A.D. The Zombie Animation.

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A.D. The Zombie Animation.

Post by steyn » Wed Mar 31, 2010 7:39 am

Okay, so I was looking up if there were any other actual horror CG animations out there, not including 'Monster House' (that movie with the house that eats people), and I couldn't find anything...EXCEPT this one little gem called A.D.

Now there IS an imdb for A.D. , but nothing's in there except for the producers and director and the writer, but there does exist quite a nice teaser trailer:

A.D. Teaser

And it seems to have quite a nice movie poster already:


Now, my question is, is there actually a market for a CG animated horror zombie flick, that's not PG or even PG13?
I mean, western culture has taught us over and over that animations are kiddie shows with fluffy bunnies and lots of love and hugs. Will there be money in animations that has the lead chopping of bloodied heads? How many parents will end up going to A.D. and just end up going out again to ask for their money back? I remember that happening with Spirited Away, and for goodness sakes, that was a beautiful movie with no guts spilling anywhere.

Oh please let this movie start a trend of making adult animations and people actually coming to watch them, not expecting fluffy bunnies and lots of love and hugs.

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