MORE BAMFS!!!!!!!!

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MORE BAMFS!!!!!!!!

Postby stupidusername » Mon Feb 12, 2007 2:44 am

Teleportation is an awesome power. The uses for it, both in and out of combat, are too numerous to mention. So why does every X-writer treat them like they are an endangered species and only use one or two bamfs an issue?

Kurt has been teleporting for over a decade now (in "Marvel" time) and should have developed many creative uses for his teleporting ability and yet we see the same old, same old tactics.
Like the teleporting behind a group of opponents and knocking them out and the multi-teleport knockout attack (the one where Kurt teleports with someone else until the stress knocks them out).

Where are the BAMFs?? Why can't ANYONE effectively Kurt's ability? Magik (Illyana Rasputin) never seemed to have this problem. They used her teleporting power all the time. (if only to teleport bad guys to Limbo for her "pets" to play with) Lila Cheney had a built in limitation. (She had to teleport across the galaxy, she couldn't do little jumps) Cloak mostly opened his gate to the Dark Dimension and only used his teleporting for transportation, not combat.

Kurt's power, combined with his agility, speed, and strength (I am of the belief that Kurt is stronger than a regular person- check out "Respect the Elf" to see why) should enable him to bamf in and out of combat, keeping his foes off-balance, and even removing some of the less mobile opponents from the battle altogether.

Like he did to Blob that one time. He 'ported Blob to the top of the Washington monument and left him there, thus keeping him away from his friends. And the way he dealt with the WarSkrull from the Uncanny X-men's latest story arc. He 'ported him outside the ship, thus eliminating him. I am not condoning killing, but you can 'port someone away and not kill them and still remove them from the battle.

But it is almost as if the writers forget that Kurt can teleport. They remember he can crawl up walls and blend in shadows and do all kinds of acrobatic tricks, but teleport? What's that? Oh, that's right, Kurt can teleport. Let's use him as a transporter to beam the other characters into the action or out of trouble.

Does anyone else feel this way or is it just me?? More Bamfs!!! :bamf

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MORE BAMFS!!!!!!!!

Postby love_of_bob » Mon Feb 12, 2007 3:31 am

I agree completely. Kurt's teleportation is WAY underused. I've always chalked it up to laziness or lack of interest on the writers' part.
In Uncanny #482, we see the damage Kurt can do with a SIMPLE teleportation attack - in one panel he takes out four guys in the time it takes for Warpath to bang two guys' heads together. I squeed when I read it, because it was such a rare scene and yet it was relatively humble compared to what he CAN do.
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MORE BAMFS!!!!!!!!

Postby Feuerstein » Mon Feb 26, 2007 11:10 pm

Agreed! Good point. The problem with a lot of characters is that they're near invincibile, and invincibility is not conducive with good plotting. : Kurt could, theoretically, teleport someone's head right off their body (I think, at one point, he did do this to a machine - I also go to Respect the Elf for all my Elfin goodness!). Respect the Elf really is an awesome site that shows the many creative ways Kurt has used his teleportation ability, ways the writers tend to forget or pass over, which takes away not only from his fighting prowess but also his intelligence!

He's been an X-man for eight years at least. I agree his abilities should have evolved more obviously in that time. Judging by what he's been allowed to use his teleporation for lately, I think he should rename himself The Incredible Chaffeur.
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MORE BAMFS!!!!!!!!

Postby Bamfing_Bob » Thu Mar 01, 2007 3:37 am

I'd use teleportation to get to class on time. :D Or to nauseate my friends
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