Nightcrawler #1 - #4 disscussion

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Nightcrawler #1 - #4 disscussion

Post by DoomInABox » Fri Jan 07, 2005 3:07 am

That is major COOL. A true mark of a good writer is one who does reasearch as well as making stuff up. Combining the two makes for such a delicious thrill.

Personally, Darick, I think your Pazuzu is much scarier than that stone one, though it must have been quite frightening in its time. Turned children into monsters, was it? Must have visited my little brother, at some point in time. :D

On an endnote, I'm glad Darick will be taking over cover-duty. Greg Land is a fabulous artist, and the pictures are beautiful, but they lack ... energy. The cover for issue five is more the kind of thing I think covers should be like, exciting and energetic, like the story is promising. And it'll probably be easier for Darick to tie the covers into the story, since I'm pretty sure he knows what's going on in it. :P
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Nightcrawler #1 - #4 disscussion

Post by Azur » Sat Jan 08, 2005 2:19 pm

Originally posted by DoomInABox

Personally, Darick, I think your Pazuzu is much scarier than that stone one, though it must have been quite frightening in its time. Turned children into monsters, was it? Must have visited my little brother, at some point in time. :D
yup, turning unborn children into monsters.
that's what the teacher said last year during a class of anthropology about monsters : one of the possibles causes to the birth of monstruous kids, like, with a tail, or hairy ears, or cyclops , or frog-headed ...
i really should have asked him if the mesopotamians also recorded cases of people with claws snikting out of their hands :naughty

ok ok, i shut my big mouth and go back reading The Exorcist

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Nightcrawler #1 - #4 disscussion

Post by Dedicatedfollower467 » Wed Mar 03, 2010 11:32 pm

It has been, like, six years since this series was written.

But I have too much to freak out over to simply put this in the coffee thread.


Found out about three weeks ago that my local comic book store still had old Nightcrawler back issues. Could hardly keep my hands off of them, finished issue four just last week and have been looking for this forum ever since!

I have no idea if Darick still goes on here at all, but I absolutely have to squee about the artwork. I get extraordinarily tired of the "angular" Nightcrawler look; Darick's softer Kurt just made me gush with fangirl delight. Especially the lips, so full and soft. And how on earth does he manage to make eyes without pupils so incredible expressive? OMG I love the subtlety of the artwork, I love just about everything about the artwork. Shower scenes, hot nurses, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. I can't stop gushing. I've been gushing extensively the past few days.

The story was great, too. I always thought that Kurt would be great with an occult bad guy, because of the ultimate dichotomy. But what I loved so much about the writing was the witty inner monologue and the dialogue. All of it was so very in character for the characters that were being used. "Nightcrawler's gonna get it!" was the best line for laughs! And the most moving was definitely, "I'd like to stay in the light a little longer," or whatever that was, because it was absolutely perfect.

I can't stop gushing, rushed back to the comic book store to buy the next few issues!

Which of course means that they don't have issues #6, 8, or 9.

Does anyone know where I can buy them? I still want to support my local store, but as they don't have these issues I would like to find them!

Man I wish this series was still on going! :cry

(P.S. Almost forgot to mention, the other thing I really like about the artwork/story was that when Kurt is using his image inducer, to me, he actually looks slightly creepy. When he's just himself, he looks gorgeous. This really struck me, because it just seemed to emphasize the fact that Kurt is beautiful just the way he is. Also, loved how he handles everything with "two" fingers when he's using the inducer. Darick managed to make it subtle, yet striking!)

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Nightcrawler #1 - #4 disscussion

Post by Angelique » Thu Mar 04, 2010 12:22 am

Def, I passed it onto Darick. He says to tell you thanks for the compliments.
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