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Post by NachtcGleiskette » Sat Sep 17, 2011 11:58 pm

Yeah, so I'm really enjoying the Showtunes thread and sharing that music, and today I found myself driving into NYC with a serious craving for some zydeco music. I have a few I love to listen to, but I'd love to expand my horizons, and I'm sure someone here has to have some recommendations. So, like the Showtunes thread, here's a zydeco sharing thread! (This may become a thing...)

Some of my favs:

Don't Mess with my Toot Toot by Buckwheat Zydeco reminds me SO much of Bourbon St.

Ma Louisiane this isn't a great quality version of the song, but I can't find a better one! Zachary Richard's version is best.

Johnnie by Wayne Toups HOLY CRAP I love this one. It's so much fun!

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