "Enhanced" Agility?

Post by ahmed » Tue Aug 13, 2002 1:27 pm

All right...for those who are getting sick... may I attempt to change the topic...Invent your on superhero...
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Nightcrawler: Mutant Agility or Mutant "Enhanced" Agility?

Post by Booker » Tue Aug 13, 2002 3:20 pm

Originally posted by Dark Bamf
All this talk about pain and injury is making my feet hurt!

I have some sort of empathic reaction to seeing or hearing about someone else's pain. My feet...clench, for want of a better term. I have several chronic problems with them anyway, and I imagine that contributes. The funny thing is, they don't react like that if I'M having the injury. :?

If one of my school friends would've said that I would tell them that that was their mutant power. ;)

then they'd stare stupidly at me because nobody in my town reads comics.
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Nightcrawler: Mutant Agility or Mutant "Enhanced" Agility?

Post by little Blue Lucy » Tue Aug 13, 2002 4:21 pm

:eek: That is sad! How can you live there?:?

N-hoos I have created three (count 'em) superheros!:D All mutants of course!;) I'm even writing a story about them which I'll show everyone when I'm done (and sorry in advance for the inconvenience:P:laugh: )
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Nightcrawler: Mutant Agility or Mutant "Enhanced" Agility?

Post by Crawler » Wed Aug 14, 2002 5:50 pm

I think it's kinda funny how a topic that originally asked if NC had agility due to just practice or due to his mutant physiology so quickly became a "look how dumb I can be!" contest. ;) Of course, I've got more than enough me-being-stupid stories, so I can't really say anything.
Well, Kurt's spine allows him to be more flexible than the average person, and I'm guessing his tail adds to his balance. Most of his agility seems to be something he has gained on his own though, not through his mutation. Hence, I think he might be less agile than Spiderman or Beast, but makes up for that with his better skills.
This is more or less the same conclusion that I drew, as well. Though now, it seems, EVERYONE is more agile than the Beast...since he's a big stiff cat guy now. Anyway, I think he could go toe to toe with Spider-Man on agility, with Kurt's practice and training making up for Peter's Spider-Sense.
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