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Lauren's Stories!

Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2004 3:51 am
by Lauren
It's my story thread! Hooray for me!:D

Belasco's Redemption

Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2004 3:52 am
by Lauren
Author’s Note: Universe X; I will not pretend to understand half the stuff that happened in that, and I probably never WILL understand what happened in that. All I know is that Belasco turned out to really be Nightcrawler…and that he was very sad when he found that out. Weep for Belasco, people.

His eyes watered slowly as he watched Scott overlooking the new X-men’s training. They were laughing, acting like it was all just a game, and maybe it was. Looking up slightly, he saw Magneto walking over.

“There…There.” He whispered. “Magneto is an ally now. A hero. A friend. You’ve succeeded in redeeming him, X-men, as you have almost all your enemies. Magneto… The Brotherhood… Unus… Juggernaut… Sauron. You saved them all.”

He leaned forward slowly and he shifted his feet slightly on the tree branch he was crouching on. He as up in a high tree, hoping that he was hidden from their view. Raising up his one arm, he took hold of a strong branch overhead.

He had five slender fingers but they were bound tightly together in two pairs. He wanted to try and remember what it was like only having two fingers and a thumb.

“You saved them all.” He repeated softly, his tail swaying side to side. “But what of a friend’s redemption? Why haven’t you redeemed me? What about Kurt Wagner?”

Scott looked up at the trees and he narrowed his eyes as there was a sparkle of light in the trees. He walked over and at first he saw nothing up in the trees. Then he saw something glittering on the ground. Bending down, he picked up a golden coin.

“What is it?” Charmer asked. Rolling the coin from finger to finger slowly, Scott recognized it finally when he saw a small hole in it.

“A coin from Belasco’s necklace.” He said. “He was just here.”

“Why?” Dogface asked, placing his hands on his hips. Scott sighed softly, placing the coin in his pocket.

“Trying to find the courage to come forward.”
It had taken Belasco two weeks to build up enough courage to go and see how the X-men were. A few times he told himself no and that it was useless. He had finally just closed his eyes and cast a teleportation spell, sending him into the forest near the training area.

He just wanted to see how they were.
When the child Mar-vell showed him those images…telling him he was not Belasco but Kurt Wagner… How could he believe him? He had been filled with such rage that he wanted to prove Mar-vell wrong by going to the place where he first appeared to see if the body was there.

“I am the bane of Dante! The chosen of the Elder Gods.” He snarled to himself as he fought with his one arm through the thick vines and cables.

“Do they think they can fool me?! Idiots!” Closing his eyes tightly, he pulled as hard as he could on the last pile of cords and vines, sending ice and metal shards everywhere.

When he opened his eyes, he was staring at the real Belasco, a human frozen in solid ice with a sword raised over his head.

Falling to his knees, he wept.
When he finally got control of himself; Loki had succeeded in talking Creel into becoming Vibranium and going into the Earth’s core to save it in New York City; but he didn’t know that and he didn’t really care either.

Getting to his feet slowly, Belasco wiped his eyes and he looked at the frozen body standing in front of him, showing that the great liar had been lied to himself.

Slowly, he picked up a heavy metal pipe and he started to smash on the frozen body, ice shards flying all over along with the body. He finally stopped when it was completely destroyed; nothing but a pile of ice at his feet.

Dropping the bar, he closed his eyes and mumbled a teleportation spell, going to just any place but there.
He spent two weeks among the mutated people, a spell surrounding him to make him look like a man who resembled a dolphin that had the body of man with lone long fin that had been shredded. He used this as an excuse when he asked a woman to tie up his wounded fin, watching as she tied his fingers into the two pairs.

Then he went to go and see the X-men.
When he reappeared after nearly getting caught by Scott, he was in a clearing.

“Idiot.” He whispered, sitting down and banging his head a bit with his fist. “What was I thinking by going back there? There was just no point!” Growling softly, he ran his hand through his hair, which had started to grow again since he stopped having it shortened.

He sat like that for a while until he finally noticed that the winds had gotten stronger behind him. Opening his eyes and lifting his head up, Belasco watched as Ororo landed a few feet away from him, her blue eyes glittering with pity.


“Leave me alone, witch.” He whispered softly, looking away.

“Kurt, Scott knows you were over at the school before. He told me to go and find you and bring you back.” Ororo said.

“What for?” Belasco demanded, standing up slowly. “To fight me? I don’t think so.”


“Stop calling me that!” he screamed, closing his eyes tightly against the tears.

“You know that’s your name.” Ororo said. “That’s why your hand is tied up the way it is. You know you’re Kurt Wagner!”

“But I don’t deserve to be called by that name anymore.” He said softly.


“I have to be redeemed first.” He said weakly. “And I can’t do it by myself, Ororo. I just can’t”

“We can help you.” He looked up at her slowly, his tail curling up slightly in such a way that Ororo couldn’t help but see the old Kurt in him.

“Can you?” he asked. When she nodded, he looked away for a moment, his tail swaying side to side slowly. Finally, he turned back to her and he nodded grimly, holding out his hand to her.

“All right.” He said, taking her hand in his. With his tail, he sketched the rune that would take them back, and in a flash of light they were gone.
They couldn’t have appeared at a worse time.

Colossus had returned and was talking with Scott about everything that had happened when Belasco and Ororo appeared from behind. Colossus looked over his shoulder and in a flash was in metal form, cursing in Russian as he raised up a fist at Belasco.

“Wait!” Ororo shouted.

Belasco stood where he was and took the blow as it shattered his cheekbone, sending him flying a few feet before a tree stopped him. He sat up slowly before Colossus kicked him in the stomach, making him double over in pain as he coughed up blood.

The abuse went on for a while, Belasco wasn’t sure as fist after fist came down on him, shattering bones and such. When Colossus was finally held back, Belasco had finally fallen into blissful nothingness.
Belasco’s dreams were filled with the evil he had done. Most of them had to do with Illyana, Jimaine, and his slave; an alternate version of Nightcrawler. He was teaching Illyana the Arcane arts one minute, and beating his slave the other. In another scene, he was tormenting a disguised Jimaine in a cage.

The dreams always made him scream until his voice was sore, and his voice had only healed up three days ago.

He woke with a start, and he immediately regretted it as pain lanced down his body, making him let out a weak scream.

“Don’t move too much.” Hank warned gently. “Piotr caused a lot of damage to your body before we could pull him away from you. We were worried a few times that we would lose you.”

“How bad is it?” Belasco asked slowly.

“Oh you’ve been out for five weeks.” Hank said.

“Five weeks!” Belasco repeated, his eyes growing wide in surprise.

“Indeed.” Hank nodded, adjusting his spectacles. “During that time most of your wounds have been healing quite nicely actually. The pain you feel now should be over in another day or two. Then you’ll be able to walk around again.”

“What happened to Colossus?” Belasco asked.

“He’s calmed down a bit.” Hank said. “We did find him in here once with his hands around your throat trying to strangle you…but we dealt with that.”

“Don’t make him try to accept me.” Belasco said. “That won’t give me redemption. I need him to forgive me willingly.”

“Yes, Ororo told me that you wanted that.” Hank said. “Kurt…”


Belasco then. What do you think will constitute you being redeemed and able to call yourself Kurt again?” he asked, looking at him a bit sadly. Belasco bit his bottom lip slightly, looking down a little.

“Until I have been forgiven by every person I have wronged.” He said. “Then I will be redeemed and worthy of being Nightcrawler again.” Hank rested a hand on his arm lightly, smiling at him faintly.

“If it’s any good to you,” he said, “Ororo, Scott, and I have all ready forgiven you for what you have done.” Belasco sighed softly, leaning his head back and closing his eyes, his tail that was hanging over the side of the bed swaying lazily from side to side as if he was a cat sunning itself on a windowsill.

“Three down.” He said. “A lot more to go.”

Lauren's Stories!

Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2004 3:53 am
by Lauren
When all of Belasco’s wounds had healed properly, Scott had shown him to a room that they had made up for him. When he first looked at it, he was a bit upset, tears falling as he found himself staring at old movie posters of Errol Flynn, his old rapiers hanging over his bed, and his collection of pirate novels on a book shelf beside old swashbuckling videos. Apparently, they had saved all of his old things, even when it was believed that he was dead.

Even though these old reminders of his life before surrounded him, Belasco stayed in his room, never leaving it for anything, save relieving himself. He kept his door closed at all times, not letting anyone into it.

The others tried to make him eat; Hank and Ororo alternately left plates of food and glasses of water in front of his door. Belasco would open the door slightly, take one look at the food, and then close his door again, leaving it out there until someone would find it cold and take it away.

Belasco was fasting to an extreme. Mar-vell had told him that Mephisto had chosen him because he had kept his faith throughout all the hardships in his life, making the devil look bad; so Belasco turned back to the faith that he had once held so dear.

He prayed, using his old rosary in his one hand constantly. Sometimes he didn’t even sleep, his praying taking over his life at that time.

Sometimes, he fell under a swoon, flashes coming to him like a dream.

He was running as fast as he could, his remaining hand clamped tightly over the bleeding stub of what had once been his right arm. A mob was chasing him, screaming and tossing rocks after him because he was a human.

He didn’t even know how it had happened.

All he knew was that he had become human after teleporting away from being turned into stone. He had stumbled around in the street, blood pouring everywhere and when he saw someone, he asked them to help him with his wound.

He had asked for help from Mr. Church, the man who would turn out to be Mephisto in disguise.

Mr. Church had shouted to a mob to kill the human, and that was when he found himself running once again from a murderous mob.

Only this time it wasn’t because he was a mutant, it was because he wasn’t a mutant instead.

He tripped.

He found himself with his back to a wall, too weak to do anything but beg in German for them to leave him alone or help him with his wound. Mr. Church was standing behind the mob, shouting at them to kill the human.

He was stoned. He could feel the heavy rocks pounding down on his weak body, smashing his head and chest badly. When the mob finally left him, he was covered in blood, his vision going in and out; and he prayed in his mind that God would take him now.

He got Mephisto instead.

When the swoon had ended, he had burst into tears, covering his eyes and shaking his head slowly.
Enough was enough.

The others were worried that Belasco would end up starving himself to death, and Ororo and her husband T’Challa decided that they would be the ones to end his fasting with some force.

They had opened the door, and when Belasco asked them to leave, they refused, saying that he needed to eat something.

“I can’t.” Belasco had said, shaking his head seriously. His cheeks were sunken in, and the bones in his tail were starting to become visible.

“I am sorry, my friend.” T’Challa said, grabbing Belasco tightly by the arm and forcing him onto his feet. “But you need to eat something, and we will force you to eat if we have to!”

Belasco fought them weakly, his tail flicking side to side. Ororo and T’Challa easily overpowered him and forced him out of his room, heading for the kitchens.

“We’re sorry about this, my friend.” Ororo said. “But you can’t starve yourself like this!”

“Leave me be, Ororo!” Belasco said. “Just let me go back into my room!”

Hank was waiting by a table with a bowl of vegetable soup beside him. When Belasco was forced into a chair, Hank calmly stirred the soup and held out a spoonful as T’Challa forced Belasco’s mouth open.

They force fed Belasco the first bowl of soup before he finally gave up and agreed to eat the second without any further problems.

“You can’t stay locked up in your room anymore, Belasco.” Hank said. “It’s not healthy and it won’t do you any good.”

“What should I do then?” Belasco asked, looking up at him.

“You can still fence, yes?” T’Challa asked. “You can teach students how to use the sword. Maybe gymnastics if you’re still able to.”

“Are you sure about this?” Belasco asked.

“Do you really think that starving yourself will get you redemption, Belasco?” Ororo asked gently. Belasco looked at the ground, his tail curling around his ankles.

“No.” he admitted softly.

“Then take our offer.” Hank said. “None of this fasting yourself to death business!”

He did.
Despite his one arm, Belasco still was as agile as when he was Nightcrawler with both arms.

He had his old attire burned except for his gold bracelets and his coin necklace. He gave these to Ororo as payment for staying there. He found that his old friends had saved a lot of old things, and that included all of his former life’s clothes.

He was wearing an old pair of white sweatpants and tank top complete with a red headband while he worked out. Hank and the Hulk had set up training rings for him and his gymnastics class. He was seen there often, bringing up old memories as he twisted and spun in mid-air.

Crouching in the middle of the center ring, Belasco kicked off with his legs with his arm held out. Grabbing a bar, he swung in a complete circle and went half way around for the next, stopping at the top. He stayed perfectly still, slowly spreading his legs out in a split as his tail stayed wrapped around his waist. Slowly, he brought his legs together, his toes pointing up at the ceiling.

Swiftly he swung forward and let go, performing five somersaults as he headed for the ground. He landed in a crouch a few seconds before he would be smashed on the ground. His tail unwrapped itself and flicked to one side as he stood up slowly and took off his headband.

He looked over his shoulder when he heard someone clapping.

“Even with one arm you can perform as if you had two.” Piotr said, leaning in the doorway. “Just like the old Nightcrawler I once knew.” He added.

Belasco was silent.

“Why did you come here?” Piotr asked, slowly walking towards him. “Did you think that every one of us would forgive you for what you did? Did you think it would be that simple?”

He looked away, his tail curling around one leg slowly.

“Stop doing that!” Piotr shouted suddenly, making him flinch. “Stop doing things that Kurt used to do! You are not Kurt! You’re the son of a bitch who always tried to hurt my sister through all of the alternate realities! You’re the one who even enslaved a version of Kurt after slaughtering all the other X-men of that reality!” Slowly, Belasco made his tail uncurl itself and simply relax.

“I know what I did.” He said softly. “I didn’t think that anyone would forgive me so easily.” He added. He backed up as Piotr got closed, turning into metal instantly.

“Why don’t you leave this place?” Piotr demanded, jabbing a finger in Belasco’s narrow chest. “You’re not welcome here, Belasco! Go back to Limbo where you belong!”

“I would gladly go back there.” Belasco said. “I still must ask forgiveness from Jimaine and my former slave, but I cannot do that until I have completed my business on this world. If you wish to strike me again then do so and don’t dawdle about it.”

Piotr looked like he wanted nothing better than to do just that, but he held himself back, stepping back and turning into flesh once more.

“I will never forgive you for the things you have done, Belasco.” He growled, his eyes narrowed. “Never!”

Belasco watched Piotr walk away sadly, his tail curling around one leg slowly.
It was a week later when the child Mar-vell came to the school.

Belasco was resting under a tree outside, his head tilted upwards as he let the warmth of the sun wash over his face. His tail was curled around his ankles, the spade thumping the ground lazily in contentment.

“You know that you cannot stay here.”

Opening his eyes, Belasco lowered his head but he did not look over his shoulder at the person who spoke to him. Unwrapping his tail, he tapped the ground beside him slowly before he wrapped it around his ankle once more. When Mar-vell sat down beside him, Belasco looked out at the clouds in the sky.

“I know that.” He said finally. “But I cannot leave until…”

“Kurt, you know that Piotr will never forgive you.” Mar-vell said gently. “The only reason why you are staying here is because you are afraid of going back to Limbo. You are afraid that Jimaine, Illyana, and your former slave will kill you if you come to them.”

“That’s not it entirely…”

“Yes, it is.” Mar-vell said. “You’re scared to face them. You are afraid of their rejection more than anyone else’s.” Sighing, Belasco shook his head a bit, bowing his head.

“What is it that you’re asking me to do?” he asked. “Are you asking me to go there and confront them now?”

“That is exactly what I am telling you to do.” Mar-vell nodded.

“But for what purpose should I go there now? Why can it not wait a little while longer?” Belasco asked.

“You know why.” Mar-vell said gently. “If they do forgive you, then the rewards will be great for you.”

“And if they do not?” Belasco asked, cocking an eyebrow as his tail thumped the ground a bit.

“That is not what you should be worrying about.” Mar-vell pointed out gently. “You knew that your redemption would not come so easily. Why expect their forgiveness to be?”

“I know.” Belasco sighed, looking away sadly. “I just…”

“Wanted to stay here for a while longer?” Mar-vell offered. Belasco nodded, hugging his knees to his chest slowly.

“Kurt used to love it here.” He said. “Kurt would come here often and just sit underneath this very tree to pray or just think about things. He even taught some of his German classes out here… He was happy here.”

“Then help him come out.” Mar-vell said. “Go to Limbo and confront the three you wronged so often in the alternate realities.” Belasco nodded slightly, getting to his feet.

“Where should I make the portal to go there?” he asked.

“Any place where no one will walk into it on accident.” Mar-vell explained. Nodding a bit, Belasco walked into the woods, his tail swaying lazily.
He drew a large pentagram in the ground with a stick, mumbling softly the incantation that would make it the portal to Limbo. When the pentagram was completed, he cut his hand on a sharp stone and dripped blood on each points of the pentagram, starting to finish up the rest of the spell.

The pentagram began to glow as yellow as the sun, and the light became more intense by the second. Spreading his arm out, Belasco tilted his head back and shouted out the final words as light enveloped his body.

He was gone in another flash, the pentagram sizzling on the forest ground.

Lauren's Stories!

Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2004 3:53 am
by Lauren
Belasco appeared in the lower pits where the lesser demons resided. Most of them were small, prone to little innocent pranks rather than all out evil acts the stronger and bigger demons were known for. A few of them looked at him and squealed in fear, running away as fast as their little legs could carry them.

Watching most of them run from the sight of him, Belasco sighed softly and shook his head a bit, looking around to where he was exactly in the lower pits. Raising up his hand, he made a few gestures with his taped up fingers and a minor teleportation portal was opened and he stepped into it, making it seal up behind him.
Belasco’s former slave Nightcrawler was beside one of the only clean and clear pools in Limbo drinking deeply of the cool and crisp water. Taking out his head from the water, he shook his head, spraying water all over before he paused and looked into the water. He was crouching down, his tail swaying side to side as he stared at his reflection as it wavered gently before him.

He used to be so handsome in his world’s reality. He used to look like that one Nightcrawler from the world…what was it called now? Oh yes, Earth 616. He used to look like that Nightcrawler, with high cheekbones and European features that made him one of the best looking members of his X-men.

That was all gone now. His face was no longer as handsome as it was had been, his fangs longer and sharper and his hair wild and uncombed. He couldn’t stand upright any more either. He walked stooped over only when he really wanted to be on two feet. Most of the time he just went on all four legs like an animal. Even his hands were misshapen with his first finger longer and more twisted than the other.

In disgust he slapped the water with his tail, making his image waver and disappear.

He was just disgusting now! Even Jimaine and the Illyana from Earth 616 didn’t want to look at him! Every time he got anywhere near them they would chase him away, shouting at him angrily. Sometimes they even cast spells at him, leaving wounds and sores on his legs and tail from running while they fired at him. No one wanted to have to look at him anymore. Not when they could beat him and chase him away like a stray dog or cat.

He even still wore his golden necklace, the ornate thing that Belasco had made him wear around his neck as a sign that he was his slave.

Well…not everyone. Nightcrawler had made friends with most of the lesser demons, and even a few of the moderate ones were friends. They were the only ones who were actually nice to him, and it made him feel good when he was around them, his only friends in Limbo.

Looking up, he narrowed his eyes as Illyana headed right for him. She would want to take a bath then, and the slave of Belasco was not welcome around these pools anyway. They were much too clean for the likes of him.

Without waiting for her to cast a spell at him, Nightcrawler teleported away.
Jimaine was at the castle, weaving protection spells when she sensed a teleportation spell being used in the lower pits. She stopped and narrowed her eyes slightly, concentrating on the area. When another spell was used to leave the lower pits, she knew that it wasn’t a lesser demon experimenting with spells.

It was someone skilled with Black Magic.

Walking up to a mirror, Jimaine ran the tips of her fingers over the glass, making it become smoky. The mist swirled around slowly and started to glow a deep crimson before it spread apart and showed Belasco walking down the tunnels of Limbo, heading towards the castle as he looked around.

“Damn it!” she hissed. “How did he get back here?” Swiftly she ripped open a portal and stepped into it, sending Illyana a mental warning about Belasco.
Belasco actually felt lost. Looking around, he raised his eyebrows slightly. Illyana and Jimaine had really changed some things around in here! He wasn’t even sure if he was going in the right direction or not.

The pain spell hit him without any warning.

Screaming, he fell to his knees, arching his back as it felt like hot metal was being pressed into the small of his back. Gritting his teeth, Belasco looked up at Illyana as she pressed the Soulsword against his throat.

“It was a huge mistake coming here, Belasco!” Jimaine said from behind. “You must have lost your mind if you thought that we wouldn’t sense you using so many teleportation spells!”

“I wasn’t trying to hide from you.” Belasco said, careful of the Soulsword. “I was looking for you so that we could talk.” He flinched as Illyana flicked the blade and clipped off a top of his ear.

“You’re a liar and a murderer, Belasco.” She said. “Why should we believe that you came here only to talk?”

“And where are your fancy clothes?” Jimaine asked. “You look like you went and bought your clothes at a garage sale!”

“I didn’t come here to fight either one of you.” Belasco said slowly. “I came here to talk and ask for your forgiveness.” He cried out when Illyana cut the corner of his mouth deeply. She was about to take his head off, when he dove to the left, barely missing getting hit with a fireball from Jimaine.

“I know that I’ve caused you and your alternate selves a lot of grief!” he said, casting a protection spell around himself. “And I realize that you both probably despise me deeply and I can’t really blame you for that can I?”

Belasco dodged all of their attacks as best as he could, getting minor cuts on his face and arms as Illyana swung her Soulsword at him.

“But I want you to know that even though I cannot go back in time and change the things that I have done, I am sorry. More sorry than you can ever know.” His back smashed up against a stonewall as Jimaine cast an Aero spell, sending strong winds at him.

Illyana Soulsword sank into his side, making him cry out. When she withdrew it, she raised it up and was about to finish it when he whispered a spell that sent the two as far away from him as possible.

Pressing his fist into the wound, Belasco ran as fast as he could, knowing that the two would catch up to him eventually.
It was about ten minutes later when Belasco finally stopped running and fell to the ground, panting as blood flowed through his fingers. Gritting his teeth, he removed his fist and looked at the wound. Spitting on the palm of his wound, he mumbled a few words and he pressed it on the wound, making a minor seal to stop and blood and make the skin start to heal.

“That went better than I expected it would.” He sighed, shaking his head faintly. Lifting up his head, he tilted it to one side and listened as he heard voices nearby. His tail swished slowly and he stood up, walking over silently to see who was talking.
Nightcrawler was with a few of the lesser demons, laughing and watching as they wrestled with each other, talking in their choppy tongue. One of them was named Micah; a lesser demon with large eyes that were bigger than his head that glittered like glass. Micah had a small beak sharp beak and a tiny blue-feathered body with one large birdlike foot that it would hop around on.

Micah hopped up and landed in Nightcrawler’s lap, pecking at his necklace lightly.

“Is shiny!” Micah said. “Micah like play with shiny things! Micah play with ‘Crawler’s shiny?” Laughing softly, Nightcrawler took off his necklace and he held it out to Micah, watching as the lesser demon’s eyes lit up as it took it in its small beak.

“Don’t forget to give it back now.” Nightcrawler said, watching as Micah hopped down and started to toss the necklace in the air, playing with it like a puppy will with a rubber ball. He laughed softly, shaking his head as he watched Micah and the other demons play with his golden necklace.

“You kept that necklace… After everything that has happened to you; you kept it.”

Nightcrawler cringed at the sound of his master’s voice and when he turned around, he crouched in on himself, his tail tucking in between his legs in defense.


“No.” Belasco said, shaking his head as he knelt down beside him. “You don’t have to call me that anymore. I am not your master.” Nightcrawler looked at Belasco in confusion, his tail thumping the ground lightly as he tried to figure him out. Was it a test of some sort?

He crouched down lower, keeping his head lower than Belasco’s.

“Are you angry at me, master?” he asked. He flinched when Belasco cupped his chin in his hand, but his fear became nothing but pure confusion when Belasco made him lift his head higher than his own.

“You’re not the one who should be asking that.” Belasco said gently. “And I am not your master. What I did to you was wrong. You are not my slave, Nightcrawler.”

“What are you talking about?” Nightcrawler asked. “Is this a test of my loyalty?”

“How can I expect you to stay loyal to me after all of the things I have done to you?” Belasco asked, shaking his head slowly. “No, I am not testing you this time. I am being very serious.”

Nightcrawler slapped him with his tail as hard as he could before he got up.

“You did this to me!” he screamed. “Why are you being nice to me now? For all these years you’ve been cruel and heartless with me! You beat me so often and left me disfigured! You slaughtered all of my friends and left me wounded and close to death before you did this to me!

“ Why are you changing now, master? Why do you have to do this to me now? Why can’t you just come back and be evil and cruel to me like you always were? Why can’t you just leave well enough alone! Don’t do this to me! Not now! Not after all of these years!”

“I understand your anger.” Belasco said softly. “I…”

“Then just beat me and yell at me and leave me be!” Nightcrawler said. “Don’t try to confuse me now with this sudden change of heart!” Tears were starting to come to his eyes, falling down his cheeks slowly. Crouching down, Nightcrawler wept softly, pressing his hands on either side of his face.

Belasco looked at him sadly, understanding where he was coming from. He had heard that Toad and Magneto had gone through the same problem when Magneto showed kindness to Toad and made him into an equal. Toad had not been able to deal with it, and Sentinel City was nearly destroyed by his rage.

Gently, he rested the tips of his fingers on Nightcrawler’s brow, and he whispered a spell, rubbing them in a circle.

When Nightcrawler opened his eyes, he blinked and looked at his hands in surprise. They were at their proper length again. Touching his face, Kurt found that it was no longer hideous and misshapen anymore.

“Your will is free again.” Belasco said. “You’re not under my control anymore.” Looking at Belasco, Nightcrawler started to sob and he rested his head over his heart in a weak hug. Belasco hugged him back with his one arm, sighing softly as he rubbed his back.

He had ruined Nightcrawler’s life, and he wasn’t sure if he was being forgiven or not through this hug. All he knew was that there was no way that Illyana and Jimaine would be forgiving him. He couldn’t leave Nightcrawler here either, his mind was too weak and upset about everything that had happened.

His eyes started to burn, and Belasco found that he too was weeping.

The End

The Crucifixion

Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2004 3:55 am
by Lauren
Author’s Note: I’m evil… ‘Nuff said

Everyone at the mansion was very worried for one of their newest teammates. Kurt Wagner, AKA Nightcrawler had gone out two days ago, and they heard nothing from him since. Xavier had tried several times to find him with Cerebro, but for some reason he couldn’t find Kurt anywhere with it! It was as if Kurt had simply vanished from the face of the Earth!

They decided to go out and try to see if they could find Kurt in the town, but no one could figure out where he could have gone off to, or why he never came back for that matter.

Logan remembered the day Kurt went out and he knew that he had only meant to be away for a little while.

Something had happened to Kurt, and Logan was ready to kill whoever had messed with one of the few people he called friend.
Kurt had gotten the idea to go out when Xavier gave him the image inducer.

Xavier had called Kurt into his office at around noon. A few seconds later, Kurt teleported into the room, crouching down in a chair with his tail swaying side to side like a lazy cat.

“Yes, teacher?” he asked, tilting his head to one side, his tail flicking to the same side with the spade tip angled like his head. Xavier couldn’t help but laugh softly at the young man’s attitude towards like. It seemed that every time he saw him Kurt was smiling or laughing as he told a joke or performed to make his other teammates relax and laugh.

The boy had a knack for making people forget their problems for a while.

“Kurt, do you remember what we spoke about? Back in Winzledorf?” Xavier asked. Cocking an eyebrow, Kurt nodded faintly.

Ja?” he asked. “Why do you asked, teacher?”

“You asked if I could help you to be normal.” Xavier said. Kurt snorted softly, shaking his head faintly.

“Teacher, when I asked that, it wasn’t as if I… I mean… Ach, I cannot explain in English!” Kurt said in frustration.

“Try in your native tongue.” Xavier offered gently. “I’ll understand everything you say to me.”

When I asked that, it wasn’t because I was ashamed of what I was, what I am.” Kurt explained. “I asked because sometimes I want to go outside and not be forced to cover up in wide brimmed hats and trench coats! Do you know why I left my family in the circus? Because the man who bought it tried to put me in the freak show! My friends who were part of it told him I was the star acrobat, but he ignored them and said that with my looks, I belonged in the freak show!

“I understand what you meant, Kurt.” Xavier said with a smile. “And I have an answer to your earlier question.” Rolling around his desk, Xavier held out an ornate watch to Kurt. Slipping the watch on, Kurt looked at it and cocked an eyebrow at Xavier.

“What does it do?” he asked. “Or is it a simple watch?” Xavier laughed, shaking his head slightly.

“It’s called an image inducer.” He explained. “When you press that red button it covers your body in a hologram.”

“A hologram?”

“With an image of a human version of yourself.” Xavier nodded with a smile. Cocking his head to one side, Kurt pressed the button. He gasped when he saw his hands become milk white, the fingers in two pairs to show where his original two were meant to be.”

Unglaublich!” he whispered.

“Go look at yourself in the mirror.” Xavier said. Nodding, Kurt got up and walked over to a mirror and he gasped.

He was staring at a young man of seventeen. His face was the same, and yet it wasn’t. His eyes were normal, but they were the same golden hue. Laughing, Kurt ran a hand through his cobalt hair. Resting his hands on his hips, he smiled and tilted his head to one side.

“Ach, I may be human, but I am not as handsome!” he said over his shoulder. “Pity!”

“The image inducer will help you go outside without worrying about mobs with pitch forks and torches coming after you.” Xavier said.

“May I go out now, teacher?” Kurt asked.

“I don’t see why not.” Laughing, Kurt surprised Xavier by hugging him suddenly.

Danke!” he said before he teleported out of the room.
Logan was in the kitchen, downing his second beer when he saw someone who looked like Kurt walk by the doorway. Cocking an eyebrow, he got up and went after him.

“Hey!” he called. “Who the hell are you, bub? How did you get in here?” The man stopped and laughed, turning around to face him.

“Logan, don’t you recognize me?” he asked. “Use your nose!” Logan’s nostrils flared and he was very confused.

“You smell like Kurt but…”

“Will this help?” Kurt pressed the button, lowering his hologram to reveal his true form.

“Elf? How did you do that?” Logan asked.

“It’s a watch teacher gave me.” Kurt said, showing it to him. “I can go outside without any real hassles or worries about mobs coming after me now!” Logan snorted softly, keeping his opinions to himself for the moment regarding the device.

“I’m going out for a while.” Kurt said. “Would you like to come with me?”

“Nah, I’ll leave you to explore your freedom by yourself, Elf. Just make sure you’re not late for our hide and go seek match!” Kurt smiled, nodding a bit as his tail swayed happily.

“I’ll see you later then!”

That was the last time Logan and anyone else saw him.

Lauren's Stories!

Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2004 3:55 am
by Lauren
As he walked down the streets, Logan tried to think of where Kurt would go with his new disguise. He really didn’t know anything about the guy except that he was German and was a lot smarter than he let on sometimes.

He went to all of the old movie plazas first, after he found out that their specialty was movies like “Captain Blood” and “Robin Hood”, the ones with the Nazi sympathizer that Kurt seemed to idolize. He described the hologram of Kurt to all of the tellers and it turned out that Kurt hadn’t gone to the movies.

He tried as many stores as he could, having split the job up with the rest of the team.

Tilting his head up slightly, Logan took a deep breath and tried to catch even a particle of Kurt’s scent.

He got Ororo’s scent instead as she walked up and touched his shoulder lightly, looking around.

“A woman says she met our friend in the park.” She said. “He was being his charming self when he heard a child weeping. He left her to help the child find her parents.”

“Did she say where they were headed?” Logan asked.

“She said they went over to the older part of town.” She answered. “I think something may have happened over there.”

“Then let’s go.”
The older part of town was filled with abandoned and condemned buildings. There were a few people around and a few of them remembered a young man being led towards the old church by a little girl.

“Why would the child lead Kurt to an old church?” Ororo asked.

“I’m not sure.” Logan said, tilting his head back and sniffing the air. His eyes suddenly grew wide and with an enraged growl he ran towards the church.

“Logan! Logan, what is it?” Ororo shouted, running after him.

“Blood!” Logan said, unleashing his claws. “And lots of it!” He sliced through the locks and smashed open the door, the smell of blood hitting him like a fist in the gut.

Someone had taken down the figure of Christ from the large cross that hung above the altar.

They replaced the figure with Kurt.

His body was trembling badly and down his arms and chest was blood. His side had been cut with something small that still drew enough blood to cover his bare abs. Barbed wire had been made into a crown and it was piercing Kurt’s head, small lines of blood falling into his eyes and onto his lips.

Kurt’s head lolled to one side and when he opened his eyes slowly, he made a whimpering sound like an animal.

“Help me take him down!” Logan said, using his claws to cut the cords that kept the cross up. Ororo tried to use her powers and when she found that she couldn’t, she looked at her hands in surprise.

“Ororo!” Logan shouted. Shaking her head, Ororo ran up and helped catch the cross, lowering it down gently. Logan removed the barbed wire and held Kurt’s head in both of his hands.

“Breathe, Kurt!” he hissed. “You have to breathe!” Kurt whimpered something in German and Logan shook his head. “I don’t understand you! I only know Northern German! English, Kurt!”

“Hurts…” Kurt cried. “Chest… and hands!”

“What are we going to do about the nails?” Ororo asked.

“Try to get them out of the wood, but leave them in his hands and feet.” Logan said.

“Leave them in?”

“Trust me.”

Ororo worked as fast and as carefully as she could. She winced when she finally got his hands free. The nails were long and looked like fangs from an animal. When he had his feet free, Logan carefully cradled him in his arms as if he was a sleeping child and not a bloody young man.

“Are you sure we should leave the nails in?” she asked, looking at Kurt worriedly.

“For a while I lived in Sri Lanka.” Logan said, heading for the doors. “These things happened a lot out there.”
They had to call Hank in to get him to help with Kurt’s wounds. Kurt needed shots to avoid getting any major infections and the minor ones were treated with peroxide. His hands and feet were worked on the most, wrapped in peroxide soaked in bandages when it was all done.

The one thing everyone wanted to know was what the hell happened to him. Xavier assured them that he would find out when Kurt’s body and mind were strong enough to give them the answer to that.

Maybe Xavier could wait, but Jean couldn’t. She could feel pain coming from Kurt’s mind and she needed to see what happened to make it stop for him.

She snuck into the med lab while everyone was sleeping. Kurt was making noises in his sleep; whimpering and flinching at something only he could see. Jean walked up beside him and rested her hands on his temples, closing her eyes in deep concentration.

Gasping, she screamed as the memories came flooding into her. Her powers went berserk and everyone in the mansion was woken up as they also saw Kurt’s memories from the day he left in their mind’s eyes.
Kurt was walking down the sidewalk, smiling at everyone who passed him by without giving him a second glance.

Well… Except for a few beautiful ladies.

Kurt winked at a black haired woman who he saw staring at him. He couldn’t help but laugh aloud at his situation.

No one was screaming in terror, no one was getting ready to kill him, and better still, the women here were quite lovely.

He had always loved nature and he remembered Scott saying that the park here was really nice. He went to the park, looking up at the green trees with a smile as children and young people passed him by.

He tilted his head to one side as he heard two girls talking.

“Men are such pigs!” a red-haired woman said to her brunette friend.

“Oh I agree. I’ll never go out with another man for as long as I live!” her friend agreed. “They’re rude, obnoxious, and always horny!”

“Ach, surely not all men are like that!” Kurt sat down beside the brunette, his eyebrows raised slightly. “I mean ja, some men are pigs but not all of us.”

“Excuse me?”

“Ach, where are my manners?” Kurt laughed. Taking the brunette’s hand, he kissed it lightly. “My name is Kurt Wagner,liebe.” They couldn’t help but laugh softly at Kurt’s charm.

“You see? Not all men are such pigs!” he said. Standing up, he held out his hand to the brunette. “May I walk you around the park?” Smiling, she took his hand and nodded, letting this handsome German young man lead the way.

“Tell me, who is the fiend who has upset you?” Kurt asked. “And what has he done to make such a lovely mouth frown so?”

“Oh it was an old boyfriend of mine.” She said. “He tried to win me back with a Taco Bell coupon!” Kurt raised his eyebrows in surprise, looking at her with such a strong expression of confusion and shock that she just had to laugh at how cute he looked.

“That’s exactly what I thought!” she said. “My name is Halle by the way.”

“Halle, a woman of your beauty deserves more than a coupon!” Kurt said. “Back in Germany a woman of your beauty would be showered in splendid gifts from the best in chocolate to the loveliest of flowers!” Looking around, he found a flowering tree and he took down a few flowers and placed them behind her ears.

“You really know how to charm women!” Halle laughed. Smiling, Kurt shrugged.

“It is what I do.” He said. “I…”

That’s when they heard the child weeping.

Frowning in concern, Kurt looked around and they found a little girl sobbing behind a bush.

“What’s the matter, honey?” Halle asked, resting a hand on her shoulder.

“I can’t find my mommy or my daddy!” she said. She looked up at Kurt and instantly took his hand. “Will you take me home?” she asked, looking into his eyes very intently.

“If you can show me the way.” Kurt said gently.

“I can, but I only want you to take me!” Gently Kurt picked her up, looking at Halle with a faint smile.

“Perhaps we will meet again?” he asked. Halle nodded, smiling at him.

“Take her home safely.”

“I will.”
Kurt was a little worried about the place the little girl was leading him to. It was so decrepit and old… She would be better off somewhere else. Perhaps he could take her back to where he lived? There were a lot of nice people there to help her! There was this nice woman with white hair who knew the best games and…

But she insisted that she wanted to go to her home. It was an old church, and Kurt was surprised at how seriously she wanted to go there.

When they went inside, there were candles lit all over and a cross was lying on the ground with large nails waiting beside it.


In a flash the girl drew a knife and struck him in the side, drawing blood and making him stagger back, looking at her in surprise and horror.

A metal bar struck him in the small of the back, knocking him onto his knees. Whoever had struck him used the bar to pull his head back, holding it by both ends and pressing it against his throat.

A man dressed in black walked up and looked down at him with cold gray eyes.

“He doesn’t look like a mutant, Clara.” He said.

“He’s wearing a disguise.” The child said. “His watch!” Kurt’s image inducer was removed and the man in black smiled as his true form was revealed.

“Perfect.” Kurt lashed out with his tail, knocking the man holding him over and running for the door, too scared to teleport at the moment

The bar was thrown as hard as it could be and it hit him upside the head, knocking him down with a thud and a clatter.
His head was throbbing when he woke up. He found himself looking at Clara and he moved to back up when he found that he was bound to something. Turning his head to one side he found that he was bound to the cross.

“Untie me.” He told Clara. “Why are you doing this to me? What is going on here?”

“They said I could find a replacement.” She said simply.


“Clara is also a mutant.” The man in black said. “She can spot other mutants and identify their powers. We were going to use Clara for the crucifixion but we decided to let her find someone else. You’ll do much better!” Closing his eyes, Kurt tried to teleport and he found that he couldn’t.

“What did you do to me?” he whispered.

“This stops all mutant powers.” The man said, showing him a vial of glowing green liquid. “It comes from a lovely plant. Nature’s answer to its own mistake really. Remarkable!”

“Why are you doing this?” Kurt asked, pulling on his bonds.

“Mutants need to have their sins paid for.” The man said. “Another crucifixion is needed to wash your sins clean and make you acceptable in the Eyes of God.”

“Jesus all ready did that for us.” Kurt said.

“He died for humans. Jesus was like a human so he died for humans A mutant is needed to die for mutants!”

“You’re crazy.” Shrugging, the man took the crown and pressed it down on Kurt’s head, making him cry out in pain.

“You have me mistaken for someone who cares! Now just let yourself be crucified! How else will you mutants be Saved?” Stepping back, he gave his men the go ahead. Kurt tried to fight, but the barbs bit into his flesh and soon the nails did too.

He howled like an animal, his head thrown back and his tail thrashing around like a whip.
Jean collapsed, her body trembling from the intense pain and images that had just gone through her. Kurt’s body was still thrashing around, screaming wildly as his arms flailed at his foes that nailed him down. When Jean got to her feet, he suddenly became very still, his tail falling limp.

“Jean, what have you done?” Looking up, Jean found Xavier in the doorway, looking at Kurt fearfully.

Lauren's Stories!

Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2004 3:56 am
by Lauren
Something had happened to Kurt’s mind when Jean connected to him that night. It could no longer be reached by a simple tap like it usually could. When Xavier tried to enter it gently without any physical contact, all he saw was blackness.

“What did I do to him, professor?” Jean asked weakly after Xavier failed another gentle connection.

“I think you somehow snapped his mind.” Xavier said. “When you connected with him his body was not yet ready to deal with the memories and traumas that occurred during those two days away from here. His mind was snapped away from his body.”

“Is there a way that you can bring him back?” Jean asked.

“I don’t know.” Xavier admitted. “He’s deep in there.”

“This is all my fault! I only wanted to stop the pain that was coming from him!” Jean said.

“I understand that, but you should have listened to me when I told you that I would deal with it on my own. Your impatience may have cost Kurt his life; if not his very sanity!” Shaking his head, Xavier looked at Kurt. “Tell the others to stay out of here no matter what happens or how long I stay in here. That also goes for you too, Jean.” He added with a severe glance. “I don’t want you breaking any more of my rules about this. If something should go wrong, I don’t need anyone else getting hurt.”

When Jean left the room, she found the others waiting to hear about Kurt’s condition.

“The professor is going to try and bring Kurt back. He says that no matter what happens or how long it takes him, we need to stay out of there.” She said.

Xavier just looked down at Kurt, his brows knitted slightly. What he was going to try was dangerous for himself as well as Kurt. He called it submerging because it felt like he was diving into water and if he didn’t get out at the right moment; he and the person he was connected to would end up drowning, leaving their bodies empty and their souls and minds lost.

Slowly, Xavier rested a hand on Kurt’s brow, feeling that the fur was covered in cold sweat.

“Come on, Kurt…” he whispered, closing his eyes. “I need you to try and come back to me…”
When Xavier submerged into Kurt’s mind, it was warm and very inviting, unlike any mind he had ever entered before. Most minds have strong walls and were cold and harsh towards anyone entering it, but Kurt’s was warm and had no walls or defenses against people going in.

He went through layers of absolute blackness, forcing Xavier to push harder than he had ever done before.

He called out Kurt’s name over and over again, trying to find a trace of Kurt’s mind.

Xavier pushed harder and stronger with his power and he finally broke through the blackness, finding himself in a forest.

“This is where you lived with your family isn’t it, Kurt?” he asked, slowly starting to walk through the trees. “Kurt, I need you to answer me! Where are you?” Kurt sounded very reluctant when he finally answered him.

I am over here, teacher.” Following the sound of his voice, Xavier found Kurt sitting beside a river, looking down into the running water as it went by. His hands and feet were bleeding badly, as if the wounds were freshly made. When Kurt turned his head to look at Xavier, his head was bleeding badly from the barbed wire crown.

Why did you come here, teacher?” he asked softly in his native tongue. “I’m fine right where I am.

“You’re not fine, Kurt. Your body is going to die if you don’t come back with me.” Xavier said, sitting down beside him.

Would that really be so bad?” Kurt asked as he looked down at his hands and feet. Xavier looked at Kurt in surprise, cocking an eyebrow slightly.

“This isn’t like you, Kurt.” He said. “You’re not the kind of person to contemplate suicide like this.”

I know” Kurt nodded. “When Jean showed me what happened; it got me thinking about a lot of things.


What if another death IS required to absolve our sins?” Kurt asked, looking at him, seriously upset about the idea.

“Kurt, I don’t have the answer to that.” Xavier said. “All I know is that we need to get back before we’re both dead.”

Teacher, just go.” Kurt said. “I am staying here.

“What could you possibly gain by staying here and dying?” Xavier asked seriously.

I don’t know!” Kurt screamed suddenly, his tail flicking angrily to one side. “All I know is that I’m confused about a lot of things and maybe if I died I would get the answers to my questions! You don’t know what it’s like, teacher; having your faith twisted up like this in just one day. I feel like I’m being all twisted up inside somehow. Everything gets so hard sometimes for me.

“If you come back with me, I will be able to help you.” Xavier promised. “Everyone is really worried about you, Kurt.”

Are they?” Kurt asked, raising his eyebrows slightly in surprise. Xavier nodded, smiling a bit.

“Logan has become a guard dog beside your door, watching over you day and night to see if you improve or not!” he said with a soft laugh. Kurt looked away, thinking about it slowly.

You promise to help me with this, teacher?” he asked softly. “You will not forget about this?

“I promise.” Xavier nodded, holding out his hand. Kurt looked at Xavier’s hand, his tail curling up slightly in curiosity. He looked up at the man who had saved his life back in Germany and he smiled faintly, taking his hand in his just like he did back in Germany outside of Winzledorf.

Light erupted everywhere, and Kurt’s mind went back into his body, making his tail tremble slightly before it began to sway lazily into life.
Xavier opened his eyes slowly. Looking down at himself, Xavier realized how close he had been to drowning. From his upper chest down he was soaked in water. If he had taken any longer he might have died along with Kurt.

Looking at Kurt, he smiled and gently removed his hand from his brow as Kurt groaned softly and started to wake.

Kurt’s eyes fluttered open and he looked at Xavier with dizzy eyes. When his vision got better, he smiled faintly at him.

Good morning, teacher.” he mumbled.

“I meant what I said, Kurt.” Xavier said. “I will help you as best as I can.” Slowly Kurt raised up a hand and Xavier took it, smiling at him as he gave it a gentle squeeze.

I thank you, teacher.” Kurt said.

“Do you feel up for some visits?” Xavier asked.

“Oh, yes.” Kurt said, sitting up slowly, his tail flicking in faint excitement. “I cannot wait to see everyone again!”

Everyone came in to see him, and Kurt couldn’t help but smile as he found himself surrounded by people who really cared about him.


Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2004 3:57 am
by Lauren
Author’s Note: Sausage jokes will be made…yeah…

Gentle fingers running through the fur on his chest woke Kurt up. Stirring slightly, he opened his eyes and he smiled faintly at the woman in his arms. Raising up his tail slowly, Kurt gently bopped her nose with the tip of the spade and she laughed softly, looking up at him, resting her hand over his heart.

“Have a nice sleep?” Kurt asked drowsily, smiling as he gently pulled her into a hug, resting his chin on the top of her head.

“You mean we had time for sleep?” Meggan asked, cocking an eyebrow slightly. Kurt laughed softly, shaking his head slightly.

“You know what I mean.” He said, looking down at her. Meggan moaned faintly, rubbing her face into the fur on his chest.

“Your fur is really soft and warm.” She said. “You remind me of a stuffed animal I used to have. It was a dog with button eyes and a tongue that hung out of its mouth making it look so cute.”

“A stuffed dog?” Kurt asked. “I remind you of a stuffed dog? What about a Bamf doll instead?” he asked. Meggan laughed softly, shaking her head at him.

“No, not a Bamf.” She said. “I loved that stuffed dog more than anything else when I lived in that trailer. I love you as much as I loved that stuffed dog!” Kurt ran a hand down her arms, feeling the cobalt blue fur that she had made appear there.

“Your fur is softer than mine.” He said. “Now how did that happen? I’m the only one who is supposed to have soft fur in this group of crime fighters, junge frau!” Meggan shrugged, twirling his overlapping lock of hair around one finger.

“I don’t know about that, mein herr.” She said. Looking up at Kurt, she smiled and rested her hand on his cheek. “What I do know is that I’m hungry.” She said. Laughing, Kurt slid out of bed, hitting the ground with a bump and a mock cry of pain. Meggan laughed, looking down at Kurt as he sat on the ground naked, looking up at her with an embarrassed lopsided smile.

“Are you all right you clumsy Elf?” she asked.

“I think I broke my tail.” Kurt said, holding it and making it go limp. “I think a kiss from a beautiful maiden will fix it though!” Smiling, Meggan took his tail gently in her hands.

“Your poor tail!” she said. She gently kissed the tip of his tail. It instantly came into life and it swayed like a snake, tapping her lightly on the lips as if it was giving her a kiss back.

“You have saved my tail, fair maiden!” he said, leaning forward. “I am forever grateful to you! How ever shall I repay you for your kindness?”

“Don’t try to talk yourself out of making me breakfast, Kurt.” Meggan said with a knowing smile. “I want some of your homemade French toast, two scrambled eggs, toast with some vegemite* on it, and…”

“Some German sausage?” Kurt asked, leaning forward and smiling at her suggestively. Calmly, Meggan took the heel of her hand and pressed it on his forehead, pushing him away from her.

“And some pancakes sprinkled with English walnuts.” She finished calmly. “The German sausage will have to wait until I’m good and ready!” Kurt made a pouting face and Meggan sighed softly. “You act as if I absolutely need some sausage with my breakfast!”

“Ach, but liebe!” Kurt cried. “Everyone knows that Germany is known for making really big and juicy sausages!” Meggan shrugged, smiling at him evilly.

“It’s not that big of a sausage.” She said.

VAS?!” Laughing, Meggan ran her fingers through his hair as he looked at her with such a hurt expression on his face.

“I’m only kidding, love.” She assured him, kissing him gently on the lips. “Now come on, I’m really hungry and you’re wasting time. Soon Kitty and Alistaire will go down into the kitchen and take over it and then you won’t be able to make me breakfast at all!”

“As long as you are able to have your breakfast, liebe!” Kurt nodded, slipping on pajama bottoms. “I will be back in a little bit!”

“Make sure you hurry up.” Meggan said, smiling at him. “Maybe if I’m done early I’ll be able to have some German sausage after all!” she said with a wink and a smile.

Nodding, Kurt left the bedroom with a BAMF!

The End
*I’m American and I’ve actually tried Vegemite. It’s actually pretty good on toast! Yay Vegemite!

Rachel Comes Back

Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2004 3:58 am
by Lauren
Everyone in the mansion was excited, pacing back and forth and drinking a lot of coffee. In Logan’s case, he smoked cigar after cigar, filling the waiting room with the smell and blue cloud of his cigars. Scott was a nervous wreck, laying on a bench and basically tearing his hair out of his head.

Jean was having the baby… Oh my God she was having the baby!

Out of everyone in the mansion; Kurt and Kitty were the most upset and worried. Kurt was lying on the couch, his tail thumping the ground hard and so fast that it was nothing but a blue blur. Kitty was sitting beside him, tearing at her hair as she bit her lower lip.

“She’ll be all right.” Kurt said. “She has to be and maybe she won’t have a girl… Maybe she’ll have a boy and…”

“Oh who are you trying to kid?” Kitty asked. “She’s going to give birth to Rachel!”

“We don’t know that for sure…”

“Like hell we don’t! We were partners with Rachel remember? Jean is in there right now and is giving birth to her!” Kitty said. Sighing, Kurt sat up, his tail starting to flick side to side now.

“I know.” He said. “It’s just…”

“We’re acting insane.” Kitty sighed. “Even Scott isn’t this stressed about it! I mean…”

That’s when they heard Jean screaming and cursing at Hank that she would make his goddamned feline head explode. Then she decided to threaten Scott that if he ever touched her again, she would make his head pop like a grape too.

“Oh god!” Kitty said. “She’s having the baby! She’s really having the baby!” She started to hyperventilate, screaming weakly. Kurt tried to calm her down but Kitty was too freaked out.

He had to slap her with his tail as hard as he could.

Kitty looked at him in surprise, panting softly. Kurt shrugged, smiling at her weakly.

“You were going hysterical.” He said. Sighing, Kitty rested her head on his chest.

“Thanks for the slap, Kurt.” She said. “I really needed that.” Nodding, Kurt hugged her, sighing softly.

“It will be all right.” He said. “If Jean gives birth to Rachel everything will be all right. If she doesn’t then she may be having others before her ok?” Sighing, Kitty pulled back and she nodded a bit.


They tried to remain calm the entire time, but when the birth was finally finished, Kurt and Kitty fought with each other to try and get into the room first.

“I was the leader of Excalibur!” Kurt growled. “I go in first!”

“I could just phase in!” Kitty said.

“Don’t you dare!” Kurt growled, narrowing his eyes dangerously.


“I will if you don’t get your tail away from me!”


“I want to see the baby first, Katzchen!”

“GUYS!” The two stopped, turning their heads and finding Scott sitting beside Jean, laughing softly.

“You can both come in to see the baby.” He said. Slowly and calmly, Kurt and Kitty entered the room, blushing faintly.

“Sorry about that.” Kitty said. “We were just a little excited about seeing the baby.”

“Here she is.” Jean said.

“She?” Kurt asked.

“Yes, it’s a girl.” Jean nodded, looking at him knowingly.

“Did you think of a name for her yet?” Kitty asked.

“Not really.” Jean said. “We’ve been going back and forth between Lucy and Susan actually.”

“Lucy and Susan?!” Kitty cried, ignoring the shut up motions Kurt was giving her. “Those two names suck! What about Rachel?” Kurt clapped a hand over his eyes, groaning softly.

“I can’t believe this…” he whispered.

“I mean come on, Lucy and Susan? Who the hell uses those names anymore? Rachel is the in name right now!” Kitty continued. “Trust me!”

“Rachel?” Jean looked at Scott, and he shrugged, smiling faintly.

“It’s a nice name too.” He said.

“Of course it is!” Kitty said. “That’s what you should name her! Rachel.” Jean shrugged, smiling at the baby in her arms.

“Rachel then.” She agreed.

Kurt passed out.


Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2004 3:59 am
by Lauren
Kurt was sleeping when he felt the slight pressure on his bed. Moaning softly, he rolled over and his arm draped forward onto something furry.

Something furry that purred softly.

Something furry that purred softly… and mewed at him.

Kurt’s eye snapped open and to his horror he found that his arm was draped over an adorable looking kitten. It was tri-colored, white, black and brown. It was so fuzzy and cute as it looked at him and purred, slowly creeping in closer to swat lightly at his nose.

Kurt screamed, struggling to get untangled from his bed sheets and he hit the ground with a thud. Still screaming, he ran out of his room on all fours.

Confused, the kitten mewed softly and sat down, licking its paw calmly.

“What’s the matter?” Sean asked as Kurt came down the stairs like a madman.

“There is a kitten in my bed!” Kurt screamed. “I touched it and it’s in my room!” Blinking, Sean cocked an eyebrow slightly.

“So?” he asked.

“SO?! It’s a cat! In my room!” Kurt screamed.

“It’s probably Jean’s kitten. It must have gotten away from her.” Ororo said. “Just take it over to her.”

“Take it over to her? That will require touching it!” Kurt cried.

“So?” Ororo asked.

“Can you please take the cat out of my room?” Kurt asked. “I don’t want to have to touch the thing.” Sighing, Ororo nodded and she led Kurt back to his room.

The kitten was still on his bed, only now it was curled up in a ball and calmly dozing off in the light that came in through Kurt’s window.

“It’s so adorable.” Ororo said, gently picking up the kitten. “Do you want to hold her?” she asked. When she held the kitten out, Kurt backed up and shook his head.

Nein, I’ve touched that thing enough for one day!” he said.

“What’s wrong with the kitten?” Ororo asked.

“Cats are marime, worse than dogs.” Kurt explained. “Now I have to perform a whole cleansing ceremony because of that thing!” Ororo looked at the kitten, cocking her head to one side.

“But she’s adorable.” She said. “Look.” Before Kurt would do anything, Ororo placed the kitten in his arms. Looking up at Kurt, the kitten mewed softly and bopped his nose with its paw lightly.


“Please take this thing out of my arms before I drop it.” Kurt said seriously. “Ja, it is very cute but please…” Ororo carefully took the kitten out of his arms, shaking her head faintly.

“Sometimes I wonder about you, Kurt.” She said. “You were afraid of my skirt, you spit out the horse meat, and now you can’t touch cats. What else is there about you?” she asked. Kurt shrugged.

“I’m also Catholic.” He said. Rolling her eyes, Ororo walked away with the kitten in her arms. The kitten struggled a bit until it was looking over her shoulder at Kurt.

Smiling at him evilly, the kitten mewed.

Growling, Kurt stuck his tongue out at the kitten. When he turned to enter his room and get his things for the cleansing ritual; he found that Logan had caught him sticking his tongue out at a kitten.

“I’m not gonna ask and I don’t wanna know.” Logan said, walking away.


Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2004 4:00 am
by Lauren
The club was one of those hot spots where any kind of people could just walk in and end up walking out with a date for the rest of the night.

If you were human or human looking at least.

Kurt Wagner wasn’t even sure why the hell he was there. The music was blaring and the drinks were pretty good, but he was stuck wearing his damned image inducer so that the people wouldn’t decide to chase down the demon again. He was sitting at the bar, holding a glass of rum and coke, looking down at it and swirling it slowly in lazy counter-clockwise circles.

Lifting his head slowly, he looked over at the dance floor, ignoring the look of love some women were giving him. Most of them were the floozy kind who only wanted him because his image inducer made him look attractive, normal basically.

He stopped looking around when he spotted a woman sitting by herself at one of the tables. He couldn’t help it. Everyone except for himself a few others were sitting around with a date or was at least talking to someone they hoped would be their date. This woman was sitting alone at the table and she looked too gorgeous to be alone and without anyone talking to her either.

She was a slim woman with hair the color of blood cut short and in a way that it reminded him of someone else. She was dressed in an emerald green tank top with a really tight leather skirt the same shade. He just didn’t know whom. Her eyes were an intense shade of hazel; just like the image over his own were. Her frame and shape were the kind that just commanded utmost respect, and that was probably why all the men passed her by without a second look.

Well, Kurt was going to remedy that situation.
Raven Darkholme didn’t know why she had come here. It was filled with all humans who only cared about getting laid that night, and she had all ready counted ten people who slipped pills in unsuspecting people’s drinks to get them more in the mood.

It made her want to puke, or go out and get her guns in her car and come back in and…

No, she was supposed to be here relaxing and having a good time.

Have a good time…right…

Her eyes flicked to the side when she saw the man at the bar getting up and starting to head towards her. She knew he was going to start talking to her because he was looking right at her, and at first it made her furious, but then she decided to ride it out and see what he would try with her.

After all, he was kind of cute.
When Kurt was right beside her, he bowed slightly and indicated the chair beside her with his head slightly.

“May I?” he asked, his accent lilting and gentle. It made Raven smile hearing it, she knew she had heard someone else talk just like that; she just couldn’t put her finger on the face though.

“Sure.” She said, nodding a bit. Kurt sat down and he looked around for a moment before he turned to Raven.

“Why is a woman as fair as yourself sitting here all alone?” he asked. “And with no one pouncing all over you? A woman such as you should be beating them away with a stick!”

“Would you prefer I beat you, mein herr?” Raven asked, cocking an eyebrow slightly. Kurt laughed softly, shaking his head a bit.

“I am sorry, junge frau.” He said. “But I am not into the kinky stuff.” That made Raven actually give a real laugh for once. She really liked this young man. He had a nice face with high cheekbones and an aristocratic nose.

He looked like someone she knew, but she just couldn’t figure out who! It was driving her crazy!

Smiling, she leaned forward and rested a hand over his. He felt kind of funny, and the fingers were split like he was a big Star Trek fan, but she didn’t notice that. All she saw was how nice his eyes were.

He was handsome for a human; maybe she could afford to have a little fun with him after all.

Kurt was a little surprised by how fast this woman was moving, but he really didn’t mind. She was a beautiful woman, and for a while they simply talked, her hand over one of his.

After two hours of just talking, Raven stood up and made him follow her into the back room, winking him at with a smile that just about made him melt and forget everything.
This man, whose name she didn’t even ask for, wasn’t very experienced with just making out in the back of the club, but he was a damned fast learner. She was able to make him relax, and soon they were kissing deeply, their tongues touching and entwining.

When he rested his hands on her hips, she smiled and rested hers over his, rubbing her thumbs on the back of them.

That’s when she realized that what she felt really was fur. She could feel that she was rubbing it the wrong way and making it stick up.

Her eyes snapped open and she stared at Kurt for a long while, surprising him into ending the kiss.

“What is the matter?” Kurt asked. “Did I do something wrong?” She looked down at his wrist and she kissed herself mentally when she saw how many buttons it had.

Normal watches down have so many buttons.


Raven shifted to her real form.

Kurt gasped and stepped back, looking at her in horror.

“Mein Gott…” he whispered, realization coming to him. Raven ran as fast as she could out of the couple, starting to sob.

Before Kurt could reach her, Raven got into her car and sped off, the wheels screaming like a wounded animal.

Kurt stayed where he was for a long time, staring at the wall.

His mother! He had made out with his mother! He pressed the heels of his hands against his eyes and he could feel the sting of tears coming to his eyes.

He couldn’t stay here, he really couldn’t! He swiftly teleported back to his room in five teleports, sobbing as soon as he got onto his bed.
Raven was sobbing too, in her room with the door firmly locked. Avalanche and Pyro were trying to get in and ask her what was wrong, but she just yelled at them to just leave her alone.

She was loading her gun while she yelled at them through her tears.

Her son! She had made out with her son! She had planned to maybe even make love to her son, and she couldn’t live with that.

God, she felt like a character from some kind of Greek tragedy.

When the gun was loaded and ready, she cocked it and pressed it against her left temple, all the while telling Pyro and Avalanche to leave her alone.

Shutting her eyes tight, she pulled the trigger.
Kurt was sobbing silently, blindly digging through one of his drawers.

His image inducer had been thrown into a corner, smashed to pieces by his grief and anger.

God would never forgive him easily for what he had done that night. He had made out with his mother and he had wanted to bed her! He was a serious sinner, and the only way to gain redemption was through blood and true suffering.

Jimaine had once given Kurt an ornate brooch with sapphires and rubies in a circle on it. He used to wear it sometimes, but he often left it in his drawer, taking it out a few times when he wanted to remember her.

It was fitting that he used this to make his penance.

When Kurt finally took out the brooch, he put the light on and he looked around his room, taking in all the sights he could in his room from his movie posters to his many old books that were worn from being read so much.

Finally he just looked at his brooch for a long time, wiping the tears away from his eyes so that he could see it more clearly. He ran the tips of his fingers over it; smiling weakly as he remembered the day she had given it to him.

He knelt down in front of the cross in his room and he crossed himself, taking in a deep breath and letting it out slowly to calm his nerves. He knew that he needed to be calm and have a steady hand to do what he wanted to do.

Swiftly, he drove the nail of the brooch into both of his eyes, blinding himself for life.


Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2004 4:01 am
by Lauren
It was Kurt’s turn to make breakfast for the team. He flipped a few more pancakes onto a large stack and he turned over the few strips of bacon in the pan, using his tail to crack some more eggs.

“Fair warning, Kurt.” Kitty said, coming in and taking a few pancakes from the stack and drowning them in syrup. “Brian and Meggan are having a little fight.”

“You mean Brian is yelling at Meggan, ja?” Kurt asked, adding a few more strips of bacon to the pan.

“Pretty much, yeah.” Kitty nodded, sitting down at the table. Kurt growled softly and as if on cue, Brian and Meggan came in.

“But why won’t you dance with me?” Meggan asked. “It’ll only be for a while.”

“At midnight!” Brian cried. “I’m not going to get up at midnight to dance with you!”

“But it’s going to be the Equinox!” Meggan said, sitting down at the table. “We have to dance for it!”

“Do I look like a pagan to you?” Brian asked. Looking over at Kurt, Kitty saw his tail shoot up in fury at that comment.

“It’s not a pagan ritual, Brian.” Meggan said weakly. “My people did it every solstice and equinox.”

“Yeah, your people.” Brian snorted, rolling his eyes.

Kurt clenched his teeth, staring at the bacon as it sizzled in the grease.

“Brian, don’t…” Meggan begged weakly, biting her lower lip.

“Your people are just some riff raff who expect people to feel bad for them just because they claim that they were killed in concentration camps too.”

Kitty had been drinking some apple juice when he said that. She immediately spit it out and looked at him in surprise.

“All you Gypsies do is bang your little tambourines, chant your nonsensical poor excuse of a language over and over again, and have your women covered in jewelry like ten cent whores.” Brian continued. “Not to mention have all of your old women act like psychics!”

Kurt held the handle of the bacon pan tightly, his tail trembling as he tried to control himself and just flip the bacon over calmly. Just flip the bacon over calmly and ignore the things Brian was saying.

“Don’t say those things.” Meggan said. “They’re not true…”

“Of course they are. That’s why you left that shit hole you called a home and came to live with me.” Brian said. “I was the one who turned your life around. If it wasn’t for me, you’d still be in that trailer with those Gypsies and…”

“ROMANI!” Kurt screamed. “Gypsies come from Egypt. The Romani came from Northern India. You do not call them Gypsies! They are Romani!”

“Romani Gypsy…” Brian waved a hand dismissively in the air. “They still act the same way.” He said. “Bunch of tambourine banging, goat screwing, pagans…”

Kurt snapped.

Grabbing the pan, he dumped the bacon and the fire hot grease onto Brian’s head, making him cry out as he stood up in surprise. He banged the pan against his face, screaming at him in rage.

“You bigoted son of a bitch!” he screamed. “You uncaring, self-centered, racist, bastard! I hope you choke and die! How dare you say those things about my people! I should kill you right now!

“Our people are a proud and ancient people and yes, they were killed in concentration camps! Over one point six million Romani were killed but the reason why more people don’t know about it is because of people like you, belittling that! How the hell did you become defender of this land anyway?!”

Kurt finished his rant with a swift kick to Brian’s face, breaking his nose. Panting, he threw the pan into the sink and he turned on the faucet to wash off some of the grease that had started to burn the pan. Calmly, he took the plate of pancakes and held them out to the others, smiling a bit as his tail swayed side to side lazily.

“Pancakes?” he asked.

The Hunt

Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2004 4:02 am
by Lauren
Author’s Note: The life of the Romani, most commonly called Gypsies was not as easy as some stories claim they have been. They have faced a lot of persecution for thousands of years from all over Europe and America. In the 1800’s in Germany, there was something called Heidenjachten; where they hunted down the Romani like animals and received rewards for how many they captured. Most European countries simply executed them on site, or sold them into slavery to solve “the Romani problem”.

They and the Jews were also the only group of people targeted by the Nazis specifically for racial reasons. The Nazis made a lot of plans to take away life “From those undeserving to live”. One and a half million Romani were slaughtered during the Holocaust, but the number is uncertain due to the murders committed in forests and on roadsides when most Romani were captured because those murders were never documented by the Nazis.

Up until the 1980’s, in some countries they were forcefully sterilized to “stop the disease of the Romani from spreading to other generations”.

Right now the Czech Republicans are campaigning with something they call “The Final Solution to the Romani Problem”.

Needless to say, the Nazis had the same thing for Romani and Jews when they were around.

If you want further information you can look it up. I got most of my information over at

I just gave these little tidbits of information so that you readers could understand where I was coming from with this story. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope you enjoy my story!

Germany in the early 1800’s:

Jimaine had heard the sound of fire first. Looking up, she narrowed her eyes and mounted her horse to go and see what the noise was. She and the rest of her mother’s tribe had been running from the Romani hunters for weeks and they had finally found solace and protection in the woods.

When she saw the fire from afar, she swiftly turned her horse around and charged back to the camp, shouting the alarm as she went.

Margali moved swiftly, ordering everyone to get on their mounts and ride as fast as they could deeper into the forest. Surely the hunters wouldn’t dare to burn down their source of firewood over a simple tribe of Romani, yes?

“Everyone stay in groups!” she said. “If any of us are separated, try to reach the waterfall! That is where everyone is to meet. Understood?”

“Why don’t we stand and fight them?” Stefan asked. “Some of us could hold the hunters back while the elders and children get to safety!” Margali shook her head, looking at her blood son seriously.

“You know that wouldn’t work for long, Stefan. None of us are going to risk our lives if all we must do is run!” she said.


“Stefan, listen to me.” Margali said seriously. “We will be able to escape the hunters. This Heidenjachten will not last long!” Stefan snorted softly, biting his tongue. He looked over his shoulder as his foster brother rested a hand on his arm.

Kurt’s golden eyes were glittering with the light of pride and readiness for battle. His cobalt blue fur had been washed clean and he was wearing his best set of clothes the same shade of blue as himself. Around his head he wore a scarlet red headband, the ends dangling behind him. His tail lightly tapped the hilt of his sword and he smiled faintly, leaning forward to whisper in his ear.

Mashkar le gadjende leski shib si le Romeski zor.” He whispered, giving him a roguish smile. Stefan nodded and the two waited for the rest of the tribe to start off before they followed behind, Kurt’s tail twitching in anticipation.

When the rest of their tribe had gotten far ahead of them, Kurt and Stefan drew their blades and turned their horses right around, towards the loud sounds of fire as it spread through the trees.

“What was your plan, brother?” Kurt asked, leaning forward to reduce the wind resistance.

“Fight until I am killed or they are driven away really.” Stefan said with a shrug. Kurt laughed softly, shaking his head.

Te lolirav I phuv mure ratesa?” he asked.

“Exactly.” Stefan nodded.

“I like your plan.” Kurt said. “But do you think it will help the others escape from the hunters?”

“I’m not sure.” Stefan admitted. “But it’s worth a try isn’t it?”

“When it comes to family?” Kurt asked. “Of course!”
The hunters were charging forward, lighting torches and hurling them into the trees farther. They were planning on burning the Gypsy filth out of the forest. It had always worked before really. They burned down the forest and the Gypsies had two choices, burn to death in the forest, or be whipped and hanged once they get out of the forest.

They were stunned when they saw two Gypsies charging at them, their swords shining in the light of the fire. When one of their men were cut down, that’s when they sprang back to their senses and attacked them with their own weapons.

Kurt and Stefan’s horses were soon killed from under them and Kurt was able to escape harm by back flipping away from the falling animal. Stefan was caught however and his leg was shattered under the dead weight.

Staying beside his brother, Kurt tried to defend him as best as he could, his sword flashing and cutting down as many hunters as he could, Stefan helping as best as he could with his own blade.

Their efforts to fight were in vain however, and Stefan was soon slain and Kurt was captured and put in chains to await hanging once the others were caught.

He could only hope that they had gotten away.
The hunters had split up in two groups to burn the forest down from both ends. Margali and the others only discovered this seconds before a fire setting party ambushed them.

Guns fired from all sides and the screams of the horses and people rang out as their blood spilled onto the earth, covered up by the flames that came up afterwards.
Kurt gave the hunters a hard time before they were finally able to drag him out of the forest. He bit and kicked out at them, baring his fangs and cursing them in the Rom tongue.

It was only when the other half of the hunters returned that he fell silent.

The bodies of his tribe were dumped into a pile and he numbly fell to his knees, tears falling down his cheeks as the rope was tied around his throat. When it was tightened, he was forced to look up at the leader of the hunters.

“Do you have anything to say, Gypsy?” he asked. Kurt spit in his face and he laughed weakly, stirring up the last of his courage to make one last statement.

Prohasar man opre pirende- sa muro djiben semas opre chengende!
The bodies were counted up and the gold was passed out to those who killed a Gypsy that afternoon. Then the bodies were dumped in a hole for the animals to deal with as the forest continued to burn.

The hunters laughed as they rode back to the city, passing around flasks of beer and wine in celebration of a good hunt.

The End
Translations for Roma:

1. Mashkar le gadjende leski shib si le Romeski zor: Surrounded by the Gadje, the Rom’s only defense is his tongue.

2. Te lolirav I phuv mure ratesa: May I redden the earth with my blood.

3. Prohasar man opre pirende- sa muro djiben semas opre chengende!: Bury me standing- I’ve been on my knees all my life!


Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2004 8:19 pm
by Lauren
Author’s Note: Steamy make out scene with Kurt and Meggan up a head! Whoo Kurt and Meggan make out scenes!

His body moved slowly under his sheets without any real thought to it, his tail curling around his ankle in three lay swirls.

Kurt was having the dreams again…

He was in the training room, swinging on the gymnast bars and performing a few twists. He was shirtless, feeling more comfortable when something wasn’t rubbing his fur the wrong way while performing his exercises.

He stayed up in the air for a moment before he let go and flipped backwards, catching an overhanging bar with his feet and swinging backwards, his arms spread out. He stood at the top of the bar for a moment before he dove forward to catch a swinging trapeze bar.

She appeared just behind him, dressed in a black bikini. Meggan smiled at him, performing just like him beside him. He smiled back and her body began to turn blue, a tail coming to life as she dove down to the ground and performed three somersaults before she stopped her fall by grabbing a bar with her tail.

Kurt flipped down and landed on top of the bar, crouching down and smiling at her, his tail swaying slightly.

“I’m glad you came to practice with me.” He said.

“I like practicing with you.” Meggan said, climbing onto the bar to be beside him. “You have patience with me.”

“Why wouldn’t I?” Kurt asked.

“Brian doesn’t have patience with me.” Meggan said. “He always gets made when I slip up a little during exercises.”

“Liebe, Brian is an asshole and a shit head.” Kurt said, making her laugh. “He doesn’t give you the respect you deserve most of the time. Why do you put up with him?” Meggan shrugged faintly, kicking off of the bar backwards to perform a back flip onto another metal circle.

“I guess I owe it to him.” She said, swinging around slowly. “He and his sister got me out of that trailer I was forced to live in all of my life you know.”

“I know.” Kurt said, following after her calmly. “But just because he helped you with that, it doesn’t mean he has the right to treat you so wrongfully all of the time! You deserve to be treated like a lady! Not his indentured servant just because he helped you with one thing. The man does not even bother to teach you to read or write!

Meggan, you must learn to think and feel for yourself. Brian cannot help you with that at all.”

“But you do.” Meggan pointed out suddenly. Kurt missed a handhold and he was forced to perform a twist to catch another. “You teach me all kinds of things that Brian won’t.”

“You deserve better than him.” Kurt said, deciding to end his exercises. He kicked off of a bar with his feet and he twisted his body around before he righted himself and landed on his feet with ease. Meggan landed the same exact way a second later, right in front of him.

“You deserve a man who will respect you for who you are.” He continued. “Someone who won’t force you to make your breasts bigger than your head. Someone who won’t mock you for wanting to go out dancing during the solstice or the equinox in our people’s garb! Someone…”

“Like you.” Meggan said, taking a step closer. Kurt looked at the ground, his tail swishing to one side slowly.

“I…” Leaning forward, Meggan stopped his next words with a kiss.

Kurt didn’t know what to do at first. He stood there for a moment, letting Meggan do all of the kissing before he finally found his confidence. Slowly he started to kiss her back, his tail sliding up her back to undo her bikini top.

Their lips parted slightly, and Kurt and Meggan both smiled at each other.

“Meggan…” he whispered, leaning in to start another kiss. The two hugged each other tightly, nibbling lips and touching tongues. Soon the kissing became more intense, and Kurt held Meggan’s head with both hands.

“Oh Meggan…” he whispered.

That’s when Kurt suddenly woke up as warm wetness touched him.

Sitting up, he placed his sweaty head in his hands, shaking it as he moaned softly in despair. He had been having these dreams a lot lately, and he really didn’t want to have them.

Meggan was Brian’s girl. She would always be his girl and nothing he could do would end up changing that!

But the son of a bitch treated her like dirt so much! She deserved someone a lot better than Brian.

Someone like him perhaps?

Kurt shook his head, closing his eyes tightly as tears came up.

Why in the hell would Meggan be interested in him? She loved Brian, she was loyal and true to Brian only. There was no way she was going to just choose Kurt over Brain if given the choice now was she?

But Brian insulted her people, which also happened to be Kurt’s people. He made fun of them and called them goat-screwing tambourine banging pagans when Meggan decided to dress up in one of her old dresses or skirts. He called them filthy Gypsies, which was not the right term for Kurt and Meggan’s people. They didn’t come from Egypt! They came from some place in India. They were the Romani, not Gypsies.

He remembered dancing with her on the Summer Solstice, and how Meggan had told him that Brian didn’t want to. She was so happy when Kurt danced with her.

But she was loyal to Brian! There was no way that she would just leave him to be with Kurt! It was foolish to think that and even more childish to have wet dreams about her!

Just drop it, Kurt… Let her go! he thought sadly, sliding out of bed. He took off his boxers and cleaned himself off with it, figuring that he would need to wash it anyway. He slipped on some pajama bottoms and he took off his blanket and sheets from his bed, scolding himself for acting like such a child and having a wet dream; of all things he could do at his age of twenty-four!

He walked into the washroom, stuffing his things into the washer and pouring in the right amount of suds and such before he pressed the on button.

He stood in front of the washer, his hands behind his back and his head tilted to one side as he thought his dream over.

Yes, it was only a dream, and dreams didn’t always come true now did they? No, they didn’t and they certainly wouldn’t in this instance anyway. Meggan was loyal and true to Brian, and they were likely to remain that way for a long time. Why, he wouldn’t be surprised if those two ended up getting married at some point in time.

Sitting down in front of the washer, Kurt told himself that the tears falling down his cheeks were due to the dust in the washroom getting into his eyes.

Yes, that was it.

He wasn’t crying, it was just some dust in his eyes.

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by SheCat
Lauren, I'd like to challenge you. :evil I'd like to give you a writing challenge. Do you accept?

I like the dust part. That was a great line.

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by Lauren
*takes out dueling glove ready to smack back* I will accept thy challenge! *smacks you with glove* bring it on!:D

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Your challenge is...

a. Use a recurring metaphor in a one-shot
b. Use a Kurwanda relationship reference at least once
c. Have five or less lines of dialogue

All these in a one shot piece. I challenge ye!

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five lines of dialogue only? hmmm very well! *smacks you again with glove* But I want to challenge YOU to a writing thingie too!

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Same challenge or your choice? I've had some ideas lately...

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1.Gambit/Wanda mentioned at least once
2.Nightcrawler/Rogue mentioned at least once
3. no angst


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Rems and Wanda? Hmm, that may be a toughie, but sure.

NO ANGST? Ack! Okay, fine, I'll try a happy fic.

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yay! SheCat's gonna write a happy fic! *does little dance*

The Fall

Posted: Fri Mar 05, 2004 8:57 pm
by Lauren
1.Kurt/Wanda mentioned once
2.Recurring Metaphor
3.Max five lines of dialogue

It was around the end of fall when Wanda went up to Kurt after he finished one of his training sessions and asked him to go with a walk with her. He had agreed, smiling at her and giving her a kiss on the lips lightly.

Her lips had felt cold to him, and he had raised his eyebrows to this, but he brushed it off, figuring that she had perhaps been outside just before she went to go and get him.

They went on a lone path through the woods, surrounded by trees with brown leaves still clinging on desperately to their perch. A gust of wind blew and the rest of the leaves fell and showered them.

Kurt laughed, raising up his hands and face to the sky.

Wanda watched him and she sighed softly, not saying anything as she continued on her way.

Kurt followed her, his tail fidgeting slightly in confusion at her behavior.

Wanda brought Kurt over to the lake, sitting down at the docks. Kurt sat down beside her, letting his feet dip into the water. He looked over at Wanda and his tail curled up slightly as he waited for Wanda to say something.

When Wanda finally started to speak, his tail wilted and fell to the ground as the stinging started to occur.

She didn’t want their relationship to continue anymore. She said that she was tired of being harassed by the public for going out with a member of the X-men, so it would just be better if the two of them didn’t see each other anymore.

She didn’t give Kurt a chance to say anything either, she just got up and left him when she had finished what she wanted to say.

Kurt just sat on the dock, staring at the spot where Wanda had just been sitting a second ago. The air became a bitter cold blanket, and the only thing that warmed him up was the hot tears flowing down his cheeks.

A snowflake hit the tip of his nose, and that’s when he started to sob.

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Hmm, nice stuff. My challenge is up too, now, and apparently Wolvertique took our challenges and ran with it. :D

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Are you taking challenges from anyone?? Because I have one, if so....